Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 8

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Principal’s Report

Volunteers and Helping Others

Congratulations, to our Year 11 students, Georgia and Jamie in completing the ‘Max Potential’ program.

Max Potential is a leadership development program that connects emerging young leaders (aged 16 – 23 years old) with local community and business leaders, who receive professional coach training. The program runs over five months with one-on-one coaching, experiential workshops and a focus on delivering innovative community service projects to make a difference locally. Source: Max Potential Website)

Georgia’s project focussed on supporting those in need within our community and Jamie’s project used social media to assist with saving an endangered species.

As noted in the presentation, this program is developing and harnessing the skills of our next generation of volunteers.

The Premier’s Volunteer Recognition Program

As well as the intrinsic good feeling you get from helping others (our school’s value of ‘UNITY’), it is great to know that this volunteering spirit can get more official recognition. From the NSW Government website (

The Premier’s Volunteer Recognition Program for students is a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate young people who have given their time and energy for the benefit of others.

Nominations are invited for the following three student categories:

  • students up to Year 9 who have completed a minimum of 13 hours of volunteering in 3 months
  • students in Year 10 who have completed a minimum of 26 hours of volunteering in 6 months
  • students in Years 11 and 12 who have completed a minimum of 52 hours volunteering in 12 months.

We have let students know of this program as it fits in well with both our ‘Passport to Leadership’ program and with supporting students in providing future employers with evidence of their team spirit. If your child is deserving of this recognition then this information needs to be given to the Year Advisor or Principal by 23rd September. We know we have great students, but I am still amazed at the great work they do within their communities and which they do with humility and without the school knowing.

Finally, to end this article in the same spirit of giving to others, I am very proud of the enthusiasm showed by the staff and students in supporting farming families with drought relief.

The culmination of this support will be a “Dress like a Farmer/Home on the Farm” Mufti Day on the 21st September. Students will be asked to pay $2 to be a part of this fundraising.

We will also have a donation box in the school canteen during the Plant Lovers Fair, that is being held on the school grounds on the 22nd and 23rd September.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputies

Deputy Principal

Students in Years 10, 11 and 12 are required to meet assessment requirements in all subjects. At the beginning of each credential (RoSA, Preliminary HSC and HSC), students are issued with assessment guidelines and schedules in the form of a booklet for which they sign for. There is a large number of strict rules that must be adhered to and failure to comply could lead a student to being N-determined. Throughout the course, students are issued with N-Warning Letters describing the assessment task not completed and/or not working with the diligence that is expected. Students will then have a limited time to rectify the problem. If you require further information about this, please feel free to contact me.

School and Illness

If your child is sick in the morning of a school day, please do not send them to school. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to cater for sick children for extended periods of time. It is also a less than desirable experience as home is a more comfortable place for an ill student.

PBL Canteen Vouchers

We ran behind on the issuing of PBL Canteen Vouchers and following are the recent recipients: Ally Taleb (7), Bailey Rowland (7), Zac Ward (8), Miranda Streat (9), Aidan Mathieson (10), Mary Hancock (10), Amy Smith (10), Rachael Kirby (11). Congratulations, to all winners!

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal KMHSWe are coming to the end of another busy term and one where we farewell Year 12 from formal lessons and wish them success in their upcoming exams. I know this great school of ours has set them up to be in the best possible position.

I would like to acknowledge all the fantastic students in years 7 and 8 who wear the correct school uniform EVERY single day. I take pride in these two year groups for creating such a positive identity for our school community. This was especially evident at the recent Sports Gala Day, as our students were easily recognisable.

Public recognition is also due for the following ten students who have achieved 99% attendance this year:

  • Anthony and Amelia from 7M
  • Angel, Lily and Tyler from 7A
  • Julien in 7S
  • Madelyn from 8S
  • Shane and Duke from 8W and Jordan in 8N.


Our school is committed to building a safe and happy environment for students, staff, parents and the broader community. We encourage parents and carers to advocate strongly on their child’s behalf and, as part of this, expect them to raise concerns about their child. Sometimes, these concerns may relate to the way a child may have been treated by another student at this school. It is natural for parents and carers to feel protective of their children; however, you must not raise any concerns you have about the behaviour of another child directly with that child (or his or her parents while they are at school), but should instead report your concerns to the Principal or a member of the executive team. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

And lastly, some words from Year 7…

My favourite subject is Japanese. I love learning about the similarities and differences between our cultures. I love learning the language and discovering what kinds of food they eat, their traditions and what Japanese people are like. Recently, my class 7S had an assessment task. Our job was to research three places in Japan and make a presentation as if we had actually experienced traveling there. We also had to make a souvenir from Japan. I ‘visited’ Disneyland Tokyo, and documented sightseeing in Tokyo and Hiroshima. I made paper sushi as my souvenir.
Rachel – 7S

