Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 6

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SASS Recognition Week

SASS recognition week thank youDuring Week 7 Term 3, we celebrate the work of our School Administrative and Support Staff. We have a dedicated team of non-teaching staff who assist with the operation of the school. Effective support in finance, customer service, administration, grounds and maintenance, student wellbeing and learning support is essential to the high quality education that our students at Kariong Mountains High School receive.

Thank you to all of our non-teaching staff for their professionalism and commitment to our students.

Principal’s Report

ACARA has identified 7 general capabilities that are woven throughout the new Australian curriculum (K-10) as shown in the diagram below from their website.

ACARA diagram identifying general capabilities in Australian curriculum

As well as teaching content and skills, each course incorporates these capabilities to a less or more extent throughout the syllabus. I often say that our school and its vision has been at the forefront of 21st century learning and that is particularly evident when you consider our purpose statement, developed in 2009:

“To challenge students to reach their full potential, having the skills necessary to be respected citizens in an ever changing society”.

Just as we measure learning progress in the “traditional” subject areas, learning progressions across K-10 have been developed for these general capabilities.

What does this mean for our school?

As part of the review, that we are undertaking into reporting and assessment, there is an opportunity to look at whether we can report on these capabilities, possibly replacing the current section on work habits. Later this term I will send out a survey about our reports and I am hoping that you will have the time to consider their content, keeping this information on general capabilities in mind.

Ms Anne Vine

English in Focus

This term has again been a very busy one for the English faculty. Here is a brief update on what our students will be doing this term:

  • Year 7: Our students are busily working their way through a novel study on ‘New Places, New Experiences’ and have a speech due in Week 7.
  • Year 8: Our students have begun their study of texts that surround the ideas of war and conflict, including poetry, picture books and analysing propaganda. They also have a presentation due in Week 7.
  • Year 9: The History of Language’, this unit gives students the opportunity to discover the origins of the words that we speak every day. Speeches begin in Week 7.
  • Year 10: Students are studying the ideas of perspective and representation, looking at how texts manipulate and position us, as the audience, into a particular viewpoint. Year 10 will begin their speaking assessment tasks this week, where they look to express a personal opinion on the great things we have happening at school.
  • Year 11: Has their Yearly examinations rapidly approaching. They are currently studying the novel ‘Bro’ by Helen Chebatte.
  • Year 12: Has just returned to class after their Trial HSC exams and they now begin to prepare for their final examinations. Students are encouraged to keep submitting draft responses of past HSC questions to their teacher and to continue to study in a proactive manner towards the HSC examinations.

Please have a look at what has been happening over the last term.

Year 8 Survival Project Based Learning Task

Year 8 was involved in PBaL tasks based around the notion of survival. Students studied the idea of survival through texts in class and then adapted this knowledge into real-world situations. Projects included building model rafts through materials found on the Central Coast, writing survival stories based on real events and using Minecraft to demonstrate survival techniques in virtual worlds.

Year 8 students working on survival task in English
Year 8 students working on survival task in English

Year 9 – Extension and Enrichment Program

In our faculty this year, we provide collaborative Project Based Learning opportunities for our high achieving students. These programs allow our students to collaborate with other students on projects that have both a link to the studied content, and a real world application.

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate with other high achieving students from differing classes to work on a challenging task. Below are some snapshots of the tasks that they have completed in both Terms 1 and 2.

Term 1Creating digital essays – Our students were given the opportunity to create a digital essay using Google Sites based on the study of ‘Overcoming Adversity’.

Student work on adversity
Student work on Adversity

Term 2 Promoting diversity awareness in our school. Our students were challenged with the idea of creating an advertising campaign based on promoting inclusion at KMHS.

Student work on Diversity
Student work on Diversity

Year 9 and 10 Drama

Year 9 and 10 Drama have just finished creating their performances for self-devised plays for Year 7 students at our school. The students developed performances based around issues that Year 7 may face in an effort to help with their smooth transition to high school.

Year 11 Standard English

Year 11 Standard English has been enjoying character and relationships breakdowns for their study of Bro.

Year 11 students investigating relationships between characters in 'Bro'
Year 11 students investigating relationships between characters in ‘Bro’
Visual relationships between characters in 'Bro'
Mapping relationships between characters in ‘Bro’

Year 11 Advanced English

Year 11 Advanced has recently completed their study of William Shakespeare’s Othello. Follow the links below to look at some of their digital essays based on how Shakespeare reflects the key social, cultural and political concerns of his time period and how these concerns are reflected in contemporary texts.

Snow Excursion Photos

Hope you enjoy these photos from the 2018 KMHS excursion to the snow last week. Everyone looks to have had an amazing time! Visit the school facebook page to see more photos.

Photo collage from KMHS snow excursion 2018
Photo collage from KMHS snow excursion 2018


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