Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 10

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Principal’s Report

Dear parents and Year 12 students – the Class of 2018

As this newsletter arrives in your email, we have held our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, farewelling and celebrating the wonderful 6 year journey that has seen our Year 12 students grow into fine young people, on the cusp of adulthood. They have reached this stage through self-discipline, dedication and with the support of their families and teachers. We are privileged to have such a strong partnership between school and home, supporting education at this school.

Although they are finishing with school lessons, their teachers are still available to support them with study right up until their exams and then on to the Formal…


NAPLAN results were handed out to students in Years 7 & 9 on Wednesday during Period 4. If your child was absent, they can come to the office to pick up their envelope. Our students undertook the NAPLAN online trial, and as such, there is not a direct correlation between their previous NAPLAN results and these. This affects our capacity to accurately measure their growth over the two year period, as the tests have quite a different structure. We can, of course, look at the absolute results and areas in which our school strongly performs and areas for which we need to reflect on what might need improvement. Congratulations, to all students who performed well, or for whom we can say that they appear to have made substantial progress, from a general perspective. NAPLAN is just one tool in assessing a student’s progress and we must remember to keep it in this perspective. As taken from the NESA letter to parents:

…as NAPLAN provides a snapshot of a student’s assessment at a point in time, results need to be interpreted with care and should be considered together with school-based assessments. Your child’s teacher will have the best insight into your child’s educational progress.

As a general observation from the results, our Year 9 students showed growth as follows:
72% in writing; 78% in grammar and punctuation; 82% in spelling; 84% in reading and 95% in numeracy. Our staff will now use these results to help inform future support.

Plant Lovers Fair

Thank you to all our dedicated staff and students who make the Plant Lovers Fair weekend such a success. Many comments were overheard about the politeness, respect and great work ethic of our students. It is great to have what we know to be true validated by outsiders. These days only work because of that community spirit and it is very strong at this school.

A new ‘twitteresque’ award – The KMHS R.O.S.E. (Recognition of School Excellence)

Each newsletter I would like to recognise someone/group from our school community, in a public forum, for their excellent endeavours either at school or in the community. Why the twitter model? – It is limited in the number of characters, but still powerfully conveys the intended message.

This edition’s R.O.S.E goes to:

Recognition of School Excellence - KMHS ROSE

Have an enjoyable holiday break. I look forward to sharing another great term of learning in Term 4 with you.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Depuy

Deputy Principal

We are currently in the process of preparing for our next STARS Assembly to be held on the first Wednesday of next term. This is a great opportunity to recognise the many hard working and dedicated students we have at our school. To be eligible, junior students require nominations from at least four subjects and seniors require a minimum of three nominations. Excellent attendance and consistent positive behaviour are also required. Families of successful students will receive notification via email this week.

KARS Program

Another program we run each year is called KARS (Kariong At Risk Students). Students involved are allocated a mentor teacher to help them regain their focus on their studies and provide support. It has been very successful in the past due to the good work from our mentor teachers. Students to be involved in the program have been notified this week.

canteen voucher winners term 3 week 10The school’s PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) team are continuing with a review of our rewards system and students will be informed as decisions are made. We are also looking at strengthening our House system and intend on linking a reward to this system. Again, decisions will be communicated as they are confirmed.

Our most recent PBL canteen voucher winners are: Tyler (8), James (8), Nicholas (11) and Kya-Bella (11).

I wish all students and their families a happy and safe holiday break.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

CAPA in FOCUS – KMHS Supporting talented and developing artists and performers

Visual Arts

Collage of photos from Visual Arts, Visual Design and PVDI – see the PDF newsletter for more photos!

Year 7 Visual Arts started strong with some impressive self-portrait drawings and expressive self-portrait paintings. Students learnt fundamental skills in the use of tone and colour to create artworks of which they are immensely proud. These are skills that they will have with them for life!!

Question: What do you get when you mix a PUN and a FUNNY BIRD SPECIES name? … PUNNY BIRDS!!!

Students loved creating these quirky little clay birds and had fun changing the look of their species to match their, often interesting, names.

For the rest of the year we will be working with photography, both in the dark room and through digital platforms such as Adobe Photoshop.

Overall, it has been a fantastic year for Year 7 and we look forward to showing off their work at our annual Evening of Excellence during Term 4 Week 8.

I love the drawing in Visual Arts.
– Anthony

Visual Arts is fun and not just the art, but the theory as well.
– Mahaelia

It’s a good way express your feelings through art.
– Cody

Year 9 From drawing to painting to clay to site-specific sculpture… Year 9 has honed their skills in many expressive forms this year. These guys are a really creative bunch, as you can see by their ‘Sea’ inspired clay sculptures. They also have a great sense of humour and call these their “Sea-ramics” artworks, rather than ceramics.

Local artist, Col Henry, visited the school to work with Year 9 students and held an on-site workshop at Gosford Regional Art Gallery. The aim is for the students to create sculptures that will be showcased at the Gosford Regional Gallery, as a part of the Sculpture by the Bay exhibition. The standard of their works is fantastic and the opportunity to present these works alongside professional artists, is a great real-life experience.

