Newsletter Term 2 – Week 10

Important Dates

Wednesday June 29Captains Assembly
Stage 5 Parent Teacher Interviews
Thursday June 30Physics Experiment Fest
Friday July 1LMG Sports Gala Day
Year 7 Test for Selective Bioscience Class 2017 – 9:00 am
Last Day of Term 2
Tuesday July 19All Students Return for Start of Term 3
Term Commences on Week B
EES Excursion

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From the Principal

Parent / Teacher interviews were held for Stage 4 students last Wednesday. Despite the cold weather, it was very well attended and I would like to thank all who attended. These occasions are a great opportunity for parents and caregivers to meet the teachers and discuss individual needs of students. I would also like to thank the staff who gave up their time and attended. Interviews for Stage 5 students will be held on Wednesday this week.

As Relieving Principal, I had the opportunity to read all of the Stage 4 and 5 reports and have to say how impressive they are. The hard working culture of our students is clearly evident, as was the professionalism of our teachers, shown in the detailed comments. Postcards are being mailed to students who have performed particularly well in all of their subjects. Writer’s cramp is a good indicator of how many I have had the pleasure of writing.

Thanks and congratulations to the team led by Sharon Partridge for an excellent Trivia Night held two Saturdays ago. It was a very enjoyable event that raised over $3,700 for our school. Many thanks also to all of the sponsors and the community members who attended.

As Deputy Principal, I get to see a large proportion of students in a variety of settings. I continue to be impressed with the respectful nature the vast majority of students demonstrate on a daily basis. Sitting in the Principal’s office I get to see more of the professionalism of our staff, who do such a great job in educating our students. When I say ‘staff’ I refer to teachers and support staff. At the moment, it is especially busy and all have earned a well-deserved break.

On that note, I would like to wish all students and their families a happy and safe break.

Mr Scott White, Principal (relieving)

From the Deputy

2016 sees our third Year 12 class undertake the HSC. There are many markers throughout the year, which signify end points for this last year of high school for these students. Term 2 is such an end point: it is the last Term 2 that the students will be at school. This point is also significant as it marks the lead- in to the Trial HSC Examinations. Therefore, all Year 12 students should be seeing the holidays as a time to organise and revise notes and to study.

Many teachers are offering tuition at school during the holidays and students should avail themselves of the critical difference this tuition provides. Students who have major projects need to attend the workshops offered by our teachers in order to complete their projects to high standards prior to submission in Term 3.

Four students walking on school grounds
Four students in KMHS uniform walking on school grounds

A continuing theme in our newsletters is the importance of school uniform to our school’s identity and reputation and its link to our core values of ‘Unity : Knowledge : Respect’. We would like all parents and carers to work with the school in ensuring the correct school uniform is worn. Despite the cold weather, coloured jumpers/hoodies and coloured pants/ track pants are not part of our uniform. Students can certainly keep warm by layering, with a coloured jumper being worn under the school jumper so it is not visible. The holidays can be an opportunity to look for any ‘lost’ uniform, wash skirts, pants, jumpers and jackets and have them ready for the start of Term 3.

The last week of this term has seen an amazing number of activities that our students have been able to participate in: the Zone Athletics Carnival, Career’s Market, Captains’ Induction Ceremony, NAIDOC activities, Give Me 5 for Kids and the Stage3/Stage 4 Sport Gala Day. The week encapsulates the ongoing commitment of staff at this school to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to participate in both curricular and co-curricular experiences. Equally, students are to be commended for their enthusiasm and support of what is offered.
I wish parents, carers and students a safe, happy and warm winter break.

Ms Lidia Jeffrey, Deputy Principal (relieving)

Trivia Night 2016

Thank you to everyone who came to the trivia night on Saturday June 18. I hope you all had a great time. Thanks to you we raised a fantastic $3731 for the school. Thank you for your wonderful donations and for making this sch a colourful and fantastic trivia night!

The white table Rainbow table


Supreme Pizza Kariong
Better Health Practice Kariong
Golden Tips Hairdresser Kariong
Kariong Chinese
Kariong Takeaway
Kariong Automotive
Kariong Quality Meats
Waterfall Café Kariong
Foreman1 Real Estate
Glenworth Valley
Times Café
My Little Deli – Kariong
Your Temple
Mangrove Mountain Memorial Club
Manly Sea Life Sanctuary
Ryde Leisure centre
Mars foods
Australian Reptile Park
Five star Day Spa Erina
Central Coast Leagues Club
Captain Cook cruises
Julie Kellner
Laurel Yule
Marge King
Carolyn Brierley
Kirsten Bellemore
Kim Verwey (Body Shop)
Standard Commodities Australia
Ashmore Palms Gold Coast resort
Bunnings West Gosford
Jim’s Mowing Kariong

End of Term 2 Update and Faculty Report


This has been another busy, eventful and very successful term for our students in the English and Drama faculty.

