Newsletter 2018 – Term 1, Week 6

Important Dates

Thursday March 8BW Zone Swimming Carnival 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesday March 13Year 7 Immunisation
OSSA – Years 9/10/11
Wednesday March 14Legal Studies Lecture
Year Assembly
Thursday March 15OSSA – Years 9/10/11
Friday March 16Try a Skill Day for Girls
Monday March 19 –
Wednesday March 21
Year 7 Bush Camp
Tuesday March 20 –
Thursday March 22
Practice NAPLAN

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From our Principal

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8th.
The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is “Leave No Woman Behind”, examining the vital role that women play in humanitarian and disaster planning and response and exploring the impacts disasters have on women and girls. It highlights the important roles that women play in risk reduction, rebuilding, rehabilitation and peace processes.

At our school, we have many fabulous female students and staff role models. They are highly capable and display great leadership qualities. I have included two ‘Spotlight on … ‘ articles in this newsletter to celebrate the achievements of our own wonderful women.

Measuring Parent Engagement Trial

Kariong Mountains High School is taking part in a trial and we need you to be involved!

The Measuring Parent Engagement trial will help us understand how families and schools can best work together to support learning outcomes for our children.

We are looking for parents to take part in a quick online survey (around 10 mins) so that we can develop a measurement tool for schools to use to gauge the level of parent engagement in their school. The survey will be open 5–29 March 2018

Have your say about your school - how do you think parents and schools can work together to boost learning

Have your say! It’s voluntary, confidential, quick and easy, comes in various formats (online, mobile devices) and can be completed at a time that’s convenient to you.

Keep Calm – Assessments, Misadventures, Standards

… and Other Important Bits you need to know for navigating the 9-12 school years with your children.

There are so many accronyms, UAC, NESA, ROSA, SBATS to name a few, and a variety of rules and expectations for students as they enter the school years more closely linked to gaining exit credentials.

We are holding an information session for families on 28th March (6pm – 7pm) to explain terms and procedures and be available to answer questions that you may have. Have you already got a burning question? Please send it to the school email account with the subject line “Keep Calm” before 26th March and I will endeavour to include it in the presentation.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Deputy Principal

Parents and caregivers of students who have had changes to their home address, phone numbers, emergency contact etc, are asked to check these on the Sentral portal. If updates are required, please contact the school so we have this important information available.

Following is an excerpt from our Student Welfare and Discipline Policy:

At KMHS we take great pride in recognising and rewarding positive behaviour, responsibility and application. We have levels of recognition where a student can progress through the achievement of Positive Memos and Accomplishment Awards. All awards are recorded on Sentral and tallied at the end of each term.

  • Positive Memo:
    Can be awarded for, but not limited to, excellent classwork, attitude and participation.
  • Accomplishment Award:
    Can be awarded for a significant contribution to the school or outstanding class performance. 5 Positive Memos equate to one Accomplishment Award.
  • Merit Certificate:
    To be awarded when 2 Accomplishment Awards are achieved. It will be presented at a Year Assembly.
  • Achievement Award:
    To be awarded when 3 Merit Certificates are achieved. It will be presented at a Year Assembly and parents will be informed by letter.
  • Outstanding Achievement Award:
    To be awarded when 6 Merit Certificates are achieved. It will be presented at a whole school assembly and parents will be informed by letter.
  • Principal’s Recognition Award:
    To be awarded when 9 Merit Certificates are achieved. It will be presented at a whole school assembly and parents will be invited to attend.

In addition to the awards process described above, student achievement is also recognised by the STARS program. At the end of Terms 1 and 3, staff are asked to nominate students for a STARS award who have shown consistent application and a positive attitude to their learning.

To receive a STARS Certificate, presented at a special assembly, students in Years 7-10 need 4 nominations, while students in Years 11 and 12 require 3 nominations.

On each weekly assembly, a random draw of positive Sentral entries will take place. During Week A it will be Years 7 to 9 and Week B will be Years 10 to 12. The prize will be a $10 Canteen Voucher.

At the end of each semester the “House” with the most house points will have an afternoon free from classes, a barbeque lunch provided and be invited to participate in a recreational activity free of charge.

Our canteen voucher winners for the past fortnight are William Hodkinson (Year 8) and Tiarri Stollery-Larkin (Year 11)

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Spotlight Articles

Shani Loveday
B Ed; B D&T (Hon) – TAS Teacher & Girls’ Supervisor

What did you want to do when you left school?

Originally, I wanted to work in textiles and design and, in fact, had been accepted into this course at the University of Newcastle, but I also had the thought of teaching and took the opportunity to do a double degree. I had considered primary teaching though, as I did not feel confident about public speaking and felt that I would not be able to speak confidently in front of teenagers. My mum was a great support and encouraged me to push the boundaries, going as far as doing a Toastmasters course with me to help build my confidence in speaking in public.

What else helped influence your decision?

I took a gap year and taught for 3 months in an American summer camp and then did further travel abroad. It was these experiences that really solidified for me that I wanted to teach, rather than work in Sydney in design and that it was very important to go in a direction that makes you the happiest.

What did you do when you finished university?

At first, I taught as a temporary teacher and then applied for a position at Kariong Mountains and was successful in getting it.

