Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 4

Important Dates

Monday May 28Grove Studios – Stage 5 Music
Tuesday May 29STARS Assembly 12:00
Wednesday May 30Photography Worshop
Parent Teacher Evening – Stage 6
Thursday May 31Grove Studios – Stage 5 Music
Alcohol Education – Years 8 and 9
Monday June 4 – Tuesday June 5Photography Workshop
Friday June 8Year 9 Wellbeing

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Our Principal

plane in the sky… is on long service leave until Term 3.

We wish her a relaxing and inspiring time on her exciting travels and look forward to welcoming her back in August!

From our Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal

Afternoon School Bus …

A large number of students are required to wait for a significant period of time after school for their bus. Despite our many efforts to improve this in the past, unfortunately, these conditions still exist. If a student wishes to visit the Shell Service Station after school, a note from home must be submitted to the Head Teacher on duty before departure. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me.

Continuing the topic of buses

Busways contacted the school last week and provided the following information:

This term will see Busways Inspectors checking to ensure students are using their Opal cards when boarding the school bus. Students who do not present a valid Opal card will be asked to pay a fare. Failure to produce a valid Opal card or bus fare will result in the Inspector recording the student’s name.Below is an example of the form our Inspectors will use:

example form - busways inspector

After the school inspection, names that were recorded will be emailed to the school, with a request for the school to follow-up with the students and parents/guardians concerned.

  • All students need to produce a:
  • School Opal card
  • Child/Youth Opal card, or;
  • Pay a fare to travel on our buses.

Please explain to the students and parents involved that an Opal card is important because it is used to determine demand for bus services. If students don’t have an Opal card to tap on and off, the service will appear underutilised and may be considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.

For students who currently do not have an Opal card please direct them to the Opal website:


Our KARS (Kariong At Risk Students) program will operate again this term. A selected number of students identified by class teachers will have a mentor teacher assigned to them in an endeavour to get their study and school practices back on track. Parents of students involved in the program will have had a letter sent to them.

Recent Canteen Voucher winners: Tahlia Dickerson (8), Adam Deas (9), Tayla Roth (10).

Mr Scott White
Relieving Principal

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Canteen News

Please help our canteen be open for our students

If you can spare a day or a morning a month or term, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

Term 2 Menu is now available, click on the link below to view and download what’s on offer at the KMHS :

KMHS Canteen Menu 2018 – Term 2


Parking Restrictions Outside Schools – Safety Learning Program PDF

NSW Government free workshop for parents of learner drivers

SES community open day May 26 advert