Visual Literacy

Our Year 7 classes have recently completed their study of visual literacy, culminating in the submission of some excellent picture books. The students were highly imaginative and original in their compositions, covering ideas that ranged from Indigenous Dreaming stories, to Japanese anime. Congratulations to Claudia and Mikayla M from 7S, Asia and Kara from 7P and Katrina and Olivia from 7U for some outstanding work.


Year 8 is finishing up a survival unit, with our students engaging in non-fiction texts that cover how individuals are able to overcome immense physical obstacles in very dangerous conditions. The students have enjoyed learning about some amazing people. Well done to Jayden and Rayann from 8C and Stephanie and Madison from 8J for their excellent work.

East to West

Year 9 is in the midst of their East to West unit of work, which covers the value and importance of Eastern cultures within our multicultural society. 9M have especially enjoyed engaging in literature circle’s to collaboratively study the novel Mao’s Last Dancer. Congratulations to Kayla and Marcus from 9K Samantha and Monique from 9S, Luke and Laila from 9T and Tiarri and Brianna from 9W for their inventive visual representations.


Year 10 has their “Tragedy” reports due soon, where they are required to complete some research into the origins of the genre and examine both a Shakespearian and modern tragedy. Year 10 has really enjoyed studying Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, with some of our students uncovering some of Shakespeare’s hidden messages and their own acting abilities. Well done to Nicole and Jackson from 10B for showcasing an outstanding understanding of The Bard.

Close and Comparative

Year 11 Standard and Advanced are finishing up their close study and comparative study of a text respectively, with their speech assessment tasks due this week. The English faculty have been most impressed by the students’ ability to critically analyse techniques to support their responses.

HSC English

Year 12 would be happy to know that with the exception of the Trial HSC Exams, they have successfully completed all assessment tasks in the course of their English study. A reminder to all students, that preparation in the key to success and all students are encouraged to draft essay responses for submission to their classroom teacher. Also, all students are encouraged to attend essay support, which runs every Wednesday from 2:45-3:15pm with Mr Lester.

examples of English students' work
Examples of English students’ work – Visual Literacy, Multiculturalism and The Book Thief

Literacy News

As part of our National Partnership funding, KMHS has purchased access for all students in Years 7 and 8, to an explicit literacy development web-based resource known as Literacy Planet. As part of our WRAD curriculum, Literacy Planet provides students engaging in interactive activities based on the following competencies: pre-reading, phonics, vocabulary, spelling, reading, comprehension and grammar.

Students are allocated tasks by their classroom teacher and these tasks are differentiated to meet the needs of our individual students. Also, students have access to this website at home, where they can access the website and complete tasks as part of a home study plan.

If you would like any more information on this resource please visit the following website or contact our Literacy Coordinator, Mr Crum.

Mr Lester, Head of English


As we near the end of the term, students have been doing varied investigations in their mathematics classrooms. Mathematical investigations deepen students’ understanding of concepts taught in class. They build communication and problem solving skills, which are vital for future employment opportunities. Some of the investigations that have taken place include creating surveys to collect data electronically through Google forms. Students design their own surveys, creating a variety of questions which could be asked. Results are then collated and displayed using computer software. Miss Lincoln’s Year 9 5.1 class successfully undertook this task.

Year 10 5.2 Mathematics undertook an investigation on intersecting lines, which led to an understanding of how to solve a series of equations. The task required students to complete a table of values for a group of equations. Students then drew each of the lines on their grid paper and coloured the shapes formed by the intersecting lines to create individual stained glass windows.

Universities have begun to make changes to their prerequisites for degrees to include completion of HSC Mathematics. The HSC Mathematics course is a rigorous course that requires students to have a strong mathematical ability and work ethic. Students in Year 10 have begun to make their subject selections for Year 11 next year. Some students not in 5.3 have indicated they wish to do either the Mathematics or Extension 1 course. Those students will be given work to evaluate their suitability for completing the Stage 6 course.

