Newsletter 2017 – Term 1, Week 7

Important Dates

Thursday March 9Brisbane Water Zone Swimming Carnival
Thursday March 16Year 12 – Legal Studies Excursion
Friday March 17Sydney North Swimming Carnival
Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 MarchYear 7 – Great Aussie Bush Camp
Friday 24 MarchEarth Hour
Friday 24 March – Tuesday 4 AprilYear 12 Half yearly Exams

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Term 1 – Week 7

International Homestay Visitors

For the first time in its history, Kariong Mountains High School will be host to a group of about 20 Vietnamese students, ranging in age from Year 7 – Year 12. This visit will take place between the dates of June 14th – June 23rd. Students will have been told about this visit on assembly and this is follow up information for parents.

During the stay, students will attend classes at our school and undertake a few excursions with their tour leaders. This is a great experience for both the visiting students and our own students to interact with someone from another culture and help build friendships and understanding that can last a lifetime.

We are looking for host families willing to board 1 or 2 students during their visit. Each host family will receive $384 per student to support the hosting arrangement.

Are you interested? Could you please send an email to the school account with the subject line “Homestay” indicating your interest in being involved and we will contact you to discuss this further, after we receive more information at the end of March. This is not a commitment and you may just wish to learn a little more. It is our way of starting the conversation. I really hope that we get a lot of interest, as this is a great way of extending our students’ learning outside the classroom.

Ms Anne Vine

Year 7

CELL Program – What has your child learnt so far?

As outlined at the Year 7 Parent Information Evening in February, the CELL (Coaching for Effective Lifelong Learning) program is designed to develop skills and attitudes in students to support their learning and emotional management. The three foundations of CELL at KMHS are:

Being … organised Being … on track Being … strong

CELL lessons commenced in Week 3 this term, take place once a week and are delivered by the PDHPE teachers. To date, learning has covered the following aspects:

  • What is CELL?
  • What is ‘Visible Learning’, learning intentions and success criteria? (Being on Track strand of CELL)
  • Right gear and right workspace at home (Being Organised strand of CELL)
  • Using an assessment grid to plot my assessment tasks (Being Organised strand)
  • Using my digital diary to organise my homework, assessment tasks and activities (Being Organised

Please take the opportunity to talk to your child about the topics covered in CELL, asking them what they have learnt. Don’t take the answer ‘Nothing’ as being real! Maybe you could ask them specific questions such as, ‘What are learning intentions and success criteria?’ or ‘Can you show me your digital diary so I can see what it looks like and how you use it?’

Year 12

Successful Elevate Education Seminar

Forty-four students attended the Elevate Education seminar held on the 22nd of February. Students found the seminar extremely helpful, with the presenter outlining the most effective strategies to use to support them in their study this year.
In terms of rating the seminars, student comments included:

  • ‘Very effective. I now have a really positive view on my study.’
  • ‘Very engaging and helpful to me.’
  • ‘It was extremely useful, especially before our half yearlies.’
  • (I would rate the seminar) highly because the presenters have done the HSC in recent times and they can give valid study tactics.’
  • ‘Very insightful and well presented.’

In the evaluation, students were asked what they thought the most important thing they learnt today. Responses included:

  • 3 practice papers per subject prior to any exam
  • brainstorm in exams
  • reduce how much content to study in each subject, by summarising
  • use an exam planner (gives a structure to follow)
  • that you can change your mark by doing and putting more effort into practice papers and study
  • fix mistakes (made in exams / in assessment tasks)
  • ration your time (how much time to spend on each question – minutes/marks)
  • have specific goals (could be mark goal in each subject; could be ATAR).

The next step is for students to adopt those strategies as part of their study regimen.

Mentoring Program

The Year 12 mentoring program commenced this last week. Students will have two mentoring sessions prior to their half-yearly examinations, which take place in the last two weeks of this term. Each mentor teacher is available to support their mentee student outside the scheduled mentoring sessions.

Ms Lidia Jeffrey
Deputy Principal
Years 7 and 12

Student Voice Alliance

collage of KMHS hosting student voice 2017
KMHS hosting Student Voice Alliance

Kariong Mountains High School hosted this term’s Student Voice Alliance Meeting, an event where student representatives visit a host school and run through an agenda of activities constructed to inspire leadership initiatives in young and senior students and provide students with a voice.

Many of these meetings are facilitated in school libraries, Kariong, however, made use of the school gymnasium which resulted in an incredibly successful day. Instead of students being grouped tightly in a confined space, the gym allowed for much more interaction and use of space which everybody seemed to enjoy. The school captains, Tiarna Breen and Benjamin Abolins, were able to communicate instructions clearly due to the setup in the gym and teachers were able to float around and take part easily in all activities.

The day kicked off with a few ‘Ice-breaker’ activities, easing all students into the following agenda items and allowed everyone to feel comfortable with each other, which is crucial in encouraging student voice.

Students brainstormed what their schools had done in the past in terms of leadership initiatives, what they are currently doing and what they would like to see done in the future. Everybody cooperated with each other very well and many great and inspiring ideas were generated, critiqued, improved, refined and taken back to schools all across the coast.

We were delighted to have the involvement of Kariong Rotary, who presented on the mindset of a volunteer and gave a summary of Rotary Youth programs such as RIPEN, Rotaract and Interact. There will be an opportunity for our school to establish an Interact club with Rotary support in the near future.

