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Senior School Years 10 – 12

The senior years of schooling see students start to more closely align with their career aspirations.

Students in these years undertake more formal and standardised assessments and are working towards the credentials that they will receive as part of the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) in Years 10-11 and the Higher School Certificate (HSC) in Year 12.

During Stage 6, students have a more flexible timetable and the importance of being self-directed learners is a key factor for success. The Senior Start program that commences is Stage 5 is designed to assist students with management of learning skills and this is further supported through Study Skills Days and mentoring programs.

Senior School Resources

The links below enable you to download and access resources; including the new HSC and Standards reform impacting students from Year 10 and thereafter.

Assessment Policy Booklets

2019 Stage 6 Subject Selection Guide – Year 11 class 2020, HCS 2021

Stage 6 Parent Information  Presentation – 2019

Keep Calm – Assessments, Misadventures, Standards and Other Important Bits – 2019

Keep Calm – Stage 6 HSC and Beyond – Terms and Glossary 2019

HSC Reforms – Minimum Standards

UAC – Key Dates for 2019 – 2020

Life Launcher – Helping Young People Simplify Career Choices