Information on Enrolling at KMHS

Kariong Mountains High School is committed to providing a supportive and challenging learning environment in which your child can gain the knowledge and skills they need to grow in confidence as successful life-long learners.

Why Attend KMHS?

Our Committment

Our school is committed to helping each and every child to reach their potential in an environment that is challenging, yet supportive. Our school is young and has the enthusiasm and optimism of youth in its day-to-day endeavours, use of twenty first century thinking and learning tools and recognition of the complexities of life in today’s society. We offer a quality, holistic education through providing:

  • quality learning experiences, complemented by programs about how to learn effectively
  • staff with a commitment to critical reflective practice, listening to student voice and participating in on-going professional learning for improved student outcomes
  • a range of programs to recognise and reward leadership in learning and relationships across Years 7-12
  • a range of programs to support individual wellbeing and resilience
  • opportunities for success and participation in a range of activities outside the classroom
  • excellent and well-maintained facilities to support a range of learning styles.

Our school is responsive to the voice of the Kariong and Mountains communities. We encourage collaboration with families. Your child won’t be lost in the crowd of a large high school and they will be encouraged to have their say, speak of their concerns and ideas to their teachers, year advisors or the Principal.

Why attend Kariong Mountains High School?

Because we will do our best, working with you, to challenge your child in a supportive learning environment, to be a successful and confident lifelong learner, with the skills and values to be all that they can be.
Year 7 – Parent Information Slideshow
To view and download information about KMHS attendance, school uniform policy, anti-bullying and other school polices – simply click on the link below:

School Policies

Junior students at KMHS


How to Enrol

NSW Department of Education has introduced a new online enrolment process (May 2021) to make it easier to enrol your child at your local school. If you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen or permanent resident you are eligible to complete the online enrolment application. You will then need to finalise the application at the school. Follow the link below to commence your child’s enrolment application for Kariong Mountains High School:

Apply Online

More information about enrolment (and alternative ways to enrol) is available from the NSW Department of Education via the links below:

DoE Enrolment Information DoE Enrolment Policy Changes 2021 – PDF

Drawing Area

The map in the PDF document below shows the drawing area for Kariong Mountains High School. Updated August, 2019.

Kariong Mountains High School’s local enrolment area

High Achievers Class and Selective Streams

Kariong Mountains High School has a multistage and multimodal approach to catering for gifted and talented students in the classroom. You can learn more about our programs on the page below. You are also more than welcome to contact the school for more information.

High Achievers Selective Class at KMHS


Bus Transport

School bus services to and from the school are provided by Busways for students from the Mountains Community. Visit the link below for information and the current timetable:

Bus Transport

The School Opal Card

NSW transport school opal cardThe School Opal card gives eligible students free or discounted travel between home and school using NSW transport services nominated in your application. To be eligible for a School Opal card, secondary (Years 7-12) students may need to live a minimum distance (2.0km straight line or at least 2.9km walking) from their school.
How to Apply (applications for 2020 opened at the start of Term 4):

  • Once the school has confirmed your child’s enrolment, complete the online application at:
  • The school endorses your application
  • Once Transport for NSW approves the application, a School Opal card will be sent to the address provided on the application.

More information can be accessed on the Transport for NSW website at:

Contacting the School

Contact the School for more information

We would be happy to arrange an appointment for you to learn more about the opportunities that exist for your child at Kariong Mountains High School, or if you would like to make enquiries about the hire of our facilities.

Contact Details

Find us

We are situated in the Mt Penang Parklands, Kariong just past the Central Coast Tourism Centre, off the Central Coast Highway. Turn left at ‘The Avenue’ (fire station on corner) traffic lights and then turn left into Festival Drive.

Location Map & Birds Eye View

KMHS Location Map  Bird's eye view of Kariong Mountains High School