Kariong Mountains High School is very proud to have not only been a part of this event, but to have hosted it. We are now looking forward to sending a small handful of student representatives to the next Student Voice Alliance Meeting. If your child is at all interested in the opportunity of attending the next meeting, they can speak to the school principal, Ms Vine, the leadership coordinator, Mr Cartner, or to the school captains, Tiarna Breen and Benjamin Abolins.

What a success 🙂

Benjamin Abolins
School Captain

Around the School

Mr McGilverys Year 7 HSIE class had a wonderful lesson learning about archaeological dig sites and conducting their own excavation of a cookie.
KMHS Maths Club on Wednesday afternoons
Above: Year 12 Society and Culture students at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple.
Maths Club on Wednesday afternoons: 2:45 – 3:15 pm. All welcome!

Parent /Carer Resources

Whether you wish to make a payment, retrieve a lost permission note, discuss the welfare of your child,
or find out when the uniform shop is open, the link below provides accessible information on our website for parents and carers:

Parent Resources

Literacy News

Dear Parents/Carers

With the changes to the new HSC demands affecting our current Year 7-9 students, I thought it would be an appropriate time to outline some of our strategic plan to support the development of critical literacy skills for our students.

Year 7 and 8 students complete a literacy skills program known as WRAD, which stands for Writing Reading and Debating Within this program, the school has funded the purchase of Literacy Planet login details for all students in years 7 and 8. As part of this interactive website, students access explicit literacy activities for 1 lesson per week, designed around the key aspects of spelling, reading and comprehension. Students have work assigned to them by their teacher, which has been differentiated for their learning needs and currently these activities are targeted around preparing them for NAPLAN exams. All students are encouraged to complete literacy planet activities outside of class time and can also access the website through their mobile device. The website can be found at the following address:

Within the WRAD modules are also explicit teaching and learning strategies involving Focus on Reading (FoR), which are also utilised by our primary schools and develop the explicit teaching of comprehension skills. Through these teaching strategies we can ensure a common language that is understood by our students as they enter Year 7.

We have also worked in partnership with our primary partner schools to ensure that we are following a paragraph writing continuum. This paragraph structure builds on the skills learnt in primary school, considers the learning content needing to be expressed by students in high school and structures the differing levels of thinking required when responding to an extended writing task. Through using this structure across the curriculums, we are able to ensure a common approach is used and that teachers are using a language that students are familiar with from primary school and builds on their skills.

With NAPLAN exams approaching, a suggestion would be to review the exam requirements with your child and familiarise yourself with the differing aspects of the exam, ensuring your child understands what the exams look like. You can find this information for parents/carers at the following website:

If your child is in Year 7 or 9, they would have just completed a practice NAPLAN assessment in their English class, which provides their teacher with a good snapshot of their ‘Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar’, strengths and weaknesses. Have a talk with your child and see how they felt they progressed with these practice exams. Please contact their English teacher if you would like additional information about your child’s results.

In future newsletters, I will outline some further tips that can be used to help prepare your child for NAPLAN and some strategies that can be implemented to help them develop their key literacy skills.


Beau Crum
Literacy Coordinator

KMHS Wolves – Sporting HighlightsKMHS Wolves

Swimming Carnival 2017

On Thursday 9th February, we had our 8th KMHS swimming carnival. Everyone looked sensational, dressed in a wide range of colours and characters supporting their house. This year we had an outstanding attendance rate for the carnival and participation on the day was fantastic, with many students entering multiple events. It was great to see all our Year 12 students supporting their houses and encouraging the team spirit with the younger year groups. Congratulations to everyone who came on the day and everyone who went in an event. Thank you to all of the teachers who made the running of the day such a success.

Sporting house colours on display at the Swimming Carnival
Sporting house colours on display at the Swimming Carnival

It was a very close battle for champion swimming house on the day. The end result saw Popran win the carnival with:

  • POPRAN = 1663 points

  • BOUDDI = 1484 points

  • DHARUG = 1123 points

  • GIRRAKOOL = 1106 points

Congratulations to all Popran members and Miss Huey and Mr Tagg for leading them well
There were some outstanding individual achievements on the day, with many records being broken.

2017 Age Champions:

  • Kirra Gerard – 12 yr Girls
  • Jared Skinner – 12 yr Boys
  • Kellie Coubrough – 13 yr Girls
  • James Beckman – 13 yr Boys
  • Rhiannon Rees – 14 yr Girls
  • Hayden Wardell – 14 yr Boys
  • Samantha Smith – 15 yr Girls
  • Aaron Beckman – 15 yr Boys
  • Kristy Le Fevre – 16 yr Girls
  • Rhyse Bissaker – 16 yr Boys
  • Nicole Coubrough – 17 yr Girls
  • Benjamin Abolins – 17 yr Boys
  • Dylan Littlehales – 18 yr Boys
Racing and poolside celebration at swimming carnival
Racing and poolside celebration at the 2017 KMHS Swimming Carnival

The zone team is being selected. Notes will be given out next week. The date for the Zone Swimming Carnival is Thursday 9th March at Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy.

Miss Kimberley James


P&C   AGM : March 13, 2017

7:30 – 8:30 pm In the Library – sitting on the lovely new furniture!
All parents and community members welcome!!

Please donate your second hand uniforms to the school. We particularly need skirts. Just drop them off to the office any time between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm. Thank You!

Hawaiian Luan Triva Sat April 1