Newsletter 2018 – Term 4, Week 8

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End of Term 4 Highlights

Presentation CeremoniesMonday December 17
Daytime = 1:30 pm
Evening = 6:30 pm
Last Day of TermWednesday December 19
All students finish up for the year

2019 Dates

Uniform ShopOpening Times in School Holidays:
January 22 = 1pm – 6pm
January 23 = 9am = 12pm
January 24 = 8am – 11am
School Start – Term 1Students return to school:
Wednesday, January 30 = Years 7, 11,12 and Peer Support return
Thursday, January 31 = Years 8, 9 & 10 return

Evening of Excellence

Each year we showcase the achievements of our students in the creative and performing arts, technical and applied studies and Japanese.

On Wednesday 5th December, we were once again exposed to the amazing talent of our students with displays, catering and performances. Our Students are indeed talented, but this talent is nurtured and grown by the staff who have given up so much of their time to help students realise their potential. Thank you, to all involved in making this event so successful and enjoyable.

Evening of Excellence
Photo collage from the 2018 Evening of Excellence held at Kariong Mountains High School

White Ribbon Event – Kibble Park, Gosford

In our continuing endeavour to grow the social empathy and understanding of our students, we once again committed to joining in with the Central Coast community in standing up and speaking out about domestic and family violence.

A group of students went with Ms Wales to listen to speakers and visit the stalls of support services. Both the students and Ms Wales were very moved by the compelling stories of victims of violence.

Quote from Student:

Today’s experience was really good for me, especially since I got a better understanding of domestic violence and how it affects everyone. It made me think of how grateful I am for how everyone treats and respects me. So thank you Ms Wales for taking us! – Naomi

Principal’s Report

Ms Anne Vine - Principal

School Self-Assessment

This time of year sees the culmination of a student’s annual learning journey, with the yearly reports providing a snapshot of academic progress. It is also a time for

the school to evaluate itself against the School Excellence Framework and begin planning for the milestones that we want to achieve in 2019.

As part of our self-assessment, we look back over the many activities that the school has organised for students. In some respects, the analogy of the “little engine that could” seems a fitting description of all that is available to students, as our smaller cohort size has created no barrier to the breadth of enrichment activities, easily standing strong amongst bigger “engines”. The benefit, of course, is that our capacity to support each student, to coax them into greatness, is very evident from the strong relationships that exist between staff and students, staff and families and staff and staff. We come to the end of the year, again, with many success stories and I look forward to sharing some of these during our school’s presentation events.

Looking Forward

I would be the first to acknowledge that we are not perfect. There have been misprints, delayed notifications and practices that need reviewing. What I will feel pride about, though, is our continued determination to do it better, to listen to the voice of our students, families and staff and change what we do to be more effective. I look forward to 2019 being a better year, where we more capably deliver better service and streamlined practices to further enhance learning and communication.

Achievements and Milestones

The end of a year sees change. We have farewelled our Year 12 students, seen our Year 11 students begin their HSC studies and our Year 10 students complete their RoSA. Congratulations, to all these students on achieving these milestones. Farewell, and thank you, to departing staff for their contribution to teaching and learning.

The end of the year is always busy. As we come up to the holiday period, I hope that all our families, students and staff are able to take the time to relax, connect and enjoy our beautiful Australian summer. I look forward to working with you, in education, in 2019.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy Principal

Deputy PrincipalWinning House

Congratulations to Popran on being awarded House Champions for 2018. Popran earned 11,619 house points defeating Bouddi (11,046), Dahrug (10,288) and Girakool (8,953). Points were awarded throughout the year for academic effort, academic performance, extra-curricula activities, school representation and our sporting carnivals.

The Rewards Day has been organised for Tuesday 18th December. At a cost of only $3 (for transport), students will be treated to a day at Erina Fair where they will watch a movie and utilise the ice-skating rink. Eligibility requirements were published in the previous newsletter and successful students have been issued permission notes. It was very pleasing to see that the vast majority of Popran students were eligible.

Following is a repeat of important information regarding Year 10:

A large number of students in Year 10 are looking forward to the annual trip to Queensland in Week 9. Students not attending the excursion are not required at school on the Friday. Prior to then, a number of activities have been organised. On Tuesday of Week 8, the ‘Blue Datto’ visited the school as part of the mandatory ‘Life Ready’ course. On the other days, students completed finance modules that are included as part of the course. Five modules of ‘All My Own Work’ need to be completed before students enter Preliminary courses for Year 11 next year and time was set aside during Week 8 for these to be completed.

Evacuation Drills

Student behaviour awardOn Friday last week the security company, Wormald, organised both lockdown and evacuation drills. The officer was impressed with our procedures and has recommended only a couple of modifications. Well done to all involved.

Our most recent PBL canteen voucher winner is Jayden (Year 10).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Careers News

Year 8 Mock Interviews

As part of the Careers program at Kariong Mountains High School, Year 8 students recently took part in a ‘School to Work’ mock interview day, held at the school.

Preparation Stage

The students spent several weeks in class preparing for their simulated employment interview, which was based on an actual advertised part-time/casual position.

Students researching employment in careers
Students researching and preparing their employment portfolio in class.

Preparation involved the students researching and writing a cover letter to match the job they had chosen. The students also prepared an employment portfolio, which included writing a résumé and putting together awards and certificates to present to the panel on the day.

Year 8 students practicing for their mock interview
Year 8 students practicing for their mock interview

The Panel Members

We are extremely proud of the partnerships we have developed with business and community over the years. Fourteen industry professionals from a wide range of industries, businesses and large corporations volunteered their time as panel members, providing a real interview experience for our Year 8 students.

Mock Interview in progress with Year 8 student

The ‘School to Work’ program provides opportunities, which have further enhanced our community relations and fostered positive future partnerships.


Our hospitality students did a fantastic job with the catering on the day. Many compliments were received on the quality and presentation of the food, as well as the professional serving the students demonstrated.

Spread prepared by hospitality students at KMHS
Spread prepared by hospitality students for Mock Interview day

Preparing for the Real World

The interviews provided our students with an opportunity to experience and receive constructive feedback on the interview process. Typically, now in the employment sector, applicants for jobs are required to attend an interview rather than solely ubmit a résumé.

Our students prepared, practiced and delivered their interviews with such professionalism and maturity; they did themselves and us proud!

Students were punctual, dressed to perfection, presenting a level of maturity beyond their years and their manner resulted in a high standard of interview for all.

We received fantastic feedback from panel members about the great students of Kariong Mountains High School and many of these professionals are already looking forward to being a part of next year’s program.

Year 8 students, prepared and ready for their Mock Interview
Year 8 students, prepared and ready for their Mock Interview

Quotes from Students:

Awesome feedback from the panel, which was really helpful with building my résumé. – Oska

Great opportunity to get real experience! – Grace

Awesome experience, built my confidence and just after I went for a real job and got it! – Briana

Comment from Panel Member:

This is a fantastic program. Every school should do this! Prepares the students in a real environment for real life experiences – Kylie

Ms Sara Cutting
Careers Advisor




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