For students in Year 8, it is important to work hard in mathematics in preparation for the 5.3 course in Years 9 and 10, particularly if they are going to pursue a university degree in the mathematics, science or engineering fields. If your child has an interest in one of these fields, they should let their mathematics teacher know so they can assist in ensuring they are ready for the highest level of mathematics in Years 9 and 10.

Next term the Mathematics Faculty looks forward to doing more investigations and introducing some project based units to further engage students in mathematics.

Mr Michael Riley, Head Teacher Mathematics (relieving)


Visual Arts

We are well into our second unit of work for all ‘arty’ cohorts at KMHS. Year 7 has been learning about Aboriginal Art with a Journey and Identity focus. They are pumped to be now creating design prints and ‘crazy creatures’ based on a culture and their imagination.

The very talented Year 9 cohort is learning to refine their technical skills to create realistic and expressive mixed media portraits. Their next artistic challenge is to capture the essence of a person through digital media.

Student self portrait
Year 9 student self portrait

Year 10 has annihilated a plethora of glue sticks to create their DADA inspired mixed media collages. Their next quest will be conquering abstract/street art in a sophisticated and well resolved manner (this is one of our students’ favourite experiences with paint!).

Our Year 11 students are working on the second and final unit of their preliminary course… exciting times, as they are about to immerse themselves in Year 12 and their Body of Work. This group shows immense talent and we are excited to see how they lift to these new challenges.

This will be the last newsletter article for Year 12 regarding their Body of Work, as it has a completion date of 29th August, we wish them the most amazingly creative and constructive time over the next few critical weeks.

Student learning printmaking techniques Visual Design student Student working on wearable art project

Photographic and Digital Media

Year 10 has completed their Video Art project and have presented a range of amazing and quirky videos. Their next challenge is to create a well resolved and sophisticated Stop Motion Animation based on a social issue.

Visual Design

Year 11/12 Visual Design students have showcased their technical skills in glazing and painting to create posters. They have been learning about the printmaking process and have created some fantastic prints using a variety of techniques. This awesome group of students are well into the ‘Wearable Design’ unit and have some very exciting ideas for a wearable product.

Visual Arts Excursion

Our excursion to the ArtExpress exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW and Cockatoo Island for the Biennale of Sydney was a great day. Students always enjoy ‘getting their culture on’ and immersing themselves in art. These experiences are an invaluable part of gaining inspiration from, and deepening their knowledge of the art world.

Students on art excursion to Sydney
Students taking in art and sights on the ArtExpress and Biennale excursion.


It has been busy in (and beyond) the Music room this term! Year 8 has now finished their unit on the keyboard and have moved onto the ukulele, which they are enjoying. Year 9 is also finishing up on their Blues Music unit, which concludes with the students performing a blues song that they compose in groups. They will move onto Pop Music in Term 3. Year 10 has been busy working on composing an individual classical piece of work, using music notation software and Year 11 is working on two practical pieces that they will perform early next term. Year 12 is on the home stretch! All students are working on their individual practical pieces, as well as fine tuning their aural skills in preparation for the HSC Trial exams mid next term.

Student performing on piano
Music performance on piano
Guitar and singing performance
Guitar and singing performance

It has also been a very busy time beyond the classroom. Every week we have had our talented students perform at the “KMHS Friday Lunchtime Concerts” for their peers and teachers. This creates a great vibe in the playground and the spectators love it! The students have been working hard organising their songs and rehearsing during break time to make sure their performances are exceptional!

Lunchtime music entertainment in courtyard
Courtyard Lunchtime Concert time

Music notes:

  • Mollie from Year 11 and the KMHS sound crew were successful in getting into Central Coast Showcase, which will be held at Laycock Street Theatre on Wednesday 24th August. This is a fantastic achievement.
  • Mollie, Billy and James from Years 10-11 performed exceptionally well at the STARS awards.
  • Music students from across the years were involved in providing entertainment as part of the ‘Give me 5 for Kids’ fundraiser, organised by Mr Cartner during Week 9.
  • The highly successful Music Tuition Program continues to run in the school. With 18 students currently enrolled in the program, that number is set to increase next term. ‘Creative Rush Music’, run by experienced music teacher Tanya Reader, offers our students vocal, guitar, drums, bass and piano tuition.
  • The Year 11 Music students filmed a music video for their cover of Elvis’ ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’, which was an incredibly creative experience for the students.