Tell us about your time at our school…

After a couple of years teaching at the school, the girls’ supervisor position came up and I thought that I could be a person to whom girls could go and it would be a safe place for them. I also saw that this role would help me grow and that I would build my own emotional strength and resilience through the work that it involves.
There are always opportunities and even though I was young in my career, I did not let that stop me from having a go. For that reason, when asked to do training for the hospitality course, I said “yes” and now am also a qualified TAFE teacher with a Certificate IV in hospitality – food and beverage. I am passionate and positive about teaching and I think that this has helped me to be offered other experiences outside of school.

What else have you done in your career?

A few years ago I was approached by the course convenor of the design course at the University of Newcastle to teach the textiles and design course to undergraduates. She had remembered me from my time in this course as someone who was always happy to help tutor others and achieved outstanding results throughout. At first, I thought I was too young to take on such a responsibility, but she really encouraged me and told me that I had the potential to change the course, to make it more relevant and engaging and have an impact on current university students. I took on the challenge and first lesson anxieties proved to be unnecessary. I realised at the end of that first session that you can be a young, passionate person and have much to offer. You do not have to say no to opportunities because of your age. I could have continued in this role or potentially gone down the pathway of being a university lecturer, but I like teaching and realised that this was too much to keep doing and still have good work life balance. Another lesson learnt…it is OK to say no, know your own boundaries and limitations and do what is right for you.

This year, I was targeted by the VET RTO coordinator to be a part of the external validation team for the hospitality food and beverage course. I have just come back from doing the first part of this and gained great insight into how to map the course against the standards and be a part of a strategic team. In the second phase of this process, we get to redevelop course delivery. Why did I get this position? I wasn’t sure, but when I asked, I was told because of my experience, passion and insight into how students learn.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I still am passionate about teaching and think that I prefer this role to that of a head teacher. I tell students that the mindset you have to have is “if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life” and this is how I feel and why I will still be in teaching at that time. Although, in 5 years time, I think I will also have a focus on family.

What advice would you give to the girls at our school?
Be yourself, be honest. Break down the barriers, for example, don’t worry about youth or gender, but take on the opportunities that come your way. It can sometimes be stressful when you take these on, but the benefits gained are worth working through and that’s worth remembering.

Speranza Na’ati
2017-18 School Captain

What do you want to do when you leave school?

At the moment, not too sure, but I want to go into an industry that helps the needs of others in developing countries e.g. nursing or social work, anything that helps others. I also want to learn more about other people’s culture, how they live and know what is important to them.

What led to this career thinking?

Just seeing media about what is happening around the world and people talking about it. I feel lucky and we don’t realise how much we have and I would like to therefore help others.

Tell us how school has helped your journey…

The way that teaching occurs at the school: the teachers are supportive and encouraging. Working with younger people helped me realise that I enjoyed that. I looked up to Matilda, an ex-school captain when she was school captain and she was so inspiring. That was when I realised that I wanted to have a go at being a school leader and also it is an opportunity to work with others, something I like doing. In making the decision and going through the process, I had very supportive friends; they have always called me ‘mum’ and I have always looked after them and they said “go for it”, giving me a confidence boost.

Tell me how your family has helped…

My dad was a Toastmaster and I learnt public speaking from him and also through reading to others at church. In primary school, I did some public speaking and was really excited at the process. A lot of people are really scared to talk in public, including me, but you just have to get over it and realise that your audience are not going to judge you. Although, it is true that it is harder to talk to your peers! The students are really good at our school, though, and don’t judge you when you speak on assemblies.

My parents have also always encouraged me to keep on trying and go to university. They have helped me grow into the person I am today.

Advice to other girls in school…

Do what makes you happy and don’t focus on what’s wrong with society and be the strong independent woman that you are. Be proud of who you are. To help me stay positive, I have some quotes on my phone that I look at from time to time keep a positive mindset. My favourite is: “Always remember that you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think”. I think positive messages that help keep a positive mindset are very important.

10 years from now

I would like to have achieved my degree in nursing, travelled around the world, having helped in developing countries, have a good understanding of different cultures and how they interact with each other and know what makes them happy. Also, of course, be healthy and fit and be proud of the person that I am. Maybe also to have settled down.


P & C Entertainment book and online fundraisingExciting news!

We are fundraising with Entertainment Membership’s again this year and they will be launching shortly. This year, Entertainment is only printing a limited run of the physical books so I would highly recommend that you pre-order your book to ensure you get one. Exciting new content for the Central Coast includes: Mi Cantina, The Dam Hotel, Roll’d, The Lakehouse, Carls Junior and many, many more! You may pre-order your book or digital membership by early to mid-March as our page is active via the following link:

Next P&C Meeting: Monday March 12, 7:00 – 8:00 pm in the school library. All parents and community members welcome!

Canteen News

Below is the canteen ‘lift-out’ from our PDF newsletter, with handy access to the current menu, this fortnight’s roster, specials and the volunteer slip:

KMHS Canteen News Term 1 – Week 6

Important information from Busways and RMS

This letter from Busways highlights the requirement for students to tap on and off when travelling to and from school using their School Opal Card. As bus services are allocated based on the number of recorded passengers, services may be cancelled if students do not tap on and off.

Busways School Opal Travel – information for parents

To help schools keep the school zone safer for all pedestrians and drivers, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have introduced seven new traffic infringements with new fines (effective from February 2018).

RMS – Seven new school zone traffic offences

All updated school zone offences can be located through Roads and Maritime:


Colouring in competition


Free Music Lesson voucher

KMHS is registered for the Coles Sports for Schools program. You can support your school by collecting vouchers and placing them in the collection boxes at the front office.