Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 2

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From our Relieving Principal

Deputy Principal

Welcome back to all students!
I hope everyone had a happy and safe break. We have an action packed Term 3 to look forward to and encourage students to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.

Our school aims to address the needs of all students, including those that are gifted and talented. Throughout the year, we provide extra programs and activities for selected students. Some of these are events that occur over a short period of time while other projects are far more substantial that take weeks and months. If you feel your student has a particular aptitude that is of a level that is gifted and talented, please feel free to contact me so we can discuss the possibilities and application process.

At the end of last term I had the pleasure of attending our inaugural Evening of Music. It was a fantastic occasion with students from Years 7 to 12 performing a total of 15 pieces. The quality of the performances was outstanding and highly entertaining. Many thanks to our music teachers Mr Burns and Mr Hutchinson for their organisation and also accompanying in many of the performances. Thanks also to the MC, Jackson, and the support crew ensuring the evening went so smoothly. Finally, a huge thanks to all of the performers for providing such an entertaining night.

Students performing at the KMHS Music Evening at the end of Term 2

On Thursday of last week, our students participated in a Post School Options Day. I would like to thank Mrs Cutting for the enormous amount of work put into this. An article appears later in this Newsletter.

Mr Scott White
Relieving Principal

From our Relieving Deputy


Last term, our CELL (Coaching For Effective Lifelong Learning) program focused on the ‘Being Strong’ foundation. It saw Year 7 lessons centred on the development of qualities of persistence and confidence and ‘Habits of Mind’, which contribute to individual resilience. Year 8 explored the concepts of the ‘learning pit’ and ‘growth mindset’, both of which are vital to individual academic growth and resilience.

These aspects of the CELL program are encapsulated in the ‘heart and mind’ dichotomy, which I have touched on in past newsletters. It is developing in students the ability to cope and thrive in the face of personal, social and educational challenges (heart) through thinking strategies and positive mind sets (mind).

Term 3 Assessment Schedule: Year 7 and 8

This term, CELL for both year groups will include tasks relating to their assessment schedule, reflecting on their Semester 1 reports and goal setting using the ‘SMART’ strategy.

The Term 3 assessment schedules are included on the next pages. The schedule outlines, week by week, assessment task topics, the type of assessment task, the term and week the task was issued (if relevant) and the term and week the task is due.

The assessment schedule is an important documents to both you and your child. It enables students to manage their time to complete all tasks to the best of their ability by the due date and it provides you with the information to help support your child with time management and organisational skills. All students have worked with these schedules in CELL lessons and transferred the information to their diaries, as well as breaking down the tasks into steps that can be completed over time.

Year 7 Assessment Schedule - Term 3

Year 8 Assessment Schedule - Term 3
Ms Lidia Jeffrey
Deputy Principal (relieving)

Library in Focus

2018 and our library refurbishment is finally complete.

Our new library space is more serviceable to learning and our school needs. The contemporary furnishings with modern colours and comfortable seating and the functionality of lower moveable shelves, enables a flexible and inviting space for our students and staff. We can now easily create spaces to accommodate school events, staff development days, needs of individual classes, student learning and, importantly, the recreational reading needs of our students.

Students working, reading and studying in the school library.

Morris Gleitzman is the 2018-19 Australian Children’s laureate. Gleitzman’s theme is ‘Stories Create Our Future’. He says,

“Young people need stories more than ever. Stories to delight, to beguile, to inspire and move deeply. Through these experiences, stories will help equip young readers to embrace an often dark and uncertain world with optimism, resolve and creativity”.

With this in mind, the new flexible lower shelving has allowed more outward facing book displays so that students are more easily able to be drawn to the covers and navigate the collection. The library now has a new series fiction and graphic fiction section, to meet the growing demands by students to access more current popular series trends and Japanese Manga titles.