KMHS students studying HSIE subjects this term have had an interesting term using technology in the classroom. 9THS, with Mrs Taylor, used Google maps to create individual maps of the Centenary Trail as part of their participation in an information exchange with a Belgian school also studying World War I. They also delved into the digital service records of local World War 1 soldiers, reading about their experiences including where they served, if they were injured and if they returned. Their work has been sent to the sister school and they are waiting on a reply with the information that has been gathered on commemoration of Australian soldiers on the Western Front. This exchange program is part of the Centenary Schools Project, where Australian schools are linked with a similar school in France or Belgium located on or near the Western Front. Students investigate the service of their own local community and send their findings to the other school to consider the perspective of another country on the same event.

Students in class using maps to study World War 1
Students in class using maps to study World War 1

Year 9 History classes have also been studying a variety of films relating to Australian war service, such as Gallipoli and Kokoda, and comparing these to primary footage from war correspondents to examine the experiences of Australians at war and how popular film portrays that experience. There is considerable debate amongst historians about popular film as history, with many revelling that Hollywood films have renewed the interest levels of Australians in their own past. Other historians are not convinced, arguing that films place too much emphasis on the love story that is the vehicle for the depiction of the event and, as a result, the true significance of the event is lost. The HSIE faculty at KMHS uses film to pique student interest in events, before delving deeper into a variety of other sources to investigate the topic.

Year 12 Modern History recently attended the History Teachers Association of New South Wales HSC Study Day at The University of Sydney. They attended lectures on the core topic World War 1, and received tips and hints for maximising their use of time and sources in the HSC exam. The students also attended two lectures on Germany 1919-1939 and were given some new angles and approaches to consider in the lead up to their Trial and HSC exams. The students were impressed with the depth of knowledge of the speakers and appreciated hearing the advice directly from teachers who sit on the exam and marking committees.

Year 12 Students visiting UNSW
Year 12 Modern History students at UNSW

Year 10 History students have completed a unit on the Holocaust this term, learning about the experiences of the Jewry in Europe during World War II. They viewed several sources, including movies, newspaper articles, diary entries and interviews with survivors. It was pleasing to see the students mature and develop their thoughts and opinions on the Holocaust over the unit, and the students made interesting and relevant comparisons between situations of the past and in the present. Mr McGilvery and Mrs Taylor were impressed with the level of maturity that most students displayed throughout the confronting topic.

Year 7 HSIE is finishing their unit on Aboriginal Studies. They have investigated the idea of identity, Aboriginal people in the media and Aboriginal people in sport. The students participated in a variety of activities such as individual and group research projects, class discussions, movie reviews and are looking forwards to celebrating NAIDOC Day on Thursday June 30.


What a massive semester Science has had, with lots of exciting projects and activities taking place.
Year 10 and the Year 9 selective class, at the end of Term 1, submitted their independent research projects, which was a chance for them to explore some questions or problems to investigate. Ideas ranged from the effect of caffeine on reaction time, to monitoring of sleep patterns, to how much colour of food influences our eating choices. Some photos are attached of various students working on their projects and it was pleasing to see the level of engagement with the projects across all class groups. Students really engaged with the scientific method and answered some interesting questions.

Project Based Learning

Over the last year, staff in the science faculty have undergone intense training on Project Based Learning and inquiry based approaches to learning, with an emphasis on exploration and relevance. The chalk and talk teaching model is gradually being replaced by a model of facilitated discovery, which is challenging for both teachers and students.

Year 7, this term, has been exploring forces and motion. This has led them to a project studying inertia, which is the basis behind seat belts, airbags and other safety devices. They have been researching and designing an inertial dampening system that will protect an egg dropped from a height of 5 metres. The learning along the way has been amazing.

Year 8 has been working on resource management and designing a sustainable farm. Some very interesting ideas have come out of this project.

Year 9 has been working on the Human Machine, exploring how the nervous and endocrine systems work together to coordinate the body’s response mechanisms. Central to this is the eye. Year 9 performed their practical skills test, looking at lenses and focal lengths which has ramifications for eye surgery and optical devices such as glasses and contact lenses. Next term they will be exploring the materials commonly used in domestic and industrial applications and explore mining as a case study.

Year 10 has been learning about sound waves and are in the process of designing a sound proof box, simulating sound recording studios, houses in high traffic areas, theatres and so forth. We are hoping for some very effective projects here.