Year 10 After dappling with many different expressive forms over the last couple of years, Year 10 is now immersed in
completing their own individual Body of Work. They have chosen a concept and materials that interest them and the works are shaping up to be impressive!

Art is fantastic… I love exploring colour. – Kasey

Listening to music and creating are a great way to spend time. – Jay

Year 11 Visual Arts has now finished both of their Bodies of Work, with the final collection focusing on ‘Places and Spaces’. For this task, each student submitted a Photoshopped digital image and a short film. When you add this artmaking practice to their previous focus on painting, drawing and clay based art forms, these students have genuinely ‘had a taste’ of many different types of media. From these experiences, they are more easily able to start their Year 12 Body of Work with a more considered approach to their own artistic artmaking preferences and direction. Well done Year 11 … now for your Body of Work!

Year 12 students have finished their Body of Work and are now working towards their HSC written examinations. They worked across a huge variety of art forms, with some exceptional displays of talent and depth in concept. I earnestly will them loads of enthusiasm towards their study and future artistic endeavours.

I can’t believe that this is my last time in the art studio… it has been my second home for 2 years. – Jacob

A Central Vision Exhibition

What a great year for our students Olivia Spurling and Hayden Jury, whose art works were showcased at the ‘A Central Vision’ art exhibition at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery. Olivia was also awarded with a the Stage 6 award… go Olivia!!

Ms Peta Werlemann
Visual Arts Teacher

Visual Design

Year 12 Visual Design students’ major projects are unique and reflect each student’s individual interest. Rosie’s original costume is an expression of her interest in the steampunk genre. Madison’s cushions, whose images went through the stages of drawing, digitising and then printing on fabric, expresses her strong interest in manga. Strongly immersed in the subject over the last two years, both students’ creativity has flourished.

“Visual Design is a subject that allowed its students to extensively explore their artistic strengths as well as add to their knowledge through a variety of interesting topics and an individual project.” – Madison Noyes

“Visual Design has been a fun and creative class that gave me a chance to create a wearable design inspired by Steampunk” It was through this subject that I was able to improve upon my knowledge and skills.” – Rosina Nash

Year 11 students have explored different media and technologies to create a variety of designs and products this year. They have created a wearable design product, a cartoon strip and a series of designs using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Next term students will be investigating interior and product design.

PVDI – Photography, Video and Digital Imaging

Year 11 The creative students have explored a variety of digital and darkroom practices to produce some fantastic photographs. This term they investigated light, long exposure, camera techniques and associated Adobe software to creative some amazing images.

Year 12 The budding photographers have experimented with video and camera techniques to create a short video. This term, students have been exploring personal concepts and techniques to create a series of images for their individual projects.

Media Club

Students have been learning about camera techniques and a variety of settings to take photographs of school events. Earlier this year the media club students, alongside with Year 11 and Year 12 Photography, attended a workshop that explored portraiture and identity. The Gosford Council and two photographers ran the photography workshop. The students created some amazing images. There were several different schools involved in the project and 11 photographs were selected from Kariong Mountains High School to go on display. The selected images will be displayed as a mural at the Imperial Centre in the next few weeks.

Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange Exhibition

The Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange is an annual exhibition opportunity for all NSW public schools students in Years K-12. Selected artworks from NSW Public Schools are exhibited in Nagoya, Japan, along with works by students in Nagoya, Sydney, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Ninjing.

There were 130 artworks nominated this year for the Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange.

I am very pleased to announce that the following students’ artworks from Kariong Mountains High School have been selected for the Nagoya Sister City Art Exchange 2018:

  • Hannah Barnett – “Terrigal Beach” – photography
  • Jade Williams – “Bob’s Adventure” – mixed media print

Ms Kim Skerritt
Visual Arts Teacher


Visual Arts and Design collage
Music collage- see the PDF newsletter for more photos!

Year 8 Rock Band Project Based Learning Task

Year 8 Music has been working on a PBL assessment task for their focus topic ‘Rock Music’. The students created their own Rock Band and completed a range of innovative activities linked to their band’s chosen sub-genre of Rock Music. Projects included designing a logo, researching the history of their sub-genre, outlining their individual role in the band, creating an album artwork, staging a band photograph and then presenting this in an engaging PowerPoint presentation.

Year 8 Rock Band Project Based Learning Task

During this term, Year 9 elective music students have been studying the topic of ‘Popular Music’ and have been working extremely hard on preparing an ensemble performance of a pop song. Students had to select songs that showcased their already proficient talents on their individual instrument, whilst also demonstrating collaborative music making skills.

Year 9 GATS Music- Creating a digital footprint
In our first year of Music GATS program, both of our student have shown incredible growth, performing at events both in school, such as lunchtime concerts and STARS assembly, and out of school at the Waterfall Café and various markets and fairs. This term they are working on creating a digital footprint, with an emphasis on promoting their music via Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Year 10 Elective Music- Australian Music
Year 10 is currently involved in project based learning where they are recreating a famous Australian song in their ‘Like a Version’ assessment task. Students had to find a song, analyse it, then work out how they could arrange it to change the genre. They then interviewed each other to replicate the Triple J segment where an artist is questioned before the performance. Early next term, the students will record their performances and use video editing software to create a video which shows their interview and cover song. The students are thoroughly engaged in the task, with lessons being very proactive and some great musical changes being made.