Find your treasure banner

The library will be again celebrating The Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week in August, celebrating the wonderful books written by Australian authors and illustrators. This year’s theme is: ‘Find Your Treasure’. I love the idea that books can be treasures and all we have to do is find them. As teachers and parents we can help our children to develop a love of reading and to find new and riveting books.

Our students will be participating in the annual Book Week Competition, centred around a wonderful thematic display and the ever popular and amusing, ‘Match The Teacher To the Book’ activity.

Steve Bohme, research director at Nielsen Book Research UK, said young people were using books as a break from their devices or social media. “We are seeing that books are a respite, particularly for young people who are so busy digitally,” he said. However there are still many that choose to read eBooks. The Nielsen survey also contained another first: mobile phones and tablets overtook e-readers as the most common device used to read eBooks.

Whilst our library doesn’t have eBooks in its collection, the Central Coast Council Libraries offer a range of eResources for students. If your child is interested in accessing eBooks from Central Coast Council Libraries, they can come to the school library and we will be happy to show them.

Central Coast Council library services logo

With so many young adult books available for our students, it can be difficult to make a choice. Just ask the library staff for suggestions and check out the most popular reads and new books in our collection.

In the meantime, check out below a few of our most popular books for teens trending at the moment, with quotes from our students:

A beautifully thrilling and captivating book for anyone looking for a twist!
Kara Speck

By far one of the best books/series, I have ever read. Sarah J Maas just knows how to pull in a reader. Not only is this an amazing action packed adventure, but there is also friendship, love, turmoil and heartache that makes you fall in love with Celaena and also Sarah J. Maas. Myah Wark

Whisper by Lynnette Noni is a mysterious and unique take on a psychological fantasy genre. This first book in a trilogy is sure to be a thriller! Kara Speck


Post School Options

Last Thursday, 26th July, Year 11 and Year 12 had a whole day learning about post-school training, employment and opportunities. This day was arranged to give the students’ knowledge about what possibilities exist post-school and where to look and find answers when the time arises to move into the next phase of their lives –‘ Post School’.

We were fortunate to have a wide variety of guest speakers attend the day. These included:

Guest Speakers from: University of Newcastle, Macquarie University, The Grove Studios, Avondale College, CCGT – Central Coast Group Training, Employment Plus – Salvation Army, TLK – Tuggerah Lakes Community College, and State Rail – Apprenticeships, Cadetship employment.

In addition to the guest speakers, I also spoke regarding the following information:

  • UAC – Updates, EAS, SRS
  • Websites – Jobjump, Thefootnotes, WIRL, Myfuture
  • Tax File Numbers
  • Smart and Skilled

I am very proud to say that all students conducted themselves with professionalism and displayed respect to the guest speakers throughout the day, several guest speakers commented to me afterwards on how polite and respectful our students were.

I will be sending the students information and copies of PowerPoint presentations to their school e-mails over the coming days so that they will be able to follow-up on any of the information they had learnt about on the day.

Ms Sara Cutting
Careers Advisor


Student Wellbeing at KMHS

At Kariong Mountains High School I am lucky enough to have the role of Head Teacher Wellbeing. In this role, I have the opportunity to liaise with students, parents, community members and staff in how to support students both individually and collectively at our school. This includes the daily operations of our Student Services Ngara Nganga* Room, liaising with staff in supporting students learning needs and supporting students with their wellbeing.

I lead a diverse team who bring a range of skills, passions and dedication to the delivery of learning and support. Ngara Nganga is the heart of our service provisions and the family philosophy created is integral to our students’ wellbeing. Some of the services that we offer are Drumbeat, assessment support, reading groups, social emotional support and a space for our students to come when facing the daily challenges of being a high school student.

If you feel that your child needs some extra support, please refer your child to their Year Advisor or myself so that we can best support them in an holistic way during their high school years.

* Ngara Nganga means to: Listen, Learn, Speak

Illustration of brain with positive images and words

Monica Pallas
HT Wellbeing