Newsletter 2017 – Term 4, Week 2

Important Dates

Monday October 16 – Friday November 10HSC EXAMS
Thursday October 19Marine Studies – Snorkelling
Friday October 20Visual Arts – Sculture by the Bay

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From the Principal

Year 12 Graduation

Welcome back everyone to Term 4. Our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony was once again a bittersweet moment, in which we celebrated another milestone in a young person’s life – completing Year 12, but are sad to say goodbye to students whom we have watched, over the years, grow and mature into fine young adults. Thank you to Mr Crum for having been a fantastic and supportive year advisor to this cohort of students.
This year, the Academic Honours medals for Year 12 were presented to:
Amber Brierley, Tiarna Mead, Brittni Nicol and Adam Schuman.

STARS Awards

Congratulations to all of last week’s STARS’ recipients for their continued commitment and motivation to succeed. Over 200 students were recognised and this really reinforces our aspirational culture.

Pathway to Success

Sometimes, students don’t succeed because they lack that personal confidence in their capacity to learn, particularly in the classroom. As we start the term, I would like to share with you a list of 10 things that don’t require ‘brains’, but which can start you on the pathway to success:

edutech presentation Abdul Chohan
Abdul Chohan, Edutech Presentation 2017

Apply these skills and positive outcomes will result. And, they aren’t just for classroom success; aren’t these indeed, the workplace skills that will put you ahead?

So, start the term with a ‘can do’ attitude and see this reflected in a positive report card at the end.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy Principals

Deputy Principal

A visit from the Dentist

The School Dentist will be visiting our school during the week commencing 27 November. Students from families eligible for Family Tax Benefit A will be examined for free. Ineligible families can receive the same service for $99 which includes oral examination, teeth clean and fluoride application. Students will be provided with information and consent forms at Wednesday’s Year assembly. I encourage all families to make the most of this opportunity.

STARS Award Ceremony

PBL winners Term 4 Week 2
Congratulations to all of our STARS recipients who were presen
ted with their award last Thursday. It was great to see families supporting the recognition of academic application. Many thanks to Ms Milne, who organised the presentation. Thank you to the office staff, Music faculty, sound crew and student performers for the outstanding performances.

PBL voucher winners for the fortnight are Myah Wark (8) and Kristy Le Fevre (10).


Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal Report (7 and 12)

Mr Jai Lester

Welcome back to all our students and I hope everybody had a wonderful break. Whilst our Year 12 students have now ‘graduated’ from Kariong Mountains High School, they still remain an integral part of our school and have been working hard to prepare for their examinations that start this week. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank our marvellous staff who have yet again volunteered so much time during the holidays, either on site or via electronic communication, in mentoring and supporting our Year 12 students.

Cyber Safety and Respect

An unfortunate by-product of the amazing technological advances we have made is the ever growing issues around cyber bullying, particularly amongst young people. It is certainly one of the major topics in all the readings and discussions in education globally and locally, and these incidents do occur from time to time at Kariong Mountains.

One of the lesser known issues that I am often asked about is the relationship of school involvement in cyber-bullying incidents that occur outside of school grounds. The Department of Education’s policies and procedures clearly state that if an event happens outside of school, but if there is a connection between the school and conduct of students, the school is to take action to support the safety and wellbeing of those involved. This can mean ‘double’ consequences for students engaging in cyber-bullying behaviour if police are involved.

I would appreciate parents continuing to have the ongoing conversations with their children about respectful and safe use of social networking.

Year 7 Assessment and Examinations

The next few weeks will be an incredibly busy time for Year 7 with end of year assessments and examinations typically commencing around Week 3. Having an effective study plan at home will help students handle what can be a new (and slightly stressful) experience.

If parents have any questions regarding upcoming assessments or examinations in Year 7, could I please ask them to contact the classroom teacher in the first instance.

Sharna Clemmett’s Story

Last week the Sydney Morning Herald posted the story of successful barrister Sharna Clemmett and her experiences as a ‘drop-out’ without an ATAR. I found it an inspiring reminder that education is so much more than a rank, and encourage you to read it.

The link is:

Mr Jai Lester
Deputy Principal

Student Spotlights

7W Health Product Launch

[envira-gallery id=”2570″]

Congratulations to 7W on their amazing and successful Health Product Launch!
All students involved displayed outstanding creativity, knowledge and professionalism when promoting their health products. Guests were extremely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the expo.

Year 10 Visual Arts

Sculpture By the Bay Exhibition – Sculptor Col Henry visited KMHS to assist Year 10VA with their sculptures in preparation for Sculptures by the Bay, opening on Friday 20th October.

Year 10 student completing artwork for ‘Sculpture by the Bay’.
Sculptor Col Henry visiting KMHS Year 10 Visual Arts.

Kokoda Trail

Congratulations to Mollie in Year 12 who is happy to have completed the challenging and rewarding trek across the Kokoda Trail. Congratulations, from all of us at KMHS; we’re all so proud and looking forward to hearing about her amazing adventure!

Mollie with her group after completing the Kokoda Trail.

2017 NSW Carers Awards

Young carer award recipient 201715th – 21st October is National Carers Week. During this time each year, the NSW Carers Awards recognise the contribution that unpaid carers make for the people that they support. Being a carer requires great dedication, empathy and sacrifice.

I am pleased to announce that Lauren in Year 11 has been selected as the recipient of a NSW Carers Award for 2017. Following the nomination process, Lauren was one of the few young carers that was considered for the award. The school wishes to congratulate Lauren and acknowledge the important role of carers in our community.

James Treece
Relieving HT Wellbeing, Learning and Support Teacher

Online Portal helps Australians impacted by image-based abuse

Australians who have had intimate images or videos shared without their consent will be able to access tangible support and advice through an online portal being piloted by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner.

“Our portal now gives victims a place to seek assistance. Understanding that Australians reporting to us are likely to be in distress, the portal provides clear and concise information about the steps victims can take to reduce the impact of the abuse, in an easy and intuitive way”

For more information please visit:

Online portal helping Australians subjected to image-based abuse


KMHS Wolves – Sporting Highlights
KMHS Wolves

Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships

Olivia from KMHS on her horse PrincessOlivia in Year 9 and Princess represented NSW and KMHS at the Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships at Toowoomba.
Competition at the show jumping event was tough and Olivia performed really well with impressive jumps throughout the week. Despite missing out on medal placing in the finals, it was a great experience to be part of the NSW team and we are all so proud of Olivia and her achievements!

Futsal Nationals in Queensland

Ryan and Corey all smiles after recent successes in FutsalCongratulations to Ryan and Corey in Year 8, who travelled to Queensland in the holidays to compete in the Futsal Nationals. Both boys made it through to the finals held on the third day, where Ryan’s team won the competition. Ryan has now been selected to represent Australia in the UK and Corey has been selected to represent Australia in Brazil.

Congratulations boys, we are so proud of you and look forward to hearing of your future achievements.