Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 4

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Principal’s Report

Dear Kariong Mountains Community,
I am so pleased to be back at work after an extended time away, in which I achieved a long held dream of experiencing the wonders of Canada. As an educator, I am often reflecting on how life experiences can be linked to what we are trying to achieve in schools and the take away message I had from this journey is, dream big and don’t give up on that dream, despite the obstacles or concerns that may get in the way. Hopefully, you won’t take the 30 years to achieve your dream, as it took me to achieve mine!

Dream Big and Embrace a Goal of Lifelong Learning

As a community, working together to grow our young people into fine, happy and capable citizens, we must positively encourage them to dream big, dream broadly and develop a positive mindset about their capacity to achieve their many dreams.

Over the years, I talked with so many people about my dream, that I felt ‘compelled’ to make it come true; it was so public that I had to make it happen. If we can get our students, at home and at school, to talk openly about their dreams and aspirations, then their’s too may become a self-fulfilling prophesy. It may help our students to take that step further, step outside their comfort zone and not be limited by where they are at now or who they now think they have to be. Ultimately, this is the goal of lifelong learning and we can help inspire our students to strive and persevere in all that they attempt.

The role of schools in the twenty-first century is to develop students as lifelong learners. I shared my experience wth you to demonstrate how broadly we can think of what this means and that although parents may not always feel confident with helping their child with understanding the skills and content of learning, they can help with reinforcing the end game of learning and hence embed the positive mindset of always aiming higher to achieve dreams.

Thank you to Mr White, Ms Jeffrey, Ms Matthew and Mr Cartner for taking on the senior leadership roles in my absence. They did a great job and ensured that I returned to a thriving learning environment.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy

Deputy Principal

As I return to the Deputy’s role I have reflected on my time in relieving as Principal. The first thing that comes to mind is that it is an honour and a privilege to have led such a fine school.

I did not lead on my own because I had the tremendous support of other senior executive members: Mrs Matthew, Ms Jeffrey and Mr Cartner. It was also a great opportunity to see how hardworking all of our staff are in making KMHS a great learning environment for all students.

Captains Induction

On Wednesday of Week 2, we had our Captains Induction Ceremony, which saw our new school leaders, Monique Gatt and Casey Dutton, take over the reins from our outgoing captains, Speranza Na’ati and Oliver Rickards. It was a polished occasion and a great opportunity to thank Speranza and Oliver for their excellent leadership over the past year. The importance of the occasion was highlighted by the attendance of our Director Educational Leadership, Ms Ros McCallan-Jamieson, and our local members at both levels of parliament, Ms Liesel Tesch and Mrs Lucy Wicks. Many thanks to Mr Cartner for his excellent organisation of the event.

AECG Awards

The Cooinda AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group) held their Awards of Appreciation last Tuesday at Gosford Public School. Two members of our community were recognised, Pria Moore (Year 8) and Mr Tagg (Head Teacher HSIE). Pria was recognised for her outstanding attitude, application and success in her studies as a role model for other Indigenous students. Mr Tagg was recognised as being the driving force behind Aboriginal Education at our school, leading with passion and professionalism. Congratulations, Pria and Mr Tagg on your well-deserved awards.

Day of Excellence

On Wednesday of last week, our school hosted our annual local Education Week Day of Excellence. Students from our partner schools and our own students performed a variety of pieces for the entertainment of family and friends. It was an excellent demonstration of how we work together as part of the public education system. Many thanks to Mr Hutchinson for organising such a quality and well-coordinated event. Also a big thanks to our students who ran the occasion in roles such as sound and MC.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Captains Induction Ceremony

The photos below are from the Captains Induction Ceremony, held at Kariong Mountains High School on August 1.  highlighted by the attendance of our Director Educational Leadership, Ms Ros McCallan-Jamieson, and our local members at both levels of parliament, Ms Liesel Tesch and Mrs Lucy Wicks.

Thank you to our outgoing captains, Speranza and Oliver, for their outstanding work in 2017-2018 and congratulations to our incoming captains, Monique and Casey, on taking over the reins for 2018-2019.


Incoming school captains, Monique and Casey
208-2019 incoming school captains, Monique and Casey


Photo collage from the captains induction ceremony
Photo collage from the Captains Induction Ceremony

HSIE in Focus

HSIE Faculty Updating on the Busy TImes …

  • Year 7 students have just completed their first semester focussing on Aboriginal Studies.
  • Year 8 History students have been busy studying the ‘Polynesian Expansion Across the Pacific’ topic and have just begun working on ‘Geographical Skills’.
  • Year 9 and 10 Geography classes have been engaging in the ‘Geographical Skills’ and ‘Sustainable Biomes’ topics respectively.
  • Year 9 History students have been learning about slavery in the ‘Movement of Peoples’ topic.
  • Year 10 History classes have been studying ‘Changing Rights and Freedoms’.

Polynesia, Island Sea faring, Tattooing and more …

During what was only the second implementation of the Polynesian topic at KMHS with our Year 8 classes, students have learned about the movement of people in canoes across the Pacific Ocean (Wakas), the discovery of new islands, Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the Māori culture, traditional Polynesian tattooing, housing and society structures, Pacific Island food and Polynesian war dances, including the Māori Haka, Tongan Sipi Tau and Samoan Siva Tau.

Polynesian canoe building in progress
Polynesian canoe building in progress at KMHS.

Testing seafaring qualities of boat in plastic container Students creating their interpretation of Polynesian Waka canoes Model canoe sailing in plastic containerStudent drawing of Easter Island Moai  Student drawing of Easter Island Moai


Our Year 9/10 Commerce class has been busy planning out solutions to improve the Central Coast’s public transport system. As part of their unit of work on travel, students researched successful overseas transport systems (New York City Subway and London Tube) and used these to guide their creations. The students will soon begin to research and plan an overseas holiday for their assessment task on this topic.

Commerce students investigating transport plans KMHS students investigating transport solutions

Senior Geography Project

Year 11 Geography students have just completed their ‘Senior Geography Project’ in which they had to research a geographical issue of their own choice on the Central Coast. Rhyse of Year 11 completed his assignment as a display board with the topic: ‘A Geography: Central Coast Hockey’.

Senior Geography Project - student work by Rhyse in Year 11
Senior Geography Project – student work by Rhyse in Year 11

Central Coast Future Council

KMHS students at the Central Coast Future Council eventOn Friday 10th August, four Year 9 students (Ethan, Ethan, Nicole and Hayden, accompanied by Ms Taylor), attended the ‘Central Coast Future Council’ event which was held at Central Coast Council chambers in Gosford. During this event, the Kariong Mountains High School students competed against other high schools from around the Central Coast, debating on a range of geographical issues that affect the Central Coast and proposing solutions to these issues.



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