Newsletter 2017 – Term 2, Week 2

Important Dates

Thursday May 4Athletics Carnival
Monday May 8P & C Meeting
Year 12 Parent Information: ‘Post School Options’ – 6:30pm in School Library
Tuesday May 9NAPLAN Years 7 + 9
Wednesday May 10NAPLAN Years 7 + 9
Thursday May 11NAPLAN Years 7 + 9
Tuesday May 16Big Day In
Indigenous Community Morning Tea
Thursday May 18Years 11 & 12 Vaccination Day

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From the Principal

Congratulations to our new school captains for 2017/2018, Speranza Na’ati and Oliver Rickards. I look forward to working with them in a spirit of collaboration and respect that sees student voice become an authentic part of our school’s governance.

I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate our 2016 Dux, Kallen Farley, on his outstanding achievement in the HSC. He is to be congratulated for his hard work and determination to succeed and we look forward to hearing of his year, post school, at the annual Presentation Evening ceremony.

It is a busy start to the term with the Cross Country and the upcoming Athletics Carnival. Thanks to all those students who participate and have fun in these events. They should truly understand that success in life is about ‘giving it a go’, regardless of where you place and that this positive attitude is the foundation for success across all endeavours.

Last week also saw the start of our Stage 6 information sessions on post school options. This is an ever changing landscape, even from year to year, and it is important that students stay abreast of what their options are. We are creating a fact sheet for future reference that will go up on our website before the end of term and an information session will be held on Monday 8th May commencing at 6.30pm in the library (just before our P&C meeting) for Year 12 parents wanting an overview of ‘the next steps in learning post school’.

Permission notes are now going out for the Year 10 Gold Coast excursion. This is a great event to end the junior years of schooling and was put in place to recognise this milestone and to provide a different pathway for meeting the requirements of the mandatory ‘Crossroads’ program. I would like to remind all Year 10 families that the school does not support, encourage or endorse any Year 10 formal and believe it to be an unnecessary burden and expense on families. It is the Year 12 formal that matters and is, outstandingly, the coming of age event for our students. We provide pathways/opportunities for early leavers to attend the Year 12 formal, if they express an interest, so no student needs miss out on the experience. Please note, therefore, that the school takes no responsibility and provides no role in supervision or management, as it is considered a private event and occurs at the financial risk of those involved.

Ms Anne Vine

International Homestay Visitors

Thank you to parents and members of our community who have already expressed interest in being a host family.

For the first time in its history, Kariong Mountains High School will be host to a group of about 20 Vietnamese students, ranging in age from Year 7 – Year 12. This visit will take place between the dates of June 14th – June 23rd.  We are looking for host families willing to board 1 or 2 students during their visit. Each host family will receive $384 per student to support the hosting arrangement.

Are you interested? Could you please send an email to the school account with the subject line “Homestay” indicating your interest in being involved and we will contact you to discuss this further.

From our Deputy Principals

Deputy Principal

I would like to welcome back all students and hope they and their families had a happy and safe holiday.

School Discipline

There are occasions when our school has to apply a suspension for serious breaches of the school’s discipline code. Fortunately, we do not have to impose these on a frequent basis. KMHS follows the Department of Education’s Suspension and Expulsion Policy. Suspension provides a period of time where students can reflect on their behaviour and all parties can seek a positive resolution to discipline and behaviour problems. The policy covers the behaviour of students at school, on the way to and from school and while away from the school site on school endorsed activities.

Short suspensions (up to 4 school days) may be imposed for the following reasons:

Continued disobedience: this includes, but is not limited to, breaches of the school discipline code such as: refusal to obey staff instructions; defiance; disrupting other students; use of alcohol or repeated use of tobacco.
Aggressive behaviour: this includes, but is not limited to, hostile behaviour directed towards students, members of staff or other persons, including damaging the property of the school or other persons; bullying (including cyberbullying); verbal abuse and abuse transmitted electronically such as by email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS text messages or by other electronic means.

The school’s anti-bullying plan is a document of its own.

Long suspensions (up to 20 school days) may be imposed for the following reasons:

  • Physical violence: any student who is physically violent, resulting in injury, or whose violent behaviour seriously interferes with the safety and wellbeing of others, will be suspended immediately.
  • Possession of a firearm, prohibited weapon (as defined by Schedule One of the Weapons Prohibition Act) or knife (without reasonable cause): the student will be suspended immediately and the matter will be reported to the Police.
  • Uses, supplies, or is in possession of, a suspected illegal substance or supplies a restricted substance: the student will be suspended immediately and the matter will be reported to the Police. This also applies to students who assist other students to obtain illegal substances or supply restricted substances, such as prescription drugs.
    Engages in serious criminal behaviour related to the school: the matter will be immediately reported to the police.

PBL canteen voucher winners for the past fortnight are Pria Moore (Year 7) and Chelsea Kelliher (Year 10).







Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Year 7

There are a number of major events and milestones this term for Year 7. The STARS assembly, recognising academic commitment, takes place next week and NAPLAN is on in Week 3. The Project Based Learning Showcase is on later in the term and the Semester 1 reports and parent teacher evening are scheduled towards the end of the term. This is not an exhaustive outline, but reflects some of the major events scheduled this term.

