Newsletter 2017 – Term 3, Week 6

Important Dates

Monday August 28Valid Week
Tuesday August 29Music Evening
Wednesday August 30Year 8 & 9 Subject Selection
Friday September 1Hearing Conference
Wed – Fri September 6-8CHS Athletics
Thursday September 7Year 10 Automotive Excursion
Friday September 8 –
Tuesday September 19

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From the Principal

As I write this article, the 2017 NAPLAN results have been released and from the State average results, it appears that NSW has performed better than the national averages for all students. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has communicated that students who receive Band 8, or above, in literacy and numeracy in Year 9 are early achievers of the HSC minimum standards. It is important that our conversations with students reflect this stand, as not yet achieving the HSC minimum standard, does not mean that they are less, or will not go on to do well in the HSC or do great things with their lives.

Many years ago, an educational researcher, Mike Middleton, wrote about the industrial revolution model of our education system and its lock-step approach to moving students through schooling. In more recent times, we have the work of Carol Dweck and the concept of growth mindset to inform us, that we all have the capacity to achieve, just at different rates – the same message using different words. ‘Not yet’, or ‘Yes have’, exemplify this research in practice.

NAPLAN was originally meant to be used as a diagnostic tool to assist teachers. It now appears to be a test that holds their future. We must not give it this level of importance in our children’s lives, but remind ourselves that it is still one test in a moment of time and that what our children can do and who they are is so much more. Yes, we are very proud at our school, of achieving above State average results in all areas tested (excluding only selective schools) and we will congratulate those students, but not think less of those who are not there yet.

What other skills might they have that weren’t tested? Are they our creators, innovators, performers? Are they anxious about exams, but entirely capable of engaging in knowledgeable debate about the world around them? Are their home lives difficult and paying attention to an exam, when living in crisis, just doesn’t rate? Are they coming into their own at a different rate than that determined as ‘average’ and will they shine in the future? Do they value this test and have they truly tried their best?

We must provide our students with the skills to successfully navigate their future lives. This must be tempered, however, with an understanding that we cannot entirely be sure what those requisite skills will be. The most important message we can give to our students is to do your best, persevere and ask questions, and then measure themselves against their own personal minimum standard and lift themselves up from there. In an uncertain future, it is these types of skills that will help students adapt and thrive.

In the meantime, well done to all students who sat for NAPLAN, did their best and are now ready to move on and learn how to further grow their understanding by acknowledging what they have been successful at and how they can use their results to fill in any gaps. Your teachers will be there to guide you on this educational journey.

Ms Anne Vine

NAPLAN information from NESA

9 NAPLAN results and the HSC minimum standard – Message from NESA

Click the link above to access the school newsletter copy with the latest information from NESA (former Board of Studies).

Snow Excursion

KMHS have had a great start to their excursion at Perisher in the Snowy Mountains. Their determination and positive attitude has seen amazing results and plenty of fun memories shared.

KMHS students enjoying the slopes at Perisher
KMHS students enjoying the slopes at Perisher.

Amazing views with perfect skiing weather for KMHS Outdoor Rec students

Don’t miss this Fun night of Laughs at KMHS

Buy your tickets here
Comedy for a Cause - coming to KMHS in September

Snapchat school advice: compromised accounts

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has recently received several online complaints about compromised student Snapchat accounts.

The issues arose after the release of a new Snapchat feature – ‘Memories’ – where users can keep content in a secure archive on their phone. This includes a section called “My Eyes Only”, a PIN protected area where explicit snaps can be stored.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner and NSW Department of Education strongly warn against students sharing their Snapchat account passwords with anyone (even friends) as this may grant them access to intimate content, which may then be shared without permission.

Students are advised to set strong passwords/PINs for all accounts, use 2-factor authentication and never give out confidential information (even to friends).

For more information and for tips on how to prevent a compromised Snapchat account, please refer to the Office of the eSafety Commissioner website.

Kariong Mountains High School P&C

All parents and community members are welcome to our P&C meetings

Next meeting: TERM 3 Monday, August 14, 2017  ●  7:00 pm – 8:00 pm  ●  In the Library

Future P&C Meeting Calendar:

  • Term 4 Monday – November 13
  • Monday – December 4 – Christmas Dinner
  • Term 1 – 2018 Monday – February 12

HSC Workshop at Tuggerah Library, September