As Project Based Learning takes hold, students will enter a new realm of learning and each student’s learning will be different, reflecting their own interests and skills.

Above is an example of a Year 8 project for electricity, which would run over two to three lessons.

Students are given the question, “How does an electric Light Bulb work?” They are given: a light globe, wires, a battery, play dough, a glass beaker and graphite stick from a pencil. They then are given three to four lessons to explore concepts such as voltage, current, resistance, conducting materials (here they will learn about graphite being a conductor) and so on. They then build and test a pencil light globe and present the project to the class. The teacher acts as a facilitator throughout the process. Other links include learning about Edison and his search for the light globe and the importance of electricity in society.

The Selective Class Projects and Science Week

The Years 7, 8 and 9 selective science classes have been working hard on their special interest projects, some of which will be entered in the Young Scientist Awards competition in August. The projects are quite diverse and students are now at the construction, testing and developing stage of their projects. It has been pleasing to see a number of projects in the innovation and improvement category.

These projects will be displayed at our annual Science Week Expo evening on Wednesday the 17th August in the school hall. There will be nearly 30 projects on display and projects from the Kariong Mountains Learning Community primary schools. The week is an amazing celebration of science and has become a strong tradition at Kariong Mountains High School.
Until next time,

Jamie Cartner, Head Teacher Science and BioScience


We have experienced another great first semester in the KMHS TAS/ LOTE faculty. We welcomed back Mrs Doherty again this year which is fantastic and, along with Dr. Brooker, Mr Knowles, Ms Loveday, Mrs McKay and Ms Rose, the students are experiencing highly engaging and challenging lessons. From understanding and using industrial standard workshop machinery to sewing garments, learning Japanese or caring for a virtual baby, the content covered by the TAS faculty is enormous, nearly as enormous as our great students’ smiles in class. We pride ourselves on catering for all students of all capabilities. Enjoy a few images below of our students engaging in their learning so far this semester at KMHS.

Woodwork students in class
TAS Woodwork students in class
Girl sewing in class
Sewing a bright and colourful garment in TAS class
Design students in class
Ideas on paper – students working on their designs in class
Food tech student preparing dishes
Food Technology students learning the art of presentation

Mr Scott Bath, Head Teacher TAS/LOTE

Excursion: Marine Studies, Food Tech and Hospitality

On Monday the 6th of June, 21 Kariong Mountains High students from Marine Studies, Food Technology and Hospitality caught the train to Sydney for a couple of days of marine activities and seafood culinary treats.

Group photo of Marine Studies, Food Tech and Hospitality students
Group photo of Marine Studies, Food Tech and Hospitality students

First stop was at our accommodation at the Sydney Darling Harbour hotel. The students had a great walk, spotting all the boats and ferries in Darling Harbour and looking at the navy ships at the Maritime Museum. After we dropped off our belongings, we walked over to Circular Quay, detouring on our way to the Queen Victoria Building where students were amazed by the old architecture.

We had a 2:30pm booking with Thunder Jet, who were amazing and gave the students a tour to remember around Sydney Harbour; highly recommended if you want a fast paced activity to see parts of the harbour with uncontrollable laughter from staff and students.

Dressed for harbour cruising
Dressed for harbour cruising
yellow boat on harbour
Excursion treat: whizzing around the harbour in a bright yellow boat
A wild ride on Sydney Harbour with Thunder Jet
A wild ride on Sydney Harbour with Thunder Jet

After this we went and dried off at Sydney Opera House, enjoying a nice hot chocolate while watching the number of different activities within Sydney waterways. We relaxed with a dinner at Pancakes On The Rocks, then went and enjoyed Vivid Festival and dessert at N2 (recommended to anyone in China Town or Newtown). We then watched in Darling Harbour the water show for Vivid.

Dinner at The Rocks
Students and teachers having dinner at Pancakes On The Rocks
The Vivid display in Sydney
The Vivid display in Sydney

After a busy day on the water and around the waterfront, we had walked the students a solid 23 kilometres throughout the city. We arrived back at our accommodation for an early rise to visit the Sydney Fish Markets. This tour was a fantastic way for our students who are currently studying “Seafood Handling and Preparation”. This tour allowed them to see first hand when the seafood arrives, how the Dutch auction process occurs and the different species provided and how to best prepare for it. The students were also provided with an opportunity to see how much seafood can come in and the price. Unfortunately, there was not a huge amount of seafood available on this day due to the storms throughout the weekend before we left, although it allowed for students to be able to see a variety up close.

