Newsletter – Term 2, Week 4

Important Dates

Thursday May 18Year 11 & 1 Vaccination Day
Visual Arts Year 10: Gosford Gallery
Monday May 22Online Bookings for Stage 6 Parent Interviews close
Wednesday May 24Stage 6 Parent Interviews
Friday May 26Zone Cross Country
Monday May 29Sydney Aquarium – Years 9, 10 & 11 Marine Studies
Tuesday May 30Indigenous Community Morning Tea
Friday June 2Year 9 Wellbeing Day
Years 10 + 11 Subject Selection Interviews

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From the Principal

Although still a young school compared to other schools on the coast, after seven years of operation, it is timely to look over our overall structures, curriculum and daily organisation.

This is not to say that what we are doing needs to change, but it is an opportunity to reflect on why we operate as we do and whether there are better ways to support learning. What is most exciting, is that this time around we can also include student voice in the decision making process.

Any changes that are put in place will be phased in to ensure that the continuity of learning is assured and that all decisions are based on putting the needs of students first. For example, we are currently looking at the line structure in Stage 6 which will have an impact on the number of classes before and after school. I will send out a survey in the next few weeks to seek input from parents.


In the last newsletter, I made an error in naming the 2016 dux. Although Sarah did amazingly well, the honour of achieving the top result in the HSC went to Kallen Farley and his name will soon be added to our school dux board in the front foyer. I will be sure to apologise personally when we hope to hear him speak at Presentation Night!

School Bus

We are getting a 12 seater bus and it should be here by the end of term. This will be a great asset for our school teams and smaller excursions. Thank you to the P&C whose generous donation of funds has helped make this possible.

Ms Anne Vine

From our Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal

On Monday last week, our School Leadership Team met to put in place their visions of introducing the school’s house system. The students have come up with some great ideas to incorporate all aspects of school life into the system. There is still a lot more work to be done and we look forward to trialling the implementation by the end of the year.

STAR Awards

Recently we held our STARS Assembly for first semester. The number of recipients was at a record high, which is very pleasing. This demonstrates that there is a positive learning culture in our school and our students understand the importance of their education. I would like to thank Ms Milne, Ms Meyer, Mr Burns and the office staff for their hard work in organising the event. Well done also to our performers who made the assembly more enjoyable. Finally, a big congratulations to all award winners!

Future captains holding up their STAR awards
Future captains holding up their STAR awards
Year 12 Students holding STAR awards
Year 12 Students posing with their STAR awards
Group photo of award recipients
Group photo of STAR award recipients
Congratulations to the award recipients
Congratulations to STAR award recipients
Proud students holding up their awards
Proud KMHS students holding up their STAR awards
Student and Deputy posing at the STARS awards ceremony
Student and Deputy posing at the STARS awards ceremony

Road Safety

Last week was Road Safety Week which traditionally promotes awareness for motorists. I spoke to students on assembly and explained that there is a dual responsibility. People who are walking, skateboarding, scootering or cycling also need to be cautious and sensible around traffic. Too often, I am getting phone calls from community members describing dangerous behaviour by some of our students. We have had a number of our students seriously hurt over the past couple of years and I don’t want to hear of anymore. Parents are encouraged to promote safe behaviour with their kids and ensure that they wear helmets.

PBL voucher winners for the past fortnight are Kara Speck (Year 8) and Tara Ryan (Year 10).

PBL Reward recipients Term 2 - week 4
Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Please Help

For the first time in its history, Kariong Mountains High School will be host to a group of 18 Vietnamese students, ranging in age from Year 7 – Year 12. This visit will take place between the dates of June 14th – June 23rd. During the stay, students will attend classes at our school and undertake a few excursions with their tour leaders.

We have interested families, but need more host families to participate in this exciting and wonderful experience. We are looking for host families willing to board 1 or 2 students during their visit. Each host family will receive $384 per student to support the hosting arrangement. Please contact Ms Skerritt at KMHS for more information.

Becoem a host family to students visiting from Vietnam

Media Release from NESA re NAPLAN and the new HSC minimum standards

We have reproduced this article for the information of parents of Year 9 students:

Students around the country in Years 3, 5, 7 have recently sat the annual NAPLAN tests in reading, writing and numeracy.

For Year 9 students in NSW, this is the first of a number of opportunities they will have to demonstrate the new HSC minimum standard for 2020.

“Some advanced Year 9s will achieve a Band 8 result in one or more of their reading, writing and numeracy tests this week. This is a fantastic result and shows they are already at the minimum standard we expect for the HSC in one or more areas” said NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) CEO David de Carvalho.

“But I want to assure all Year 9 students that you will have the opportunity to sit your HSC exams regardless of your NAPLAN results. You have three more years of learning, and many more opportunities to reach the standard by the HSC.”

NESA modelling suggests the majority of Year 9 students will pre-qualify for the HSC minimum standard in at least one of the three areas via the upcoming NAPLAN tests, and that the vast majority will demonstrate the HSC minimum standard in all three areas by Year 12.

“NESA understands that students learn at different rates and we expect that the majority of students will be sitting at least one of the short, online reading, writing and numeracy tests in years 10, 11 or 12,” Mr de Carvalho said.

“Students are going to need adequate reading, writing and numeracy skills to make sure they can do things like compare discounted goods, write a job application and follow written instructions to operate equipment safely.”

The new online literacy and numeracy tests will be available from 2018 following a pilot planned for later this year. Teachers will work with students to decide when they are ready to attempt each test and once each test is passed it will not have to be sat again.

KMHS Athletics Carnival 2017

Thank you to all our wonderful students who participated in our 8th school Athletics Carnival. It was great to see such amazing participation. Looking forward to KMHS being represented at zone later in the term!

Race start at the Athletics Carnival
Race start at the Athletics Carnival
All smiles trackside
KMHS Athletics Carnival 2017

Thank you also to our beautiful hospitality students, who catered the event for the day. The food and service was fantastic!

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