Newsletter 2017 – Term 3, Week 2

Important Dates

Wednesday July 26Induction Ceremony for School Captains
Thursday July 27Wellbeing Day Year 9
Tuesday August 1Touch Football Gala Day
Wednesday August 2Year 11 Study Skills Day
Thursday August 3Biology Excursion
Friday August 4Boat Show – Marine Studies & Outdoor Recreation
Monday August 7 –
Friday August 18
 Year 12 Trial Exams
Wednesday August 9 –
Thursday August 10
 Winter Warrior – Year 10 Outdoor Recreation

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From the Principal

A big welcome back to all our students and families. Term 3 is once again shaping up to be engaging in learning, both within the classroom and through involvement in co-curricular activities.

It was a fabulous start to the term to celebrate the induction of our 2017-2018 school captains. This year’s captains, Oliver and Speranza are the first students to have come to their captaincy through participation in the ‘Passport to Leadership’ program. This is an exciting milestone as it validates the leadership skills which students develop over time; that there are many pathways to the top of the mountain and that we cannot predict who will be school captain based on a defined set of criteria and experiences that students demonstrate when they come into school in Year 7.

It is a change of mindset from traditional thinking and calls on us to suspend judgement about “the student most likely to lead”. Instead, we need to listen to the student’s leadership story, knowing that as individuals, each will have used different resources and started at different times to get to the top of the leadership mountain.

What a great benefit to our school this acceptance of individual journeys can be. Our captains will bring unique perspectives to the role and, hence, be great leaders to our diverse school population. I look forward to working with Oliver and Speranza over the next year and know that they will be great role models to all students of Kariong Mountains High School.

Incoming and outgoing School Captains

Of course, all leaders step into a position that has been reimaged by each set of leaders who have gone before. Thank you to our outgoing captains, Ben and Tiarna for their commitment, thoughtfulness and creativity they brought to the captains’ role on their endeavours to raise the profile of the school in the community and be the best representatives they could be for all school students.

We wish the outgoing captains all the best with their future career choices and have no doubt that their school leadership skills will transfer into successful leadership in the workplace.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Deputy Principal

Welcome to Term 3. I hope all students and their families had a good break. As always, this term is shaping up to be another busy one.

On assembly last week I encouraged students in Years 7 to 10 to reflect on their half-yearly reports. They can be used as a guide to set targets of improvement. All students have the potential to do better and strive for excellence.

The standard of our uniform slipped quite dramatically towards the end of last term and this is disappointing considering that Unity is one of our core values. There will be a crackdown this term and may involve detentions and playground isolation. If there is a reason why a student cannot wear uniform on a particular day, they need to bring me a note from home before 8.45am.

On Wednesday last week we had an evacuation drill that went smoothly. As with all drills, we look to improve our processes and there will be a few changes made before the next one. The cooperative nature of all students was very pleasing and typical of the positive culture we have here.

Recently, there have been several requests from Year 9 students wanting to change elective classes. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate these requests due to constraints out of our control. Students will have the option to change an elective for Year 10 2018 at the end of the year.

Congratulations to our PBL voucher winners:
Bianca Bowman (7), Speranza Na’ati (11).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

KMHS Wolves – Sporting Highlights

KMHS Wolves

KMHS Boys Selected to Represent the Central Coast u17s

Adam and Sean (Year 11) were both selected to represent the Central Coast u17s in competition at Nelson Bay in the Country Championships in May of this year. Unfortunately, Sean sustained a concussion, which made him ineligible for selection onto the NSW Country u17s team. Adam was selected, along with five other Central Coast players, to compete in the NSW Country tournament.

Adam and Sean both played in Warringah on the June long weekend, in a Country v City tour. They were undefeated until the finals, where they were tied with the Hunter team 14 all, until a penalty was awarded to Hunter and they defeated Central Coast by only 3 points. Hunter went on to beat the city favourites, Parramatta ‘two blues’.

KMHS boys selected to represent teh Central Coast u17s

Group photo of selected players representing teh Central Coast U17s Rugby

Adam has been involved so far in two training tours in Bathurst and more recently in Canberra.

The boys selected for the Country NSW team come from far North coast, far West NSW, and Illawarra, as well as the Central Coast, which makes getting together to train difficult. They are all great players.

NSW Country u17s will have their final run against NSW City in Bathurst in August.

Amber and Adam representing KMHS at North Sydney Cross Country

North Sydney Cross Country

Amber Brierley and Adam Schuman represented KMHS and Brisbane Water Zone at the Sydney North Cross Country held at Gosford Entertainment Grounds on Tuesday 20th June 2017.

Amber enjoyed and completed her 4 km race and Adam placed 9th after running 6 km.

Both qualified for their events through running well at KMHS Cross Country and the Brisbane Water Zone Cross Country, held in Term 2.

Well done!

Canteen News

See additions and changes to the canteen menu in the PDF below:

KMHS Canteen Menu – Term 3, 2017

Wednesday Specials – August 2 & 8:

Pumpkin or Chicken Soup, winter warmer special on Wednesday August 2 and 8


Year 11 – A reminder to pay your $4 for the Study Skills seminar to the office asap please.