Finding out all about fish at the Sydney Fish Markets
Finding out all about fish at the Sydney Fish Markets

As a final part for our tour, we went to Sydney Tower for a behind the scenes tour and a dining experience at the revolving restaurant where students were able to see how food is prepared in the kitchen, stored appropriately and then served in the restaurant. Students all stepped out of their comfort zone to try new and exciting seafood dishes including oysters, baby octopus and fresh prawns.

Behind the scenes tour taking in food preparation on a larger scale.
Behind the scenes tour taking in food preparation on a larger scale.

It was a memorable tour and one that was great for the students to make connections to the lesson content and ask for recipe ideas for their assessment task, where they had to cook and present a cultural seafood dish.

Ms Megan Miller and Ms Shani Loveday

Library News

KMHS library is looking 21st Century! Our library space continues to be a welcoming space for readers, researchers, studiers and creative thinkers alike. The library at any time of the day can be a hive of activity for our senior students studying, classes researching and students participating in our makerspace program.

HSC Trial exams begin in Week 4, Term 3 and we would like to remind students of the availability of study guides for loan in the library.

Year 8H Careers have frequented the library on a weekly basis to develop and evaluate the knowledge, skills, personal values and attributes relevant to a chosen career pathway and its level of job satisfaction. It was noteworthy to hear that, for the task, one student who couldn’t find a professional to interview, had their mum assist them by using the current trend of social media to find a contact!

Year 7S has been researching an animal of their choice for Bio Science. Students have enjoyed the process of locating specific information and presenting it as either a published poster document or an interactive poster using Glogster, where they have embedded videos and hyperlinks to websites for added information. Presentation of their work will take place early in Term 3.

Students have been busy designing and creating works of art during break times with our makerspace program. Ms Kellner, our artist guide and mentor, has been amazing helping our students create these wonderful pieces. Pictures of their finished products will be taken and shared on our school Facebook page next term. Stay tuned for our Term 3 makerspace project, which will see a school competition where students design and program their own 3D model, and winners get to use the 3D printer to produce their final product.

New Series Young Adult fiction isn’t really just for the 12-18 age groups anymore. We’re living in a time where the fiction genres, ostensibly written for teens, are equally adored by readers of every generation. Popularity has grown worldwide for Young Adult fiction and this has been reflected in an increase in student borrowing of both stand-alone fiction and series fiction from our library.


The appeal of graphic fiction has risen amongst our students and this year, the Japanese form Manga, has seen a rise in popularity and an abundance of requests for more series to be added to our shelves. Ms Jeffrey and I support our students in their reading by keeping up to date with current trends and student requests.

Ms Rhonda Carraro, Teacher Librarian

Here are some series fiction that we have recently added to our collection. These are sure to please and should be at the top of the ‘to read’ pile:

No.1. rbook coveread: Illuminae. This series is set in 2575 and is the story of teenage colonist Kady Grant and her fighter pilot boyfriend who is forced to flee on damaged spaceships after their illegal mining colony on the edge of the universe comes under attack from a corporate rival. The couple struggle to repair their broken relationship while unearthing a conspiracy surrounding an intergalactic war that has them dealing with a rogue artificial intelligence and a deadly virus. The book’s unconventional narrative, told via a hacker group’s dossier comprising emails, space ship schematics, instant messages and security reports, has drawn huge praise both in Australia and the US. Great news to come out is that the two Australian writers, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, have teamed up with Warner Bros to bring Illuminae to the big screen.



It has been a busy term in PDHPE, sport and associated electives. At the present time, having completed a unit on managing changes associated with adolescence, Year 7 is undertaking a unit on dance. They have been exposed to a variety of styles including line, bush and social dances from around the world.

Year 8 students are working hard on developing their body awareness and control in gymnastics. They are also learning the importance of working in a team and supporting each other through applying appropriate safety precautions when using the various apparatus involved in the unit.

Our Year 9 is undertaking a unit on celebrating diversity, where they are learning about different countries and cultures through sports and games that have originated in these contexts. They are also exploring issues surrounding discrimination, marginalisation and stereotyping, as well as appreciation of the contribution diversity provides in Australia’s multicultural society.

Year 10 is nearing the end of the ‘Risky Business’ unit, where they have been looking at different risk taking behaviours and strategies to keep themselves safe. Contexts studied include safe driving and partying.

