Newsletter 2018 – Term 1, Week 10

Important Dates

Tuesday April 3 –
Friday April 13
Year 12 Half Yearly EXAMS
Monday April 9CHS Swimming Championships
Grove Studio: Year 11 Music Industry
Tuesday April 10CHS Swimming Championships
Wednesday April 11Cross Country Carnival
Selective Class Information Evening
Friday April 13Last day of Term 1
Tuesday May 1All Students Return for Term 2
Wednesday May 2Legal Studies: Supreme Court
Excursion to Sydney

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From our Principal

The end of term will see the 2017 Annual Report and 2018-2020 School Plan published on our website. The Annual Report provides a summary of the school’s progress in 2017 against the strategic directions, milestones and key initiatives. It also outlines the Executive Summary from the external validation undertaken last October.

The School Plan marks the beginning of the next three year cycle of strategic directions for the school and the improvement measures that we hope to achieve by 2020, including meeting the Premier’s targets for literacy and numeracy.

In 2018, one of our focus areas is implementing a plan to best support students undertaking the NESA Minimum Standards testing. Already, some Year 10 students have been tested and a support program is in place for the remainder of students needing to meet the Standard. My presentation from last week is on the website and it has a link to the NESA page for parents interested in viewing a sample of the question types.

Although NAPLAN is no longer linked to the minimum standards, the results from Year 9 students will be analysed to determine what strategies need to be put in place if they receive a result substantially below a Band 8. Please encourage your child to put in their best efforts for these tests, but at the same time, remind them that they are meant to be learning opportunities and the old adage of “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again” definitely applies.

End of Term Notification

During the school holidays, new carpet will be laid down throughout the school. In order for this to occur, a lot of packing up has to take place, as furniture has to be moved and fragile equipment moved into storage. To allow this to happen, there will be a changed organisation on the last Friday of term. Scheduled lessons will be held in the morning, but after that, there will be large group supervision, as staff are rostered on classroom and staff room pack up duties, in preparation.

As this is the last newsletter for the Term, I want to thank our students, families and staff for the great achievements that have taken place over the last 10 weeks.

Have a great holiday break and I look forward to another exciting term of learning when students return at the beginning of May.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Deputy Principal

Our school has a lot of resources to support students and their wellbeing. In the coming newsletters there will be a piece on one of our programs or support people. This week you will see an article from Ms Leanne Foubister, one of our school counsellors.

Included in our Student Welfare and Discipline Policy are the rights and responsibilities of students. The following have been developed by the students of KMHS. The rights of an individual must be balanced against their responsibility to exercise their rights without infringing upon the rights of others.

To have achievements celebratedTo celebrate the success of others

A right is something that belongs to you and cannot be taken away. We all have the same rights.
Each person can say:

I have the right-

A responsibility is something you should do automatically and relates to respecting the rights of others. We all have the same responsibilities.Each person can say:

I have the responsibility-

To be happy and safeTo behave in a way which also allows others to feel happy and safe at school, travelling to and from school and in the community
To have an opportunity to learnTo behave in a way which allows themselves and others to learn
To be treated fairlyTo treat others fairly
To be treated with respectTo respect staff, students and visitors, regardless of differences
To belong to a school which enjoys a good reputationTo behave in a way which enhances the reputation of the school

NESA Newsletters

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will receive regular newsletters from NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) via their school email. It is important for students to read these as they provide valuable information to ensure all requirements for the RoSA and HSC are being met.

Mr McGilvery has been busy working on displaying our house points updates. A screen visible from outside the Library displays the current points and also a list of students who have received Positive Memos (which contribute to house points) in the previous week. Many thanks to Mr McGilvery for all of his hard work in this area.

KMHS canteen vouchers Term 1 week 10

Canteen voucher winners for the past fortnight are Tyler Baillie (Year 8) and Nicole Coubrough (12).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Your School Counsellors

colourful image associated with information about school counsellors

Navigating adolescence and high school can sometimes be challenging. School counsellors are part of a larger school-based team here to support students and families.

Kariong Mountains HS has school counsellors available three days a week. Andrew Stephen is available each Tuesday and Leanne Foubister works every Wednesday and Thursday. Our main job is to help students and families with a range of concerns that can impact on learning, such as feeling down or worried, having a hard time with school work or issues with friends or family. We can help you work out solutions to the concerns you have, link you into other supports within the school or provide you with contact details for support services in the community.

Students can refer themselves to the school counsellor by dropping into the counselling office near the student enquiries window, or by completing a referral slip available on our office door. You can also ask your year advisor to let us know that you’d like to chat.

Parents, you can ring the school to talk to us about concerns you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible if we can’t take your call straight away. What students and their families tell the school counsellor is confidential, unless we have concerns about safety. We will discuss the limits of confidentiality in more details when we first meet.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Leanne & Andrew

World Schools Festival 2018

Paarl, South Africa

“A festival that embodies the spirit of rugby and traditional values and is the best global gathering of schoolboy talent.”

Adam and Sean (Year 11) are currently in South Africa, competing at the Rugby World Schools Festival. Kariong Mountains High School wishes to congratulate both boys on the fantastic achievement on being selected to compete overseas!

Click on the link below to watch the games live stream from Day 1 (spoiler alert Sean scored the first try for Cavaliers). The boys’ game starts at about 5 hours into the footage and Australia’s first try is at 5:48:30. After an amazing start, we wish the boys good luck and look forward to hearing about their games and experience.

Road Map to South Africa

  • Adam and Sean were both selected to represent the Central Coast u17s in competition at the Country Championships in Nelson Bay, May 2017.
  • Adam was selected, with 5 other Central Coast players, to compete in the NSW Country Tournament (unfortunately, Sean had sustained a concussion and wasn’t eligible for selection at this tournament).
  • Adam and Sean both played in the Country vs City Tour, in Warringah, on the 2017 June long weekend.Their team was undefeated until the finals, where they tied with the Hunter team 14 -all, until a penalty was awarded to Hunter, who defeated Central Coast by only 3 points. Hunter went on to beat the city favourites: Parramatta ‘Two Blues’.
  • NSW Country u17s had their final run against NSW City u17s in Bathurst in August, where Country won the day in a close match: 35-3

Information for parents about choosing water when thirsty

KMHS has agreed to participate in a research study which is exploring ways to promote and increase water consumption and decrease sugar sweetened beverage consumption in Year 7 students. Please click on the link below to read and download information about student surveys to be conducted at KMHS:

Behavioural Interventions and Water Stations in Secondary Schools – Information for Parents


Kariong Mountains High School wishes all our families a happy and safe holiday and welcomes our students back on May 1 for the start of Term 2!