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Key Learning Areas

KMHS seeks to provide an exciting, interesting and enriching learning environment that challenges students to reach their full potential and be successful in their future learning endeavours.

Key Learning Areas (KLAs) are set by the Board of Studies and followed by all year 7-10 students enrolled in NSW Public Schools. KLAs include eight mandatory courses: English, Maths, Creative Arts, Science, Language (other than English), HSIE, PDHPE and TAS. A range of elective courses are available to students in years 9-10.

Quick access to KMHS Key Learning Areas:

BioscienceCareersCreative and Performing ArtsEnglishHSIELOTE JapaneseMathematicsScienceComputer TechnologyPDHPETASLibrary

If you would like more information about KLAs or the School Certificate, please visit:

NSW Education Public Schools

Board of Studies