My favourite subject in high school is sport. At the moment, we are learning about court games and striking and fielding. I really love our sport lessons. My next favourite subjects are woodwork and cooking. I am making a lolly dispenser in woodwork and it is almost finished. I am up to putting in the pegs.
Kylah – 7C

Our favourite subject is art. We love it because you get to do some cool things and be creative. It is fun. We have just finished an assignment where we made clay in the shape of birds, and drew the bird in our books. The best thing about Kariong Mountains is the great teachers. They care about every person! They make it fun.
Evie & Rhianna – 7C

Mrs Jacqui Matthew
Deputy Principal


2018 Years 9 & 10 Premier’s Debating Challenge

Kariong Mountains High School entered a team into the 2018 Year 9 & 10 Premier’s Debating Challenge. Our team competed as a part of the Central Coast/ Hunter region with home and away debates held in Terms 2 and 3. The debating team this year included Year 9 students Hayden, Nicole, Ethan, Luca, Emmaya and Mitchell.

Team members were rotated during the debates so all students had the opportunity to represent the team in different capacities and all the students involved consistently represented the school in a positive fashion. The team members were always positive ambassadors for Kariong Mountains High School as we visited other schools; they competed fairly and were courteous and pleasant during their interactions with others.

Round One

KMHS vs Narara Valley in round 1 of debatingThe Round One debate for our team against Narara Valley High School was held at home in the library at Kariong Mountains High during Term 2. The topic area was ‘Education’ and the subject for debating selected by the opposing team was ‘That we should stop teaching Shakespeare in Secondary Schools.’

Kariong Mountains were the negative for this debate and responded well to the opposition’s arguments on Shakespeare, albeit with a limited knowledge of the topic as the Shakespeare unit is in Term 3 of Year 9! Kariong responded with a clear and relevant team line ‘It’s not the words he uses but what he says that’s important’ and created a close contest that eventually saw Narara Valley come out winners with superior arguments, continuity and rebuttals.

Round Two

KMHS vs Gosford in round 2 of debatingIn Round Two, our Years 9 & 10 debate team competed against Gosford High School ‘B’ Team in the library at Gosford High School. The topic area was ‘Politics’ and the subject for debating selected by the teams was ‘That we should have a general election to change our Prime Minister’. There was a mix up with the topic area, which should have been ‘sport’ that put both teams at a disadvantage. It was another challenge for our young team of Year 9 students and they performed well in the debate.

Kariong Mountains was the affirmative for this debate and developed a strong argument in favour of a general election. There was some confusion on both sides concerning the electoral process and the democratic system, while an interesting and fair debate was held. A difficult, but close contest, saw Kariong Mountains losing to Gosford who showed particular strength in rebuttals.

Thanks, to all the students involved. It is a great opportunity for students to develop their communication and debating skills through meeting and competing against students from high schools in the Central Coast area.

Mr Whitington
Debating Coordinator


2018 has been another exciting year so far.

Within the KMHS TAS faculty students and teachers alike have been feverishly working away designing, constructing, testing, evaluating, studying and much much more.

A special congratulations to all Year 12 students on the completion of their major projects. You can be proud of your hard work and dedication in the completion of your projects (see a variety of photos from both Industrial Tech -Timber and Textiles & Design).

KMHS Year 12 boys showing off their gorgeous major project works completed in Industrial Technology – Timber.

Year 12 major work - textile and design

Creative examples of Year 12 student major works completed in Textile and Design.

I would also like to thank the hard working staff who put in the extra hours, supporting our fantastic students. All TAS staff members contributed in the support of senior students, even when they didn’t teach a senior class.

My advice to our senior students is that you are nearly there … but not yet there.

Keep studying hard planning and preparing for the final exams. The job is not finished yet.

It is undoubtedly the wonderful students coupled with the dedicated staff the truly makes KMHS a fantastic place.

Mr Scott Bath
Head Teacher TAS

Kariong Mountains High School Drought Relief Fundraiser

(Aussie Farmers and RSPCA)

Exceptional turn out for our SWEET bake off. All proceeds will be donated to assist in the drought relief. A total of $565.35 was raised.

KMHS Bake sale
Colourful and delicious display at KMHS Bake sale.

A huge thank you for all donations, efforts and endless smiles of support. What a way to pay it forward!


items from snow excursion in front office

Trancend fitness ad


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