This newsletter also contains the Year 7 assessment schedule for this term. This is an important document designed to support each Year 7 student’s progress towards completing and submitting all assessment tasks on time and to the best of their ability. If you have any questions regarding the assessment schedule, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Year 7 Assessment Schedule – Term 2

From time to time, it is important to reiterate in the newsletter our expectations regarding school uniform. We expect our students to come to school in full school uniform. Our core values of ‘UNITY KNOWLEDGE RESPECT’ are woven into all aspects of our school life and have relevance to the wearing of school uniform. The uniform marks our distinctive identity as Kariong Mountains High School; it reflects our UNITY and wearing it reflects RESPECT for our school, the staff and students of the school and our community. A couple of things to note as colder weather approaches:

  • School jumpers and jackets: there are a range of jumpers/jackets available and these can be layered in the very cold days of winter. Coloured jumpers/ jackets and items with logos other than our school’s logo are not school uniform.
  • School long pants: pants in fabric similar to the boys’ shorts and the school’s track suit pants with the school logo are available. These are suitable for both boys and girls. Fleecy track pants or non-school track pants are not part of our school uniform and should not be worn.
  • Girls’ skirts can be worn with black tights and stockings.

We acknowledge that there may be the rare occasion when a student is not able to have full school uniform. On these occasions, we request that a note be provided and the student sees me before school to get a uniform pass.

Year 12

Does your child drive to and from school?
Does your child take other students as passengers in their car?
Does your child travel as a passenger in another student’s car?

These are three very important questions as it relates to the safety and wellbeing of all students at our school.

The school requires signed documentation for all students who drive to school and, where relevant, students who are allowed to be passengers in their car. As you can appreciate, an accident has the potential for far-reaching consequences when correct procedures are not followed.

Attached to this newsletter is the form that is required to be completed and submitted to school for the following:

  • Permission to drive/ride (a motor bike) to school
  • Permission to leave and return to school when there are extended periods of time (3 or more periods) without scheduled classes
  • Parent consent for a passenger. This section needs to be signed by the parent of the student passenger.

Permission to drive, Leave school during break & Parent consent for a passenger

By the time this newsletter is published, I will have already spoken to Year 12 students and provided them with a hard copy of the document which needs to completed and returned to the office. We ask your support in completing the forms and ensuring they are returned to school no later than Monday 8th May.

Ms Lidia Jeffrey
Deputy Principal Year 7 and Year 12

Literacy News

With the NAPLAN exam period approaching, following here is an update on the targeted plan we have in action and also some suggestions that you can implement at home to help your child achieve their best in these tests.
As mentioned previously, it is a good idea to take your child through what the tests look like and the requirements of each exam. You can find the information at the following link: In terms of literacy skills, NAPLAN requires students to demonstrate competencies in 3 differing exams: Writing, Reading and Language Conventions.

With the Writing exam this year in NAPLAN, it is important that students understand the form and structure of both narrative and persuasive writing, as students will be required to compose one of these texts. Regardless of the text type assessed, students need to be able to orient, engage and affect the reader, demonstrating effective language choices and a clear structure. In English, we are completing a focus on writing skills, with short activities centering on the key aspects of writing that students are assessed against in the exam. Also, we are undertaking writing practice for NAPLAN type tasks, with drafting, exam writing skills and peer marking activities taking place in Years 7 and 9 classrooms.

Simultaneously, the WRAD curriculum will be focusing on the Reading (comprehension) and Language Conventions aspects of NAPLAN. All allocated reading times in WRAD will focus on the reading and comprehension skills, supported by Literacy Planet times that will continue to target spelling and language skills.

In terms of the Reading exam, NAPLAN requires students to complete around 50 comprehension questions based on roughly 8 short texts. It is important that students understand that these questions come from a variety of differing thinking processes, ranging from the literal, to inferential and evaluative questions.

The answer to literal questions can be pointed to on the page or found in plain sight, for example, What is the name of the main character?

Inferential questions require students to read between the lines and text and use clues to answer the question being asked about implicit information, for example, Why did the character shake her head?

Evaluative questions require students to apply knowledge from outside the text or pass judgement on the ideas in the text by using their general knowledge to answer the question, for example, How would you describe the main theme of this text? or How successful is this text in portraying the ideas of the author?

All students need to understand that a range of questions will be asked and that these questions will differ significantly in difficulty level. Students are encouraged to complete practice NAPLAN exams at home, which can be found at or Also the website is quite useful in helping students to develop comprehension skills. Students can sign up with their school account, complete some pre-test activities and then undertake stage appropriate comprehension activities. Furthermore, students are encouraged to access their Literacy Planet account as part of a home study plan. Alternatively, if internet access is difficult, please ask your child to speak with their English teacher about getting hard copies of past exams.

As always, thanks for your support.

Mr Beau Crum
Literacy Coordinator


Attention Year 10 Students and Carers!
Exciting News!!!

The first note for the Gold Coast Excursion has been distributed to Year 10 students.
The excursion will be held in Term 4, Week 9 from Monday December 4th to Friday December 8th 2017.
The total cost of the trip is $650. The first deposit of $100 is due Friday, 19th May 2017.
Any student who still needs a note, please see Miss Rose ASAP.

It can cost a lot to send your kids to school


Canteen News

Spud topped with cheese and sour cream - Wednesday special in May