Year 11 is over halfway through their course and are exploring biomechanical principles in an effort to develop their understanding of how the body moves and Year 12 is on the final leg of their 13 year journey through school. They will finish the PDHPE course in a few short weeks, leaving plenty of time for revision before the trials and their HSC examination.

All our students have been engaging in sport at a high level this term, developing their movement skills and games sense in striking and fielding, net and court, target and invasion games.

The end of this term has also seen five students compete in the Sydney North Cross Country, taking place as I write, and the Brisbane Water Athletics Carnival, in which 80 students participated. Notable results will be reported early next term.

In the elective courses, the Rugby boys have been working hard to develop their running lines and there has been a vast improvement in their skills this term. They were also the second best team at the end of the recent Central Coast Rugby 7s Tournament, making their teacher Mr Von Kotze very proud.

PASS students are debating the merits of technology as it relates to participation and performance. In this unit they have been researching how technology has improved athletic performance and experimenting with a variety of technological tools used in sports.

Year 9 and 10 Dance elective students have just completed a Hip Hop practical assessment task. They assisted in the composition of the dance and all performed it to a high standard.

Dance elective students performing in the courtyard

They are now starting a new unit, ‘Dance as a Stimulus’, where they will be using different stimuli to develop composition ideas. Throughout this unit, students will be experiencing composition and performance and will be completing a weekly logbook reflecting on their experiences throughout the unit.

Miss Chloe has begun teaching students a lyrical dance, which will allow them to investigate how stimuli and ideas influence the composition process.

Outdoor Recreation is a new subject offered to our Year 9 students for 2016. So far, they have demonstrated an enthusiasm for all things outdoor, expanding their own experiences with what the local community has to offer.

In Semester1, the students obtained thir Ocean Safety Surfer Award (OSSA) where they:

  • swam 200m in a time less than 5 minutes in pool not less than 25m
  • Demonstrated competency in surf craft riding (using a surfboard or body board or wave ski or stand-up paddle board) by paddling unassisted, negotiating a surf break, catching a wave, recovering lost craft and riding a wave to shore
  • completed a Surf Mission set up in an M shape course commencing with 200m swim, followed by 200m beach run, a 200m surf craft paddle and concluding with a 200m beach run that demonstrates sound physical fitness and competence in negotiating the surf with control in the riding of waves
  • demonstrated surf craft rescues using personal surf craft such as: paddle to rescue an unconscious and/or conscious patient; demonstrate patient approach, side-by-side, roll-over, duck-dive and leg-hook patient pick-up techniques; patient return with patient care including DRSABCD assessment
  • demonstrated use of rescue tube including approach, securing patient and patient return to beach
  • demonstrated knowledge and use of hand signals in land-water/water-land communications
  • identifed potential hazards in the marine coastal environment
  • demonstrated patient assessment (DRSABCD) and simulated resuscitation techniques
  • participated in simulated emergency
    management scenarios.

The theoretical component of the course has required students to undertake private study, participate in group discussions, view audio-visual presentations and complete written tasks using worksheets that relate to surfing activity within inshore coastal beach environments. Topics covered include wave and rip formations, weather, beach topography, rock platforms, hazard identification, surfing strategies, rescue, first aid, resuscitation, respect for the power of the ocean, care for the natural inshore coastal environment and other ocean users.

They have undertaken the Kariong Mountains High Survivor unit. In true survivor fashion, students were randomly divided into tribes. Throughout the unit, tribes competed in fun, non-competitive activities that challenged their intellectual, cooperative, and athletic skills. Each “Survivor” lesson ended in a Tribal Council where the teacher led a group discussion on the lessons learned through the class’ activities, how they related to leadership and how those lessons can be applied in life outside of the gym.

Balancing on the beam
Balancing on the beam

This term they have involved themselves in a Mountain Biking unit, where students have learnt how to safely bike in a range of different environments. Students have been developing and demonstrating skills and confidence in mountain biking. They have participated in bike maintenance, safety and techniques at school and in the Mount Penang Parklands. Students also created some fantastic videos on the benefits of biking, safety considerations and local places, at which you can ride.

Next term we are looking forward to covering mountain fitness, with a lead up to our first ever ski and snowboard trip to Thredbo in late August.

