Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 8

Important Dates

Friday June 22Primary and Secondary Cross Country
Monday June 25Luna Park Excursion
Wednesday June 27Stage 4 Parent Teacher Evening
Thursday June 28Body Movement Excursion – Years 11 and 12
Friday June 29Backup Cross Country
Monday July 2Brisbane Water Zone Athletics
Tuesday July 3Careers EXPO Years 10 and 12
NAIDOC Day Celebrations
Wednesday July 4Stage 5 Parent Teacher Evening
Thursday July 5Music Performance Evening

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From our Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal

Subject Selections

Subject selections for 2019 are a priority at the moment for our Year 8 and 10 students. Last Wednesday we had an information session for both Stage 5 and 6 at the same time. Our faculties put up great displays and many staff were on hand to answer questions and provide advice. This was followed up on Friday with students individually discussing their plans with an interview panel to finalise their selections. Many thanks to all staff involved in this time consuming and complex process. With student choice and need driving our curriculum, we are endeavouring to meet the needs of all students as is feasibly possible.

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Football Referees

Over the previous two Fridays we have had students assist our partner schools in officiating Football matches. Students from Years 9 to 11 refereed and ran lines for numerous fixtures in an example of the excellent cooperation we have as part of the Kariong Mountains Learning Group. Comments forwarded to me include:

“The kids you sent were great, very easy to get along with and knew what they were doing…They are a credit to your school.”

Thanks to Ryan Richards (9), Nathan Taylor (10), Alex Muscat (10), Nathan Holt (10), Jayden Baillie (10), Kyle Leo (10), Laura Jackson (11), Cameron Carr (11) and Tyler Fraser (11) for being fantastic ambassadors to our school.

Supported School Transport

Following is some information provided to our school that has been requested to be included in our newsletter:

  • The Australian Government has released a discussion paper about ‘Supported School Transport and the National Disability Insurance Scheme’ on their website
  • As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is rolled out across Australia, this paper asks for your feedback on how supported school transport could work under the NDIS.
  • This is your opportunity to have your say via a submission on how you would like to see supported school transport operate in our State. The consultation period will end on 20 July at 5:00pm.
  • There will be some face-to-face consultations held throughout the state, full details will be updated on their website when they are available.
  • For any further information about the discussion paper or submission you can email

Mr Scott White
Relieving Principal

From the Deputy’s Desk

Mrs Jacqui Matthew

Too sick to go to school?

sick teddybear with thermometer, cough syrup and tissuesWith the recent drop in temperature comes the dreaded increase in sneezes, coughs and runny noses in our classrooms. Influenza is spread from person-to-person through the coughing or sneezing of infected people. Any person with symptoms should remain at home until they are well. Following a few basic principles may help stop the spread of germs this cold and flu season.

Generally, if your child feels unwell, keep them home from school and consult a doctor.

  • Practice good hygiene, including washing hands regularly and covering the nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing
  • Get a daily dose of fresh air and maintain physical exercise to strengthen the immune system
  • Keep kids home if they display any cold or flu symptoms, or arrange a back-up plan if unable to get time off work
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth

Bay to Bay Running Festival 2018

Ms Matthew and KMHS students at the Bay to Bay run
The Bay to Bay Running Festival was held on Sunday, 17 June. It involved a 12km Fun Run and 21km Half Marathon from the Woy Woy waterfront to the Central Coast Stadium in Gosford. Many of our students, ex-students and teachers were seen slogging it out on the relatively flat and fast course. The Bay to Bay is a charity fundraising event organised by the Terrigal Trotters. The charities for 2018 were Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Camp Breakaway and Gosford and Wyong Emergency Departments. Well done to all competitors!

Year 7 Selective Class 2019

old style book open on desckFifty-one Year 6 students from five different primary schools sat the selective test last week, indicating a renewed interest in Kariong Mountains’ strong academic pathway for middle school learners.

All applicants will be notified by the end of the term of either a position in next year’s selective class or placement on the waiting list.

