Newsletter 2018 – Term 4, Week 2

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Principal’s Report

Ms Anne Vine - Principal

School Students Giving to Others in Need…

n times of adversity, communities come together and we have seen this in a very substantive way with the support given to drought affected farmers by many organisations across NSW, over the last few months. We sometimes forget, however, that our youth also have a social conscience and it is when this is backed up by actions and initiative that I am most proud to work in schools and observe this first hand.

Our students (and their families) reached out to help farmers through bake stalls and mufti days and raised funds to help those in need. We have donated that money to the Kariong Somersby Rotary Club to support their fund raising project for this cause. Thank you to our students, staff and families for once again putting our values into practice.

Additionally, funds have been raised to support the RSPCA and, to strengthen our connection within our local community, students and staff made a lively and collaborative effort to raise funds through participating in the Mangrove Country Fair held last weekend.

Student Drivers

It is our policy that all students who drive to school have a permission note from parents that supports this practice and also provides us with information about who can be passengers in the car. This allows us to help monitor overcrowding and its greater potential for creating distractions. We do not always and cannot always see who is getting into a car and when, but when we do we are able to ask questions to assist with safety. It also helps when we get reports from other drivers and pedestrians on the road about dangerous driving to be able to refer to the number plates on record to show that it is not our students. (Unfortunately, some people assume that it is always our students!)

Having a car does not give a student permission to leave the school at any time. Students are expected to arrive at school for their first lesson and remain until their last.
We need parents/carers to enforce this policy to assist our young drivers, who still need guidance as they move towards becoming better drivers and passengers.

I have attached a ‘driving at school’ permission note below, if your child needs to complete one for 2018/2019.

Student Driver – Permission Note

This edition’s R.O.S.E goes to:

KMHS R.O.S.E award

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputies

Deputy Principal

Welcome back to Term 4. I hope all students and their families had a happy and safe break.

As always, Term 4 is shaping up to be a busy term. Junior students will have exams in many subjects while our seniors are commencing their HSC courses.

Plant Lovers Fair

At the end of Term 3, our school hosted the annual Plant Lovers Fair, which is always a good opportunity to show off the excellent facilities of our school. It is also an opportunity for our Year 11 students to fundraise for their Year 12 formal.

Many of our Year 11 students volunteered on one or both days, working extremely hard for the duration and are to be congratulated.

What was also very pleasing is that we had numerous students not in Year 11 also volunteer and work hard.

This is an excellent example of students applying our values of Unity and Respect while gaining some Knowledge along the way. Well done, to all.

STARS Assembly

On Wednesday of last week we had our second STARS assembly for the year. The school has made the eligibility criteria more stringent, yet we still had well over 200 recipients, highlighting the positive attitude to learning we have in our classrooms. STARS continues to be valuable recognition of students who continually work hard to do their best.

Many thanks to all involved in the organisation of the assembly with special mention to Ms Milne, Ms Taylor and Mrs Ayres and her office staff.

Positive Learning & Behaviour Awards

Positive Learning and Behaviour awards for Term 4, Week 2 - 2018Our most recent PBL canteen voucher winners are: Levi (8) and Amy (11).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal KMHS

Welcome back all. Term 4 is busy, busy, busy. Keep a close eye on upcoming newsletters and the parent portal – you don’t want to miss a thing!

We often find here at school that the last and first week of term see some tricky welfare issues pop up. I sometimes muse that if these kids came with a manual or instruction booklet, life would be less complicated! I am, however, continuously amazed by the resilience of some of our students. They are mentally tough and get straight back into it after a setback or disappointment.

Promoting Resilience in Kids

Whilst not every child has natural resilience, the good news is that research shows that resilience can be developed, particularly when parents themselves are resilient and they actively nurture resilience in their kids.

Resilient kids share four basic skill sets: independence, problem-solving, optimism and social connection.
From a resilience perspective, parents need to lead kids through some of their more challenging moments and avoid solving all their problems for them.

You can promote a lasting sense of resilience in your kids by:

  • Modelling a positive attitude
  • Look for learning opportunities disguised as problems
  • Have kids as active participants in the family
  • Build a range of coping mechanisms

Promoting resilience in kids is a not a one-off, but an ongoing process. We, as adults, need to be supportive, patient and empathetic when things don’t go their way. Also, have faith in yourself and your children’s ability to cope.

If you have any questions about resilience or would like to discuss something, as always, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

My favourite day at KMHS was the end of year activity where the year 10 PASS class put on a ‘haunted house’ and a slip-n-slide. It was so much fun!

Soakami, Alysha and Hayley from Year 8 and JP from Year 7
Soakami, Alysha and Hayley from Year 8 and JP from Year 7

The best thing about Kariong Mountains High School is you get to know new friends from other primary schools. It also has more fun subjects. I find it is easy to learn here and you get to make your own stuff” – JP, Year 7

Positive KMHS students talking about favourite subjects

Mrs Jacqui Matthew
Deputy Principal

Year 12 Notice

information about EAS schemesNotice for Year 12 Students re Educational Access Schemes to access University

The mission of the EAS, to assist students who have experienced long term educational disadvantage to get a university offer, connects with the department’s strategic goal that our education system reduces the impact of disadvantage.

The Department is working with UAC and the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council to raise the profile of the EAS and ensure that schools are aware of its benefits for eligible students.

While most schools make use of the schemes, some schools may not be using them to their full potential.

The application process this year has been made even easier, with students able to complete and submit their application online.
The three case studies below show common student experiences with some of the EAS’ most commonly claimed disadvantages. These examples show how disadvantage can impact different students in different ways.

I encourage you to share these case studies with your students and other teachers in your school. The EAS is designed to assist students with a wide range of varying levels of educational disadvantages. To help you communicate this with your students we have created some key messages (attached) you can send on to students who you think might benefit from the schemes.

Time is running out for students to apply. EAS applications close on 30 November 2018, but close earlier if students want to be able to change their course preferences after they get their university offer.


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