Newsletter 2018 – Term 1, Week 2

Important Dates

Thursday February 8KMHS Swimming Carnival at Gosford Olympic Pool
Tuesday February 15School Photo Day
Friday February 16Final day for changes to electives
Monday February 19Catch-up Photo Day
Wednesday February 21Year 12 Elevate Education Seminar
Year 6-7 Parent Information Evening – 6pm

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From our Principal

Welcome to the new school year and a special welcome to our Year 7 students and their families. Whilst we start the year with a number of new staff, our core business of providing a quality education in a caring, supportive environment remains the same. Our values of Unity Knowledge Respect will continue to be drivers of our practice and can be seen displayed throughout the school on our PBL signs.

Once again, I am proud to congratulate our 2017 HSC students and the overwhelming majority of students who have succeeded in achieving their goals. They are set to start the next phase of their lifelong learning journey, having achieved entry into university, TAFE and the workplace. We wish them all the best in these and future endeavours.

Growth Mindset

The most important success indicator that we can apply to students’ learning is based on growth/expected student progression. All students start their learning journey with different skill and knowledge sets. What we need to measure is that they are increasing in these skills and knowledge, at or above the expected rate, for a typical student in that cohort. For students who have been struggling with some learning, we hope to see, at first, much larger jumps forward. For high achievers, the progress may be more incremental, but should equally be present and identifiable.

When asking your child how they are going at school, don’t forget to ask where they were and how much they have improved. In other words, “What do you now know that you didn’t know before?” This is where we should be directing the highest praise and then working collaboratively to determine what the next jump will be.


We have always endeavoured to be at the forefront of effective use of technology in learning and our very broad usage of the Google Suite of applications is testament to our staff engaging students with greater access to notes, assignments and quizzes, but also to carrying that information with them in a form that can be accessed from any smart device.

This year we have invested more funds in new laptops/chromebooks so that there is even more access. We also have a limited number of chromebooks available for leasing if this is a preferred option for families not wanting to buy, or liking the option of replacing old for new after 2 years.

If you are buying a tablet/laptop for your child, then the newer models on the market are generally compatible with the school’s Wi-Fi network. There may be an issue with some of the less known android tablet brands so it is a good idea to check either with us or the salesperson about compatibility before purchase. The department’s Wi-Fi network operates on the 802.11n 5GHz standard.


Our school community has high expectations about school uniform. If it is not possible for a student to be in uniform then we request you write a note and that this is given to the DP before the start of the school day. There are still ‘out of uniform’ infringements that are not acceptable, including: shorts that are not about mid-thigh in length, shirts and jackets that have unacceptable slogans/references/drawings on them and non-closed in shoes.
Students, on excursions, must wear full school uniform unless the teacher has directed otherwise. Students consistently ignoring our school uniform policy may be prevented from attending sporting events and/or rewards days.

Girls SkirtKMHS Junior Girls ShirtSenior Girls ShirtKMHS Sport shirt navy and tealSenior Boys ShirtKMHS Boys Navy Shorts


Knowing what is going on in the school can be both informative and critical. As well as the newsletter, information can be communicated through Facebook, the School App, Sentral, the school website, our school sign, a hard copy note and/or email, parent information evenings and P&C meetings (and this list may expand!). Of course, a simple phone call or coming into the school for a visit are also available options. If you are not sure how to access some of these options, please see us for help. We want to keep you informed, knowledgeable and up-to-date.

Please contact me if you require any support, have a suggestion, or need more information on any school matter.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Deputy Principal

Welcome back to all students. I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday!

As always, 2018 is shaping up to be a busy year with quality learning and many other opportunities. Following are a few short organisational reminders:

We are a uniform school and this sits within our value of Unity. All students are expected to wear full school uniform every day. On occasions where this is not possible, students need to see me before 8.45am to get a uniform pass. A note from home is also required.

School starts at 8.45am each day (8.15am for seniors on specific days) and students are expected to sign in on time. When a lateness is expected, a note for the front office is required.

When students are absent from school a notification from parents / caregivers is required on or before the day of return. This can be done via a note, the school app, email or phone call.

I am looking forward to another positive year at our fine school. With students following our values of Unity, Knowledge and Respect, great outcomes can be had by all.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Important School Opal Notice from Busways


An important requirement of School Opal is the need for students to Tap On and Tap Off when they travel to and from school.


Opal data gathered by tapping on and off is used to determine demand for bus services.

If students don’t Tap on and Tap off, services may be cancelled or reduced due to the lack of recorded patronage. With this in mind, we again ask for your assistance in reminding your students that tapping on and off at the beginning and end of each trip is one of the conditions of using a School Opal card. This in turn helps us ensure we are able to provide the appropriate level of service to your students.

To assist the schools, Busways is developing a campaign to further promote and encourage the use of School Opal. We will also continue to conduct boarding checks on School Opal cards over the coming months. Students without an Opal Card will be given a brochure to take home identifying how they can get an Opal Card.

Canteen Menu

The KMHS school canteen is always looking for volunteers. If you can spare a few hours or a day every once in a while, this helps keep prices low and students smiling.Visit the canteen page for more information. Below is the new canteen menu for 2018, Term 1 (which you can also download as a PDF from the canteen page).

Canteen Menu KMHS 2018



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