Newsletter Term 2 – Week 2

Important Dates

Monday May 9Aquarium excursion
Tuesday May 10Year 12 Excursion Nan Tien Temple
Naplan – Years 7 and 9
Wednesday May 11Year 12 Excursion Nan Tien Temple
Naplan – Years 7 and 9
Drama Night 6:30pm
Thursday May 12Naplan – Years 7 and 9
Year 12 HSC Music Study Day
NOTE: TICKETS for DRAMA NIGHT $5 at front office

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From the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope our families have had an enjoyable break and are now keen for our students to get back on track with their learning. Term 2 is important in the annual cycle, as the end of semester reports are issued, and followed up with parent teacher evenings. These are a great opportunity to make a personal connection with your child’s teachers and we look forward to meeting with as many parents/caregivers as possible. Please save the date for 22nd and 29th June.
Our Year 10 subject selection evening is also scheduled for 1st June. Students will have interviews with a staff panel before this date, but I encourage you to have in-depth conversations about possible career directions, for as extended a time as possible. This will allow you and the student to make a more informed choice about the best subjects to choose. I will send a letter to each Year 10 family in the next couple of weeks to assist with this decision making.

‘The School Does Nothing to Help’ – Busting this Myth

I understand that when parents and students are having issues with schooling, be it academic or due to conflict with other students, then they can be disappointed in the school’s response. Sometimes the accusation thrown out is ‘that we (the school or myself, personally) do nothing’.

I have to admit that this comment is very hurtful and so far from the truth. Why? Whilst I can admit that we are not able to successfully solve all issues (sometimes they are too connected to factors happening outside our control), we do our best with the information that we have; we persist and keep working with the student and their family to support the student’s wellbeing and resilience.

This is why we have continued to develop our Student Services program and introduced the 2nd DP position; to improve our capacity to work with students from a number of different vantages. Additionally, any number of staff volunteer to step in and help and our careers advisor works in collaboration with our other teams to provide opportunities that link in with the community.

Every case brought to our attention by concerned staff or students and their families is investigated and actioned, but unfortunately, it is not always brought to our attention soon enough and by this time the student feels that they are out of options. Sometimes, the student hides that there is an issue and to the outside world there are no indicators of stress. It may be that better communication about how we can support is needed and if this is the case, then we willingly look to what can be done to achieve that. Once again, I seek your assistance in contacting us early, meet with us and work with us, from the earliest stages until we achieve success, embedding this collaborative approach into how we help our students. A cornerstone of our school’s operation is ‘doing something’ to help students – you may want to interrogate us about our approach, but not that we do nothing.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy Principal

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope all students and their families had a happy and safe holiday.

At the end of last term Michelle Bennett and I had the privilege of attending the graduation ceremony at NAISDA. 14 of our Indigenous students also attended celebrating the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancers. As expected, our students represented the school proudly and are to be commended for this.

During the holidays PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) signage was placed around the school. PBL is a program that, as the name suggests, promotes positive behaviour. Clear expectations of student behaviour  are identified and reinforced on a consistent basis across the school. KMHS has participated in this program in the past and all of our partner schools participate in the program. More information will be provided to students this term.

Students who participate in excursions are expected to have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate responsible behaviour. Starting this term we will be adopting a behaviour code for attendance at excursions. The code is as follows:


What does this mean in action?

All students for whom the excursion is targeted, or who nominate to be involved in a sporting/co-curricular event will have their behaviour record examined to determine if there is possible cause for concern about their behaviour and capacity to self-manage that behaviour.

If a student has received a number of referrals from staff and wishes to participate/or is in the cohort for attending the excursion, then these will be considered by the Deputy Principal before the permission note is issued and a decision about whether the student can attend will be made.  This decision will be based on factors including severity, frequency and emerging patterns of behaviour. The Deputy Principal may seek guidance from the Year Advisor before coming to a final decision.

Students with unresolved N-award warnings will not be permitted to attend/participate in an excursion/activity, without evidence of significant progress on a resolution plan.

Due to the complex nature of different types of behaviour and whether they are repetitive or once only, it is too difficult to put forward a definite number of referrals that leads to withdrawal from the event.  Each case will be documented and the parents/carers and students are entitled to full disclosure about the decision making process.

