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Bus Transport

School bus services to and from the school are provided by Busways for students from the Mountains Community. A PDF version of the current timetable (issued by Busways December 2015) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the link below:

Current Bus Timetable for Kariong Mountains High School

Changes to Bus numbers

In December 2015 Busways introduced new numbers for many school buses on the Central Coast.This change to 4 digit numbers was required to ensure Busways can meet guidelines set by Transport for NSW. The table below includes new numbers for buses to and from Kariong Mountains High School. Note: both AM and PM bus numbers have changed.

AM-PM Old Bus Number New Bus Number
AM 3 2010
AM 4 2014
AM 5 – Wyong Bus 2148
AM 6 2019
AM 7 – Wyong Bus 2154
PM 2 2503
PM 3 2507
PM 4 2510


Detailed school bus timetables (including all connecting services) are available on the Busways website at: