Newsletter 2017 – Term 3, Week 8

Important Dates

Wed – Fri, September 6-8CHS Athletics
Friday September 8 –
Tuesday September 19
Monday September 11 –
Tuesday September 12
Wednesday September 13 –
Friday September 15
Peer Support Camp
Wednesday September 20Year 12 Paintball
Thursday September 21Year 12 Slave Day
Friday September 22Year 12 Graduation Day
Last day of Term 3

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From the Principal

At the time of writing, some of our Year 12 students have already finalised the practical components of their HSC, or are about to do so. To those students, well done on completing your major works or performances and a big thank you to your teachers who got you to the finishing line (particularly with the after duty time they provided to help you get your best results).

It can be a hard time for Year 12 students to stay focussed in these next few weeks, but last minute learning can lead to improved results so parents please keep encouraging your child to take advantage of the time they have left with their teachers and, hence, maximise their HSC grades.

Student Volunteers in the Canteen

In this busy society, it is increasingly difficult to have enough parent volunteers in our canteen, due to work commitments. Our P&C run the canteen as their main source of raising funds for the school, as well as supplying our students with healthy food options, at the lowest cost possible. As the number of volunteers have decreased, more paid staff have had to be employed, adding to decreased funds for school use and raised prices.

To overcome this issue, the P&C and school have come up with a solution of asking for student volunteers to work some breaks. This will assist the canteen to keep prices low, and raise funds for the P&C and allow students to gain experience in retail and volunteering. It also demonstrates school citizenship, which students can then add towards completing their student leadership passport.

I am hopeful that this will be a successful initiative and that parents will be supportive.

Thank you to the families and staff who supported ‘Comedy for a Cause’, a fund raising initiative for our Learning Community. We hope that the school bus will be a reality next term. We are starting off small, just leasing a 12 seater, to see how it works.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy Principals

Deputy Principal

During Week 6, I had the absolute privilege of attending an excursion to the snow with some of our Year 9 and 11 students. It was a fantastic experience for all and everyone had a great time. Our school values were definitely on display by our students. Unity – everyone worked together, helped each other and followed the timelines with promptness. Knowledge – our students paid careful attention to the instructors and, as such, quickly gained the skills to enjoy the slopes in a safe manner. Respect – as always, our students were respectful to all they came in contact with and to each other. Congratulations, to all those students for being outstanding ambassadors for our school. A huge thank you to Mrs Miller for her meticulous organisation and professionalism. Thanks also to Mr Riley and Ms Wales who were great to work with and really looked after the students.

Over recent weeks there have been a few occasions where a student has been in possession of a prohibited item. Even though we thought that nobody was in danger, the Department of Education policy is quite clear. Following is the relevant excerpt:

Possession of a firearm, prohibited weapon (as defined by Schedule One of the Weapons Prohibition Act) or knife (without reasonable cause): the student will be suspended immediately and the matter will be reported to the Police.

Students have been reminded of this on assembly.

It has been a long time since I have included an article in the newsletter. The following students have won canteen vouchers from our positive memo draw: Holly Hooghuis (7), Oska Smith (7), Tatsuya Ganeko, (8), KayLee Quinlan (8), Mitchell Hannan (11), Taleece Paki (12) and Brittney Clark (12). Well done, to all winners.

Our House System continues to be developed and students are getting on board. The display of Positive Memo recipients under the point score is being well received. There are a few teething problems, which are being addressed and rewards are currently being considered.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Final Weeks of Year 12

Mr Jai LesterCongratulations, to our Year 12 students who have successfully navigated the stressful period of trial examinations and, for many, have completed or are completing major works. Students are in the process now of analysing their trial results and carefully revising areas of concern that came from these exams.

It is critically important that Year 12 students remain focused and attend class in the last few weeks of school. Unfortunately, we see quite a dip in attendance in the last few weeks and there is a lack of focus and energy from some in the class. The last few weeks are precious, as it is the time where teachers can solely focus on the demands of the HSC exams and best prepare students for what equates to 50% of their final course mark.

We will continue to monitor attendance as we always have with Year 12 over the next few weeks. Students are reminded that all of the festivities planned for them in Week 10 are subject to their diligence and work ethic between now and then.

Getting an edge in study

I am consistently blown away by the dedication and support our staff give to students at Kariong Mountains High School, particularly in the form of extra tuition and curriculum opportunities. Given we are coming up to the time of the year for yearly exams in Stage 6 and major assessments in the junior years, I thought I might just list some extra services that can be beneficial to students wanting to get an edge in study.

Struggling with a maths concept? – Maths club runs every Wednesday from 2:45-3:15 in C Open Block. Our experienced maths teachers are on site to provide extra tuition and support for all students.

Finding writing that English essay difficult? – The English faculty run Essay support at the same time as Maths Club. Students simply need to put a request in to their teacher and/or Head Teacher of English so they can prepare specific assistance for the essay question being asked.

