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Art Club

Art Club runs every Wednesday afternoon between 2:45 and 3:15 and offers students the opportunity to experience dynamic, hands on workshops for art enthusiasts. Run by the Visual Arts, Photographic and Digital Media staff, the Art Club is an extracurricular activity allowing students the chance to extend their creative side, work as a collective, enter art competitions and generally appreciate all things art!

Art Club also offers students a chance to spend more time in the art studio working on their art-making.

KMHS Art Club - students creating art

Our first twenty Art Club aficionados are excited about the art experiences that they have had so far:

Art club is great! We get to create and use our imagination a lot … learning Photoshop has been a highlight. (Rebecca)

I like the way that everyone is engrossed in their art … we get to work together … learn new stuff about art. I’ve learnt how to use charcoal properly and I am more fluent with art styles. (Tyler)

I am experiencing different types of artworks … and have liked working towards a competition. (Maria)

And a comment from one of the teachers:

I love working with the artCLUB aficionados! In these workshops, it is really rewarding to watch students embrace the creative freedom that artCLUB allows them.
Peta Werlemann