Newsletter 2017 – Term 4, Week 8

Important Dates

Friday December 1Industry Breakfast
Theatre Sports
Monday December 5 – Friday December 8Cold Coast Excursion: Year 10
Cross Roads: Year 10
Monday December 11Presentation Assembly 1:30pm
Presentation Evening 6:30pm
Tuesday December 12Rewards Day
Friday December 15Term 4 – Last day for Students

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From the Principal

Throughout the year, we have had many articles in the newsletter that referred to our school values of Unity Knowledge Respect. I am very proud of our community for coming together to set these values for our school as they are reflective of the values we need to have a peaceful, successful society in the years ahead.

Shared Values

The power of shared, overt values cannot be stated enough. Even though we are coming to the end of the school year, if families can continue to discuss these values in life away from the school then we have a much better chance of getting them to “stick”.

As we come closer to the end of the year, some students can make poor choices in respect to these values. We will endeavour to keep the classroom work challenging and engaging up until the last day, and although, with assessments winding down, there is somewhat of a more relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, we still expect students to be cooperative (unity), be ready to learn (knowledge) and follow school rules (respect). All our normal behaviour consequences will still be enacted as required, so please remind your child not to engage in any “silly” behaviour as the school year comes towards the end.

Minimum Standards

Some of our Year 9 students have had the opportunity to trial the NESA minimum standards tests which they may have to sit for in 2018. We have a plan in place to support students going into Year 10 with meeting those standards, but it is possible that some will need until Year 11 to reach the necessary skill level. We will be focusing, at first, on those students who just missed out and progressively providing more support to those needing more intensive interventions. Over the break, you can help them to not lose momentum with their learning by encouraging them to read widely and/or going over past Maths Mate questions.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy Principals

Deputy Principal

Unfortunately, not enough families took up the offer of the free dental visit. As such it has been cancelled for this year and hopefully will be offered again next year.

Year Assemblies

At last week’s year assemblies many students were awarded certificates for their efforts throughout the year in line with our awards system. Students who were recognised with 10 Positive Memos or more, received a Merit Certificate (1 certificate for each 10 awards). Students who earned 3 Merit Certificates (30 Positive Memos) received an Achievement Award. Students who received at least 2 Achievement Awards (60 positive Memos), received an Outstanding Achievement Award, an exceptional effort indeed. Congratulations to all recipients.

Students who received an Achievement Award are eligible to attend our Rewards Day on the last Tuesday of term. A movie (the new Jumanji) at Cinema Paradiso in Ettalong has been organised free of charge, including transport. Ms McKay and Ms Thompson have been working hard to organise this and invite eligible students.

School Values Certificate

Another reward initiative introduced this year is a School Values Certificate. This will be awarded to 28 students who have attended school for at least 90% of the year, have an excellent record in abiding by our uniform code and consistently applying themselves to our values of Unity, Knowledge and Respect. Ms Vine will send a personal letter of congratulations to each student.

PBL voucher winner for the fortnight is Charlee Krix-Saladine (10).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal


Deputy Principal Report (7 and 12)

Mr Jai Lester

End of Year Activities

It’s always an exciting time of the year at Kariong Mountains High School, where we begin to see the culmination of some of the exciting programs we run at our school. This Wednesday we had the Evening of Excellence, where performances/exhibitions from a range of faculties will be on display for the community, showcasing excellence in CAPA and TAS.

Theatre Sports

On Friday, Year 7 and 8 will compete in the third annual Theatre Sports competition, which will see teams from each class compete in a range of dramatic and outrageously funny games. Of course, this all leads up to our end of year awards ceremonies in Year 10. I highly recommend, where possible, you come along to these outstanding events which highlight some of the achievements of our students.

Of course, these events do not occur without extensive behind the scenes work from students and teachers alike. To those students who volunteer in teams such as the promotions teams and performance teams, and to those teachers who guide and support these students, without you showcase events simply do not happen.

Prohibited Items

We have had some incidents in the last few weeks involving items not allowed on school premises, most notably permanent markers and spray deodorant. Whilst these items may seem innocent enough, they are prohibited for good reason – removing permanent marker, accidentally or deliberately applied, is a very difficult process. Spray deodorants do impact on students in our school with asthma and allergies, and can happen even if the owner of the deodorant is attempting to be conscientious about its application. I ask you to please talk to your children and see if they have such items, and remind them to keep them away from school.

Mr Jai Lester
Deputy Principal

Sararah App

It has come to our attention that students at our school have been using a new social media app called Sarahah. The creators of the app label it as a tool to “help you discover your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.” In essence, it is an app that allows you to “rate your friends” and provide positives and negatives in a way that cannot be traced back.

Peer mentoring can be a powerful tool when used correctly by trained individuals. Without this understanding, these types of apps simply serve as easy and discrete methods for belittling others without consequence. Teenagers are often drawn to such services because it feeds a sense of self-worth, when in reality it opens them to open and unfair criticism from others.

If your child is active on social media, particularly through mobile devices, we strongly encourage you to discuss, and where possible restrict, use of such applications. If you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact the school.


For information about ABSTUDY and early application for ABSTUDY benefits in 2018, please visit the Department of Human Serices ABSTUDY eKit. Information is also available at or call the the ABSTUDY line on FREEcall 1800 132 317.

Lifting Aspirations Program

Recently, KMHS girls were involved in the ‘Lifting Aspirations Program’. This program is funded though the International Soroptimist Community and focusses on the concept of educating, enabling and empowering females in society. A selection of students were given the opportunity to realise their collective potential, envision their aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide.

Our girls had the opportunity to listen to and meet with inspiring women in the Australian community:

  • Tanya Plibersek – Member for Sydney – Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education and Training and Shadow Minister for Women
  • Loise Luscri at The Maternity/Birthing Unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital
  • Professor Jennifer Burn – Director of Anti-Slavery in Australia and works at the Faculty of Law at University of Technology Sydney
  • Claudia – Student Ambassor at the University of Sydney

The students not only experienced the inspirational insight into the roles and responsibilities of the women listed above, they were also treated to a tour of the new Maternity Unit at the Royal North Shore Hospital, seeing first-hand the positive effect these facilities have on the community and the birthing experience.
The insight and knowledge that the students were exposed to made a profound impact and left them speechless at times. A huge shout out to Richard for getting us successfully and safely around Sydney.

KMHS girls on excursion
KMHS girls enjoying a memorable day in Sydney with the Lifting Aspirations Program

Student Spotlights

Schools Spectacular

History was made this weekend at the 2017 Schools Spectacular #ownthemoment,with our first students participating in the event!

Well done girls and congratulations, we’re all so proud of you representing KMHS with over 5,500 students at Qudos Bank Arena! Thank you Miss Wales for making this happen!

KMHS students performing at Schools Spectacular 2017


Grove Studio

Six of our amazing musicians travelled to the Grove Studios at Somersby to record their very own album.

This studio was built by INXS bass player Garry Beers, and is one of the premier recording venues in Australia. The students had a blast recording and performed amazingly in their acoustic sessions. The album they recorded will be available on streaming services in the coming weeks (iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc.) .

Grove Recording Studio at Somersby

Soft Ball

Congratulations to Nicole (Year 11), who has been selected into the Sydney North Softball team. This is an amazing achievement and we wish Nicole all the best for her games early in 2018!






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