Of course, when in doubt students are actively encouraged to go and talk to their teachers about what extra support might be available in the subjects they might be struggling in. Our staff has shown time and time again that they will go out of their way to help students as best they can.

Mr Jai Lester
Deputy Principal

What a Fabulous night of laughs!

The KMLC Comedy night held this weekend was a great success! The fundraising figures will be announced in our next newsletter, though we want to say thank you to everyone who came along and helped make this a most entertaining evening, given how much fun you can have while raising money for a great cause; we are already looking to repeat the event in the future!

A Very Big Thank you to our Sponsors:

Thank you to the following businesses who donated generous prizes to the KMLC Comedy Night:
We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • MARS Food – Masterfoods basket
  • Bunnings West Gosford – Gift cards
  • Gosford RSL – Gift vouchers
  • Central Coast Leagues Club – Gift vouchers
  • Captain Cook Cruises – Harbour story cruises
  • Ashmore Palms Holiday Village QLD – QLD theme park tickets + vouchers
  • Mangrove Golf – Golf games
  • Jackie Ayers – Wine
  • Vicki Redrup – Wine

What to do if you discover a FAKE account?

Click on the link below to view the instruction PDF, which outlines the processes you should follow if you find a profile where you are being impersonated on one of the three major social media platforms used by teenagers.

What to do if you discover a compromised snapchat, instagram or facebook account

School Newsletter Survey 2017 – Results Summary

Thank you to all our families who participated in completing the survey. The more information that we have from you, helps us to tailor the newsletter to best meet your needs.

Survey results indicate that the newsletter is well read and easily accessible and our format of short newsletters, followed by a bumper issue at the end of term is acceptable.

There were some suggestions for further inclusions or changes to the newsletter and we will research how we can implement most of these.  Some may be better placed on our webpage.

The table below groups the suggestions from respondents and the actions we can take (fully operational by Term 1 2018):

Information about assessments and examsWe will provide a link on the newsletter page to this section of the website.
Excursion information and notesIdentified in the newsletter and then linked to the website for a copy of permission notes.  Where we have upcoming excursion information, in the newsletter’s timeline, we will list it according to year.
Spotlight on StudentsThis was a great part of the newsletter in earlier years and we will bring it back for a couple of issues each term.
More information on daily happenings in the schoolDue to the production time of the newsletter, this doesn’t work so well; however, this information is available via the parent portal and Facebook, for these smaller events.
A more rounded view per school gradeWe will introduce a Year Advisor’s edition, once/term to provide oversight into what is most relevant for students/year grade. Our great information on Years 7 & 12 was the result of funding used to support a 2nd DP position which was only funded for 2016-17.
Student stories and opinionsOur school captains are writing an article about twice/term, but we all agree having more student work would be fantastic. We will look into how we can get better at this.</td?
Less AdvertisementsWe have tried to keep these to a reasonable number, but they help fund the cost of the newsletter’s production
Podcast VersionHow interesting!  I will see if we can get a team to assist this happen.

There was a comment that referenced the different style/information between the Principal’s and Deputy Principal’s report, and they are different, with intent.  The DP and myself discussed what we would contribute to the newsletter and decided on a division of information.
On the whole, the articles from the Principal are about placing what we do at KMHS in context with what is happening in the broader educational sphere and/or the research that we draw on to provide the best learning environment for our students.  This means that quotes are sometimes used to show relevance and that there is an emphasis on the positive activities of our staff and students.  We believe that a community informed by research and critical thinking, builds our educational capital and improves the learning potential of our school and its students.

One of the Deputy Principal’s roles in the school is to lead daily organisation and manage policy implementation.  The focus of the DP’s articles are to provide greater information around these areas of operation, so that parents are fully aware of how our structures operate, the decisions we make on a  daily basis and our rationale for implementation of any changed processes.  We believe that to act effectively, we need to specify the detail , so that there is a consistent approach and understanding about our actions.Together, parents get the big picture and the detail, from the Principal and Deputy Principal.We continue to welcome any further comment that assists us in improving our communication with you.

KMHS Wolves – Sporting Highlights
KMHS Wolves

ICF World Championships – Racice, Czech Republic

Congratulations to Dylan Littlehales on his outstanding achievements at the ICF World Championships in Sprint Canoe in Racice, Czech Republic. Intense preparation and focus saw Dylan soar through the final, finishing 5th in the World with a PB! Well done Dylan, we’re all so very proud of you!!

Dylan paddling to success at the ICF World Championships

 KMHS – 2017 Snow Trip

Group photo from the 2017 KMHS Snow trip
Group photo from the 2017 KMHS Snow trip

All smiles as KMHS students round off their three-day trip to the snow with a group photo showing the gorgeous mountains in the background.

What an amazing group of young adults. Thank you to all of you for an absolute awesome trip to the snow. Your respect to each other, teamwork and positivity is credit to you all!


Canteen News

Volunteers always welcome! Contact the school on 4340 0246 if you can spare a day or two each month.

See additions and changes to the canteen menu in the PDF below:

KMHS Canteen Menu – Term 3, 2017