Newsletter Term 4 – Week 8

Important Dates

Mon – Fri, December 5 – 9Year 10 Gold Coast Excursion
Cross Roads
Tuesday December 6Year 6-7 Orientation Day
Monday December 12Presentation Day
Presentation Evening
Tuesday December 13Rewards Day
Talent Show
Friday December 16Last Day of School – 2016
Return Dates for 2017Friday 27 January: Staff return for Term 1 2017
Monday 30 January: Years 7, 11, 12 + Peer Support Leaders return
Tuesday 31 January: Years 8, 9 & 10 return to school

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Growing Outside our Comfort Zone

From the Principal

The annual cancer fund raiser, ‘’Stars of the Central Coast Dance-Off’, sees our Central Coast Secondary Principals’ Council President, Ms Shayne Player, as a participant.

Ms Player commented that this competition takes her very much out of her comfort zone, something that we are often asking of students. This got me thinking, that schooling is about challenging existing skills and mindsets, to change and develop who we currently are into who we can become.

The change process involves a level of discomfort until the change becomes normalised and we should be encouraging our students to go through the change process on a regular basis, as this is what preparation for being successful in life is all about. We need to separate abnormal anxiety from the normal anxiety associated with change, as if we shy away from experiencing any anxiety/discomfort and learning how to work through it, then we will never realise our potential, because we don’t have the skill set to know how to take on something new. Who would argue, that today’s society is not ever changing?

A common school example? Public speaking. We want our children to assertively be their own advocates. They can be, by having the confidence to speak out, but for many students, this practice takes them right out of their comfort zone. School is a safe, learning place to practise this skill and make the change into being a confident speaker. Yes, your child may be anxious, but if we continue to push them a little more each time and practise at home as well as at school, then they will get there. So the message is, the experience of discomfort is part of learning how to change and we do not help our children grow, if we try and cocoon them from it. Instead, we should let them know to expect it and share with them when we have gone through it, so that they see it as a normal part of the learning process and life itself

Please note, for a very few students, there is a genuine diagnosis of medical anxiety and, for these students, different strategies to develop confidence and skills in this area have to be employed.

Ms Anne Vine,

From the Deputy’s Desk

Last week, students in Years 7 to 10 completed Mind Matters surveys during WRAD / Senior Start. This approach was taken as there was not enough data from the first survey. The results will be analysed and programs implemented in the new year.

At our last school assembly the rights and responsibilities of students were outlined. They have been developed by the students of KMHS. The rights of an individual must be balanced against their responsibility to exercise their rights without infringing upon the rights of others.



A right is something that belongs to you and cannot be taken away. We all have the same rights.Each person can say:

I have the right-

A responsibility is something you should do automatically and relates to respecting the rights of others. We all have the same responsibilities.Each person can say:

I have the responsibility-

To be happy and safeTo behave in a way which also allows others to feel happy and safe at school, travelling to and from school and in the community
To have an opportunity to learnTo behave in a way which allows themselves and others to learn
To be treated fairlyTo treat others fairly
To be treated with respectTo respect staff, students and visitors, regardless of differences
To have achievements celebratedTo celebrate the success of others
To belong to a school which enjoys a good reputationTo behave in a way which enhances the reputation of the school.

Mr Scott White,
Deputy Principal


Christmas Fair Sunday Dec 4 at Mt Penang