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Kariong Mountains High School Library

The library aims to provide a vibrant, supportive and contemporary learning environment where the curriculum, recreational and reading interests and needs of students and staff are met. Head librarian at KMHS is Ms Lidia Jeffrey.

The library’s physical space includes a whole class area, individual research and study areas, seminar rooms, a soft chair reading area and a senior study. The library caters for whole class, small group and individual research, reading and study requirements.

Since the school’s commencement in 2010, with a Year 7 and Year 8 cohort, the library has grown, now meeting the needs of all students from Year 7 – Year 12. The library will continue to be dynamic and evolving, responding to changes in the reading, educational and technological landscape.

Fully Qualified Teacher Librarian

Ms Lidia Jeffrey, the head librarian, has dual qualifications in teaching and librarianship, holding a Master of Education (Distinction) in teacher librarianship, a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education. Ms Jeffrey’s library qualifications meet the standards set by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and the Australian School Library Association (ASLA).

She has been a spokesperson for the profession, having been invited to speak at the Federal Government’s inquiry on teacher librarians and has led a number of workshops for the profession.

KMHS Libguides

Libguides is a key platform by which KMHS’s library is ensuring connectivity in a technological world.

KMHS Libguides provides a portal to high quality, relevant research information to support subjects and reading across the school. They contain engaging multimedia content, embedded videos, catalogue items, RSS feeds, widgets and other contemporary tools, and are available anywhere and anytime, including from a smart phone or iPad.

The KMHS Libguides site is still evolving, but guides are being made available as they are constructed.

KMHS Libguides can be accessed in the following ways:

  • kariongmountainshigh.libguides.com
  • using Google (enables embedded YouTube videos to be viewed)
  • via Library Enquiry through the DEC student portal (access to embedded YouTube videos denied via student portal).

Guided Inquiry Supporting Research

Making sense of the plethora of information available and developing critical and analytical skills through structured research underpins the Guided Inquiry approach adopted by our school librarian, Ms Jeffrey.

The Guided Inquiry model fits the key attributes of 21st Century skills of competency, collaboration, critical and creative thinking and communication. Its link to quality teaching are evident in that it enables students to engage intellectually with a research topic undertaken in an environment of quality learning with students as self-directed learners who self and peer evaluate.

Providing Fiction To Engage All Readers

KMHS Library aims to have a fiction collection that will draw all students into the library, no matter their age, sex, reading level or interests.

KMHS Library staff recognises that reading for pleasure is fundamental to promoting future social mobility of students and is keenly aware of research showing that teens who pick up a book for pleasure are more likely to succeed.

KMHS Library staff seeks to inspire students to read, seeing reading as a way to discover different lives and new emotions, and promoting empathy and emotional literacy. We believe that there is a book for everyone and, as teacher librarians, we see our role as helping students to find the book that resonates with them.

The level of student borrowing of fiction at KMHS reflects the global trend of massive growth in young adult book market: it is fantastic!

Our Books and Reading Libguides can be used to view our fiction collection, as can Library Inquiry which is accessed through the DEC Student Portal.