Students will be issued with a letter outlining the reason/s why they are ineligible to attend the excursion, at the same time as permission notes are handed out. The Deputy or teacher-in-charge will ring home to communicate this decision to the parent, and request if the parent would like a copy of the letter in the post or electronically. A neutral referral will be placed on Sentral by the teacher-in-charge.

Parents/carers may appeal to the Principal.  The timeframe for appeals will vary depending on the activity. It is expected that a change of decision will only occur if new information comes to light or there was an issue with the process.  The Principal’s decision is final.

School Uniform Requirement

Students are only permitted to attend the excursion/activity if they are wearing full school uniform (unless the permission note indicates a variation to this rule).

Day Excursions/sporting teams

Unless there are unusual circumstances, only referrals up to a month before the date of the activity will be considered.

Overnight Excursions/Camps

Unless there are unusual circumstances, only referrals up to 3 months before the date of the activity will be considered.

Suspension Protocols

For short suspensions, a student is unable to participate in an excursion for at least 1 week after the resolution date, regardless of any other referral data, positive or negative.

For long suspensions, a student is unable to participate in an excursion for at least 4 weeks after the resolution date, regardless of any other referral data, positive or negative.

Note:  An exception may be made by the Principal in very rare and unique situations, if the activity is very close to the end of the exclusion date and will be on a case by case basis.

Excursions linked to mandatory curriculum requirements

These will be considered on a case by case basis, but generally, an alternative experience can be offered to the student so that curriculum requirements are still met.

Attendance at School

A student who is not able to attend an excursion is expected to be at school unless they have a justifiable reason for being absent.

Anzac Day 2016

KMHS School Captains at Anzac day service

Kariong Mountains High School represented at the ANZAC day service at Gosford by Mr Cartner and School Captains Marika and Nathan. Marika and Nathan placed the wreath of native flowers at the Cenotaph on
behalf of the High School.


KMHS Wolves – Sporting Highlights

On Wednesday 30th March we had our 7th KMHS athletics carnival. Everyone looked great dressed in colours and characters supporting the four houses. This year participation was fantastic with many students entering all field events and most track events. It was also great to see our year 12 students encouraging the team spirit with the younger year groups. Congratulations to everyone who came on the day, and everyone who went in an event.

[envira-gallery slug=”athletics-carnival-2016″]

This year we trialled electronic timing and will continue to use this in the future. This means that all records on the track for the 100m, 200m and 400m will be reset in 2016. Records for all age groups prior to this year’s carnival will stand as hand times.

It was a very close battle for champion athletics house on the day. Congratulations to Popran for taking home the win and to Miss Huey and Mr Tagg for leading the house athletes to victory!

Athletics Carnival House Points 2016

  • Popran 2491
  • Dharug 2412
  • Girrakool 2028
  • Bouddi 1729

There were also outstanding individual achievements on the day with several records being broken.

Athletics Age Champions for 2016

  • 12 Years, Girls – Nikeisha Bruellke-Trowbridge
  • 12 Years, Boys – Michael Harradine
  • 13 Years, Girls – Erica Clarlisle
  • 13 Years, Boys – Blake McDonald
  • 14 Years, Girls –  Ella Ruane
  • 14 Years, Boys – Blake Halfnights
  • 15 Years, Girls – Jakala Marsh
  • 15 Years, Boys – William Hudson
  • 16 Years, Girls – Rachael Mortel
  • 16 Years, Boys – Kyle Young
  • 17 Years, Girls – Paige Farrant
  • 17 Years, Boys – Adam Schuman

The zone team will be selected and finalised in Term 2. The date for the Zone athletics carnival is Monday 27th June at Mingara Regional Athletics Centre.

Miss Kimberley James

Equestrian News

For those who are not aware, we have some talented riders who represent the school in equestrian competitions around the State. Over the years, they have had many successes and we are proud to see their personal achievements being celebrated in our school colours.
For example, in April, Ramani in Year 7 participated in her first ever interschool event, the Oxley College Equestrian Day, riding her pony, ‘Flynn’. She was awarded a 2nd place, two 3rd places and two 4th places in the five events in which she participated. Ramani stated that her favourite event is show jumping and she is looking forward to participating in future competitions.

Ramani riding her pony ‘Flynn’ at the Oxley College Equestrian Day - April 2016 Ramani riding her pony ‘Flynn’ at the Oxley College Equestrian Day - April 2016
2016 Trivia Night - Colour Your World
2015-2016 NSW Family Energy Rebate