Ms Kerry Smith, Head Teacher PDHPE


We are fortunate here at KMHS to be able to offer a range of fantastic opportunities to our students to further develop their skills to become job ready for the future, through tailored careers related programs.
8C, 8J and 8B focused on two units of work this term, ‘Work Education and Money’, plus ‘Banking and Budgeting’. These units focus on developing understanding and background knowledge of a range of topics including: the Industrial Revolution, WH&S, rights and responsibilities, unions, credit cards, interest, bank statements and so forth.
8H completed a research assignment ‘Expanding Horizons’. This unit was team taught with the teacher librarians and comprised of students researching a career of their choice within specific guidelines and then presenting their findings in class time using one of the following presentation modes: Glogster, video, photo journal, TV style interview, TED talk, webpage or through lecturing in character.

Term 3 will focus on the successful utilisation of the Job Jump website and, in particular, the resume builder. Students will then move onto the ‘Mock Interview’ unit in preparation for their mock interviews in Term 4.

Extra Curricular Courses and Activities

Three incredibly talented students won the opportunity, by writing a submission of 30 words, to tour the University of Tasmania on a fully funded trip. This was an incredible experience for these families. Congratulations!!!

Links to Learning

Semester 1 Links to Learning participants have developed transferable skills in a range of VET areas, which will significantly assist and advantage our students with post school employment and transition.

Links to Learning participants in makeover mode
Links to Learning participants in makeover mode

Conservation and Land Management

Participants will continue this course next term with a new facilitator.

Information Technology and Digital Media

Participants are developing their IT skills in both hardware and software.

Boys learning about the hardware side of computer technology
Boys learning about the hardware side of computer technology

Try – A – Skill Day

Students went to Ourimbah TAFE where they were able to try-a-skill for the day. There were a vast range of trades on offer and students were able to participate in as many as they wanted. This was a fantastic opportunity for our students and an enjoyable day was had by all.

student putting out fires
Student extinguishing a fire on Try-A-Skill Day
Student learning resuscitation technique at Try-A-Skill Day
Student learning resuscitation technique at Try-A-Skill Day

Ms Sara Cutting

Wellbeing News

This term has been a big term for our Wellbeing Team at Kariong Mountains. Our students have been lucky enough to access many programs and workshops to help with their wellbeing. We have had groups involved in Drumbeat, Managing the Bull and Food Forest.


Drumbeat is a 10 week course that involves participants in learning to play Djembe drums as a form of personal development education. In the program, students work on issues including peer pressure, coping with emotions, diversity, risk taking, identity and social responsibility. By practising rhythm strategies in Drumbeat sessions, participants support each other to apply lessons in their everyday lives.
Drumbeat has been developed by the Holyoake Institute and has strong evidence for developing emotional regulation, increasing self-esteem and enhancing social skills. This is achieved through 5 core elements – drum rhythms, games, discussion, improvisation and performance. Mr Treece is trained in Drumbeat and runs the program. Mr Quinn has very kindly given up his time this term to act as co-facilitator. This term, the students have been working on their rhythms and are leading up to a performance for the end of term. One student said, ‘I love drumbeat because now instead of doing silly things I try and drum it out so that I make better choices’.

Boys keeping the beat in a Drumbeat circle
Boys keeping the beat in a Drumbeat circle

Food Forest

The ‘Food Forest’ program at KMHS aims to promote positive interactions between our students and provides them with opportunities to develop relevant skills and increase engagement at school. Our current group has been making excellent progress. Since our last update, the boys have removed some Dianella plants, further trimmed back the Holly Bush and begun construction of a teepee, which will be used as a structure to grow climbing plants on. It is great to see the group displaying excellent teamwork skills, working together to achieve success and making positive improvements to our wonderful school. Keep up the hard work boys!!

Students planting tree as part of Food Forest project
Students planting tree as part of Food Forest project

Managing the Bull

Managing the Bull is a program run at Kariong Mountains High School aiming to develop resilience in teenagers to cope with the social pressures associated with adolescence. While Kariong Mountains High School has a strong anti-bullying policy, no school can guarantee that for 6 years your child will never have a disagreement with a peer, relationship break down or change in friendship groups. This is where Managing the Bull promotes assertive communication, self-esteem and the development of support networks to cope with these pressures. Additionally, there is now a strong focus on cyber bullying and ways to minimise the risk of being a victim online. The program runs each term for the duration of 6 weeks, where students will be involved in a one to two hour workshop each week.

Ms Monica Pallas
Head Teacher Wellbeing

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