The student successful in securing the 2019 Selective Class Scholarship will be announced in the Week 10 school newsletter.

Mrs Jacqui Matthew
Deputy Principal
Educational and Management Leadership

PDHPE in Focus

Term 2 has been an action packed one for students in PDHPE. So many great opportunities for our students. Let’s have a look …

School Athletics Carnival

We started the term with our school’s athletics carnival and it was great to see so many students attending our carnival and the grandstands empty because all students were participating throughout the day. Thank you to Miss James for all her hard work organising a successful carnival.

Year 7 PDHPE and sport

Year 7 has just completed the much anticipated ‘Let’s Dance’ unit in PDHPE, where the students were able to showcase their talents in a range of social and partner dances. Enthusiasm grew every lesson as the students developed their dance skills and, most importantly, their confidence. The aim of this unit is to give the students the skills and confidence to participate in activities that may promote lifelong physical activity. It was fantastic to see the Year 7 students step out of their comfort zone and take on the challenge.

Year 7 has had a flying start to sport in 2018!! They have participated in numerous net & court, invasion and striking and fielding games. All students in Year 7 have displayed a high level of enthusiasm and engagement in all learning activities in PDHPE & Sport this semester.

Year 8 PDHPE and sport

It takes two to perform these tricky balancing acts
Year 8 students displaying strength and balance in their gymnastics unit
Team work for PDHPE students

Our students have been involved in a number of great units this year and they have all just commenced a fantastic Gymnastics Unit where they have already showcased amazing skills with partner balances and making formations as a class. Our classes are also demonstrating skills well above their age in our Invasion Games unit. It is great to see such enthusiasm and pride in all aspects from our wonderful Year 8 students.

Year 9 and Year 10 PASS

FIFA World Cup or KMHS World Cup… PASS students are currently competing for the countries in the KMHS World Cup. Watch the school Facebook page for updates and the final result. Students have also created some excellent nutrition products earlier this year in the Nutrition and Physical Activity unit. Students have had an excellent start to the year, displaying high levels of enthusiasm, participation and enjoyment in PASS.

Community and Family Studies

Year 11 has been completing a unit of work on Individuals and Groups and learning about power within groups, leadership styles and conflicts within groups. Year 12 is exploring the processes involved in becoming a parent and/or carer.

Year 9 and Year 10 Child Studies

Display of healthy birthday treats by Year 9 and 10 Child Studies students

Child studies students have been engaged in a unit of work on nutrition for children with a focus on the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, the consequences of sugar and how what a child eats, directly affects mood, learning, behaviour, retention and health. They have just finished completing a task where they designed a ‘healthy’ kids birthday party and brought in amazing sample foods.

Open Girls Rugby 7s

KMHS Girls Open Rugby 7s team

On Thursday 14th of June, our Open Girls Rugby team had a great gala day against 7 other schools from the Central Coast. Our girls showed incredible teamwork, support to each other and determination as they played each game. Thank you to Mr Hipwell for his first grade coaching. Our girls played so well they have been asked to represent at the next gala day on the 16th of August. Well done girls.

Year 11 SLR and Sport

Year 11 students enjoying the trampolines at Flip Out

Students are demonstrating amazing skills in regards to their Gymnastics and Fitness unit, applying their knowledge and skills at Flip Out and Central Coast Leagues Club each Tuesday and Friday.

Year 9 and 10 Outdoor Rec

Students have been actively engaged in a unit of camping and hiking, learning about the benefits to their health and wellbeing for being in the outdoors. Students are currently working on the safety considerations required when running a camping trip in preparation for a camping trip later in the year.

Subject Selection evening

PDHPE teachers posing at their faculty display on the Subject Selection evening

Thank you to all our students and parents who dropped by to see what subjects we offer for Stage 5 and Stage 6. It is always an exciting time selecting subjects and we love seeing the enthusiasm shared by everyone in the number of opportunities offered our students in our KLA.


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