Year 11 Music Industry
Year 11 Music Industry are at the end of Cluster B where they are to perform 4 songs to an audience to showcase their performance and ensemble skills. They have all been working very hard on this task, whilst constantly being in reflection about the process of practising and rehearsing in groups. They will move onto their next cluster in Term 4, where they will look at creating music using digital platforms such as Garageband and Launchpad.

Year 11 Music 1 has just completed their Yearly Exams where they each had to perform 2 pieces and sit an aural exam. They are now getting ready to enter the HSC part of the course, with students showing significant growth over the past three terms in the Preliminary course.

Year 12 Music Industry has just recorded their class album at The Grove Studios. Hayden and Sam have been putting in the hours during and after school to polish their compositions. This is the completion of the first Music Industry cohort in the school and in the Macquarie Park region. The students have said that they loved the course with all students studying at The Grove Studios next year.

Year 12 Music has just completed their practical HSC examination. They worked incredibly hard in the lead up to this exam to polish and prefect their performance and viva voce electives. We wish them luck in the HSC period and for their music aural exam!

Co-Curricular Activities 

Throughout the year, the talent of our music students at KMHS has been showcased in the school, local community and the Central Coast as a whole. Some of the major events to occur this year that have involved our students are shown in the PDF newsletter.

YIPA and Showcase

We had two students perform at YIPA and Showcase at Laycock Street Theatre.

Students have also represented the Music faculty with pride and honour, also performing at the following events: lunchtime concerts, formal assemblies, Shelly Beach Markets, Mangrove Mountain Country Fair, Blues on The Mountain, Local Radio: Coast FM and ABC Radio.

Mr Kane Burns and Mr Ashley Hutchinson
Music Teachers

Debating Day – 2018 Premiers Debating Challenge

Kariong Mountains High School has two teams in the 2018 Premiers Debating Challenge in the Central Coast and Hunter Region. Both our teams competed against Gosford High School on a debating day held in the library at Kariong Mountains High. We also hosted a regional final on the day and a Stage 6 semi-final between Gosford High and Hornsby Girls High.

Our Year 7/8 team included Mikayla, Liam, Norah and Riona, while Monira and Ruby performed timekeeper and chairperson duties. Our Years 9 and 10 team included Mitchell, Nicole, Emmaya and Hayden, with Ethan and Luca completing the timekeeper and chairperson roles. The Media Club, including Alishia, Tahlia, Grace, Peggy Lee and Kalani, provided photography for the day. It was a great day overall with everyone doing their best to enjoy the day and help to make it a success for the students and the school.

Years 7 and 8 – Round Two Debate

Years 7/8 – Round Two: KMHS vs Gosford High School at Kariong Mountains High School Library

The round two debate for the Year 7/8 team was on the topic area of ‘The Media’ and the debate topic selected by the teams was ‘That we should ban social media for people under 18.’ Kariong Mountains were the affirmative and made an excellent effort in starting the debate. They held a close contest with the opposition and came in second after a lengthy adjudication. This was the team’s first debate together and they showed very good speaking skills and effective teamwork. Unfortunately, they were beaten on the day by Gosford’s rebuttals and the repetitive nature of their responses.

Years 9 and 10 – Round Three Debate

In Round Three, our Year 9/10 debating team competed against Gosford High School ‘A’ in the library on the debating day. The topic area was ‘Sport’ and the question for debating selected by the teams was ‘That online gaming should be included as an Olympic sport’. Kariong Mountains were the affirmative for this debate and developed an argument in favour of online gaming in The Olympics. A challenging, but close contest, saw Kariong Mountains losing to Gosford who showed particular strength in long rebuttals. This debate was challenging as ‘Sport’ was meant to be the topic area for round two, and while it was fair for both teams, there was some disappointment at the mix-up in topics.

KMHS debating round 3
Years 9/10 – Round Three: KMHS vs Gosford High School at Kariong Mountains High School Library

Years 11 and 12 – Regional Semi-final

On the debating day, we had the opportunity to showcase our school as we hosted a Regional Final between Gosford High and Hornsby Girls High. The debate was held shortly after the two debates against Gosford’s stage 4 and 5 teams, also in the library at Kariong Mountains High. The topic area was ‘General’ and the question for debating selected by the teams was ‘That HSC assessment should consist solely of exams.’ Gosford High were the affirmative for this debate and there were strong cases with creative and critical ideas from both teams on a relevant and challenging topic. A close contest saw Gosford losing to Hornsby who showed particular strength and depth in their arguments and rebuttals. Special mention to Norah and Grace for handling the timekeeper and chairperson duties for this debate.

KMHS debating Semi-final
Years 11/12 – Regional Semi-final between Gosford High School and Hornsby Girls High School in KMHS Library

Thanks to all the classes who came to the library as an audience, along with all the students involved. It was a terrific opportunity for students to see debating at a high level and to compare and consider their communication and debating skills.

Mr Chris Whitington
Debating Coordinator



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