Newsletter 2017 – Term 1, Week 9

Important Dates

Wednesday March 22– Parent Information Evening
   on 2018 Bioscience Selective Class
– Assembly with Captains speeches
Thursday March 23Girls Softball – Freshwater
Friday March 24Earth Hour
Friday March 24 – Tuesday April 4Year 12 Half Yearly Exams
Monday March 27Immunisations
Years 10 & 11 Marine studies – Snorkelling (pool)
Thursday March 30Year 10 Marine studies – Snorkelling (beach)
Friday March 31Year 11 Marine studies – Snorkelling (pool)
Saturday April 1Trivia Night – 6:30pm at school
Monday April 3CHS Swimming
Friday April 7ANZAC Ceremony

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From the Principal

Leadership and School Captains

One of the foundation tenets of Kariong Mountains High School is the responsibility of the school to grow student leadership potential. Leadership is not just defined by holding a formal position, such as school captain, but by any moment in which a person steps up to a challenge and hence leads by example.

Our ‘Passport to Leadership’ program validates this definition by recognising leadership skills demonstrated through academic and sporting success, participation and persistence, volunteering, advocacy and mentoring of others. This broader definition allows more students, at any stage of their high school career, to gain recognition for their endeavours and hence more confidence to take on new challenges. Leadership opportunities are therefore, far broader than can just be accomplished by having only a ‘senior school prefect model’. It also means that our school captains come to their positions with a portfolio of experiences behind them and are not just elected by popular vote, thereby having the skills to make an amazing contribution to school life.

Over the past year, our captains have represented the student body at school functions and important events, led the student leadership team and coordinated the very successful Central Coast Student Voice Alliance held at the school during February. Congratulations and thank you to our outgoing school captains, Ben and Tiarna, who have indeed exemplified this broader model of leadership and been role models to all students. Their leadership of the Student Leadership Team has seen it thrive. Their final role will be to mentor the incoming captains for a term, before then passing on the leadership mantle, in Term 3, to focus on their HSC studies.

Minimum Literacy and Numeracy Standards

On Wednesdsay 15th March, I gave a presentation to parents about the new HSC and Standards reforms impacting students from Year 9 and thereafter. I have placed a copy of the powerpoint presentation on the school’s website under Curriculum & Learning → Senior School Years 10 – 12. If you have any questions and were unable to make the presentation, then please contact me by phone or email to have them addressed.

School Refusal

This can be a difficult and heart wrenching experience for some families. Attached to this newsletter is some information that has been produced to provide some support and strategies.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Following is an excerpt from our Student Welfare and Discipline Policy. The Department of Education’s values work together nicely with our three core values of Unity, Knowledge, Respect.

Core Rules for Students

KMHS has developed a set of ‘Core Rules’ based on the nine core values of NSW public schools. These are integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, cooperation, participation, care, fairness and democracy.

At KMHS students are expected to:

  • attend school every day and attend all classes unless legally excused
  • arrive at lessons on time and be prepared to participate in learning
  • strive for the highest standards in learning
  • maintain a neat appearance and comply with the school’s uniform policy
  • resolve conflict respectfully, calmly and fairly
  • behave in a safe, considerate and responsible manner, this includes travel to and from school.
  • be respectful at all times and cooperate with teacher instructions and learning activities
  • treat all members of the school community with dignity and respect
  • take care of their own property, the school’s and others
  • keep the school grounds tidy at all times
  • not be violent or bring weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco into our school
  • not harass, bully or interfere with the safety of others or engage in any illegal or anti-social behaviour of any kind.

I encourage all students and parents / caregivers to view our policy which can be found on our website.

Our school’s PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) team will be introducing a house system into our rewards program. The hope is that a spirit of house pride and respect will further develop the core value of respect in our school. Details will be presented in future newsletters.

I watched the ABC program on bullying hosted by Ian Thorpe last week. While I do not agree with some aspects, there were some positive messages that I took from it. Firstly, the role of bystanders in observing bullying is crucial. I do not encourage students to intervene in a negative way, but encourage them to report the incident and provide support to the victim. The other message I took is that bullying can only be addressed if the school is informed. Our school’s anti-bullying action plan can be found on our website. Recently I have had many applications for enrolment significantly based on our anti-bullying strategies and the reputation our school has in addressing issues. This was very pleasing to hear. Again, I encourage our school community to inform us of any concerns as they arise; it is much easier and less stressful for all involved if we can tackle a problem before it gets bigger.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

P&C News

Welcome to the P&C Executive 2017:

President – Beth Schuman
Vice President – Tracy McNamara
Vice President – Teresa Hattley
Secretary – Nicole Littlehales
Treasurer – Sharon Partridge

Next P&C meeting – May 8, Term 2 | 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm in the Library
All parents and community members welcome!!

Future P&C Meeting Dates:

  • Term 2 – May 8
  • Term 3 – August 14
  • Term 4 – November 13
  • Christmas Dinner – December 4

Please donate your second hand uniforms to the school. We particularly need skirts. Just drop them off to the office any time between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm. Thank You!

Resources and Notices

School Refusal – Parent handout

HSC Reforms – Minimum standards – PowerPoint Presentation

Hawaiian Luan Triva Sat April 1

Autumn Kids Camp bookings now open