Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 10

Important Dates

Wednesday July 4Stage 5 Parent Teacher Evening
Experiment Fest Excursion, Ourimbah – Year 12 Physics
Thursday July 5Music Performance Evening
Friday July 6Last Day of Term 2
Tuesday July 24All Students return for Term 3 – Week B timetable
Friday July 27CHS Cross Country
Monday July 30 – Tuesday July 31Secondary Athletics
Wednesday August 1Captains Assembly
Thursday August 2Year 11 Study Skills Day

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From our Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal

End of Term 2

The end of Term 2 is one of our busiest times of the year with the publication of Half-Yearly reports and parent/teacher interviews. I have had the opportunity to read all Stage 4 and 5 reports and must say that I am impressed with the learning attitudes of the vast majority of our students. Within each report there is direction from the teacher as to how the student can improve or maintain their current level of learning. I encourage all students to read their reports carefully and heed the advice offered.

girl sitting on jetty

During the interview times, our school counsellor, Leanne Foubister, held two information sessions on Teenage Mental Wellness. It was a valuable talk, which provided parents with resources to access advice. The parents who attended appreciated the excellent presentations.

Lockdown Drill

On Tuesday last week we undertook a lockdown drill. This a requirement under Workplace Health and Safety legislation. It went very smoothly due to the cooperation of all students and the professionalism of staff. Well done to all.

As the winter break draws closer I would like to wish all students and their families a happy and safe holiday. Like all terms, Term 3 is shaping up to being as busy as ever.

Mr Scott White
Relieving Principal

Student vs Teacher match results 2 - 2

From the Deputy’s Desk

Wearing school uniform has been a recurring theme both in our school newsletters and in our address to students at school. A central question is, ‘What does it mean to wear school uniform?’

In reflecting on this question, I am left considering:

what wearing school uniform says about the individual and what they stand for
how each individual student communicates to the community an image and reputation of our school by the wearing of school uniform
how wearing school uniform shows a congruence of our core values of UNITY KNOWLEDGE RESPECT and how we act.

I see the student who wears school uniform as one who respects the school, its staff and its values; as one whose principles are guided by a communal consciousness to the community to which they belong, in this case our school, and who seeks to represent it with integrity.

… the choice of students who wear school uniform is an affirmation of character and universally accepted values

I see the student who wears school uniform as one who respects the rules that govern the school and who seeks to promote a positive identity of the school. Therefore, I see the choice of students who wear school uniform as an affirmation of character and universally accepted values.

There is, in the public view, a correlation between students being in full school uniform and the reputation of the school. Thus, when students are seen to be in full school uniform as they walk to school, wait at a bus stop, enter a shop and so forth, it reflects positively on the school. Conversely, the reputation of a school is tarnished when students are seen in public in a mish-mash of uniform and casual clothing, such as different coloured sloppy joes/jumpers. I, and all the staff at Kariong Mountains High School, are dedicated and hold dearly our commitment to the students. We are proud to be part of Kariong Mountains High School. We would like our students to carry forth into the community a strong image of our school and to communicate clearly and positively who we are and our identity – and uniform is a visible, tangible expression of this.

Our triptych of core values has a strong correlation to the wearing of school uniform: UNITY – that we, as a school community, work together in following our uniform requirements, thus ‘working together’ to strengthen our identity and being proud of who we represent; KNOWLEDGE – that in coming to school in uniform, students come ready to learn, ready to do their ‘job’ and apply themselves; RESPECT – that students come to school with the ‘right gear’ and the ‘right attitude’.

… our uniform is a visible, tangible expression of working together and being proud of who we represent

Many of our students belong to out of school sporting teams where uniform must be worn. What we need to do is have students transfer the attitude and commitment that leads to wearing their sporting team uniform to wearing our school uniform.

I urge you, as parents, to support us and work in unity with us in our endeavours to have our students wear school uniform. The colder weather is upon us, but this is not an excuse to wear any item of clothing to school. Students can stay warm by layering, as long as the outer layer is school uniform. Let’s use the school holidays to get uniform for next term all in order.

Ms Lidia Jeffrey
Deputy Principal (relieving)

Science in Focus

Science has enjoyed a very active semester with lots of experiments, projects and discoveries occurring.

Resource Management

8N Science had lots of fun at the start of the year when, as part of their Resource Management topic, they investigated solar hot water units and built some out of pizza boxes. Check out their great designs in the photo below.

Solar ovens made from pizza boxes
Student solar ovens made from pizza boxes

Investigating Science

This year we commenced ‘Investigating Science’, a new course that replaces the old Senior Science course. This topic allows students to develop scientific skills in a loose content focus and allows students to explore areas of interest. Currently we are looking at patterns and students had great fun with M&Ms and water and made designs like the one below. All patterns were different.

M&Ms and water used in colourful science experiment
M&Ms and water used in this colourful science experiment

The students conducted an outstanding depth study on Aboriginal observations leading to experimentation and innovation. Two amazing documentaries were posted on the Facebook page. Please go there and have a look at them.

Marine Studies

Year 9 Marine Studies has had an awesome time learning about life in the sea. This week they created a newspaper article with questions about Antarctica answered.

Marine Studies students working on newspaper article
Marine Studies students working on newspaper article

Here is a sample from Joshua:

“Did you know that there are people who live in Antarctica and what I want to share with you is how they live at 50 degrees C0 below zero. The way they do it is the body diverts the blood from the surface as the temperature drops so the most important parts stay warm the longest. This allows the body’s core to be protected the longest, but if the blood flow is gone from extremities the cells start to die. Depending on the severity of the damage, new cells will either replace the old or that part of the body if lost from frostbite.

… I thought they would get around in snowmobiles…

Also, I wanted to know how they got around in Antarctica. I thought they would get around in snowmobiles, but they actually use modern motorised vehicles and sleds pulled by snow dogs, and also between the stations they use air-planes and helicopters.

If you were wondering how many species live there, well here’s the answer. There are eight species of penguins and ten species of cetaceans. Antarctica can get as cold as -89.6 degrees Celsius. Can you believe that? It’s crazy how cold Antarctica can get. The Amundsen-Scott research station is 890 degrees 59’85.190 minutes South.”

Year 7 has just commenced a new topic called Nature’s Factories.

In this topic they are exploring cells. The photos below show a Year 7 class looking at different cells through a microscope:

Year 7 students studying cells through microscope

Boy looking through microscope

Girls looking through microscope

At time of writing, we are gearing ourselves up for Science Week. The theme this year is “Change Makers and Game Changers”, a great theme. Our Science Week expo will again feature Young Scientist Awards Projects from our selective classes and displays from our primary schools. I will be publishing more details later.

Enjoy the holidays!
See you next term in Science.

Mr Cartner
Head Teacher Science and BioScience


KMHS office staff dressed in colourful NAIDOC shirts


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  1. Re Article by Lidia Jeffrey – School Uniform

    I completely agree with your view in regards to School Uniform being worn.
    Whilst this has become a hot topic every now and again at home, I try to reinforce wearing the correct uniform.

    However it’s difficult at times when it’s pointed out by the student time after time “why can’t I wear this when most other kids are out of uniform”. On one occasion track pants were worn and apparently “ok’d” by one of the teachers.

    Shouldn’t there be some sort of consequence by the school for the students out of uniform?

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