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Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE)


This area of study provides for the intellectual, social emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It involves students learning and practising ways of maintaining active, healthy lifestyles and improving health.

Students study aspects of a social view of lifestyles where the principles of diversity, social justice and supportive environments are fundamental aspects. Individual, family and community values and beliefs and the sociocultural and physical environments in which we live will be examined.

PDHPE provides students with the ability to develop their interpersonal skills which empower them to make better informed decisions that will enhance their overall wellbeing.

PDHPE active lunchtime


Teaching Staff

The PDHPE team are a dynamic group of people possessing highly developed skills and knowledge in their chosen areas of expertise.

Our students have the opportunity to learn from teachers as role models to help them achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

Teaching Staff

Members of the PDPHE Faculty include:

  • Ms Kerry Smith – Head Teacher 
  • Ms Jessica Meyer 
  • Ms Megan Miller 
  • Ms Kim James
  • Ms Ashleigh Wales


Kerry Smith

The nature of the PDHPE curriculum provides an excellent avenue for promoting students to be the best people they can be. I set high expectations, challenge students in a supportive environment to achieve this and the evolution of the Peer Support program is a testament to the passion I hold in this regard.

Jess Meyer

I am passionate about educating students to be happy, confident, healthy individuals who achieve their goals and fulfil their lives.

My dedication to being a positive role model, honest and approachable teacher who takes the time to talk to with students, stems from my belief that I can make a difference in the happiness and health of each student. PDHPE is about learning to value yourself, live a good and healthy life and develop resilience and passion for what you believe along the way.

Health and fitness are two major ingredients to happiness. I love the outdoors, a challenge, fitness and all types of physical education. I grew up playing netball, swimming, tennis and touch football. I spend much of my time at the beach and my hobbies include; running, camping and travelling. Physical activity can be for everyone, you just have to find the right option for you!

Megan Miller

I believe that the content delivered in PDHPE is some of the most important information that a person can take with them from their schooling experience, I think the knowledge and skills presented in PDHPE will stay with you for the rest of your life and will assist in ensuring you live a long and healthy life. I would like students to receive the best possible education on how to live a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Since I was young I have always been active and had a passion for all types of sports and sharing my love of sport with others. I have been involved in as many sports possible while at school and during my adult life. I love the outdoors and continue to be involved in many activities including adventure sports with my husband, daughter and friends.

I have participated in soccer, tennis, basketball and swimming competitions however, I have also competed in non-traditional sports including being actively involved since the age of 12 in Thornleigh Car Club, racing Subarus – a sport that I followed after my Dad. I like to spend time mountain bike riding and when possible snowboarding. As a qualified Snowboard Instructor I have been able to share this passion with others.

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for sport with students and ensure that I provide as many opportunities as possible for them to experience a range of different sports. I love seeing students enjoying sport and I love hearing about our schools accomplishments in the sporting arena.

Athletics Training

Kerry Smith is a passionate advocate for Athletics. As an accredited level 4 coach in sprints, jumps, hurdles and throws Kerry is a nationally recognised coach who loves to assist students in their athletic pursuits.

Kerry has coached athletes from within the school environment through to Australian representation, dedicating her personal time in and out of school to developing young athletes potential in any event they are interested.

The culture is of participation and student achievement is a result of her passion for the sport and her desire to provide students with access to her knowledge and skills. Kerry runs an Athletics program every Wednesday, during the school term from 3.30pm – 5.30pm at school. This is offered free of charge to students of Kariong Mountains High School.

In addition to coaching Kerry is heavily involved in Coach Education running courses across NSW for Athletics Australia and the Australian Track and Field Association.

Syllabus Resources

The syllabus and other supporting material for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) 7-10 is available from the Board of Studies.

PDHPE Syllabus Board of Studies »