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Resources and information to assist parents and students navigate organisational changes brought about by COVID-19.

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Term 3 organisation banner

Term 3 Organisation:

  • Term 3 Commences Tue 21/7 with a return to:
  • The original timetable
  • Routines and school uniform
  • Interschool sports

Term 3 Timetables are now updated and can be accessed on the Student Portal as per normal organisation.

COVID-19 - safety advice

Study Tips & Advice

  • Establish a learning environment
  • Aim to follow a daily routine
  • Limit distractions while studying
  • Take regular breaks to move around
  • Eat healthy food and get enough sleep
  • Dedicate time to your interests
  • Connect with your teachers for feedback and support
  • Be kind to yourself!

Wellbeing Support

The wellbeing of our families is important! If you are struggling, please let us know via the forms below:

Learning and Support Referral Wellbeing Referral

Please visit our Wellbeing Site, which contains useful resources and support links.

wellbeing home link

KMHS Online Learning

Google classrooms icon Students need to logon to Google Classroom to access their course material.

Wheelers eplatform app now available at KMHS library The Wheelers ePlatform app enables students to download eBooks and Audio books to expand their reading.

Thanking schools for working together!

Learning Expectations

Learning Access

  1. Online Learning is facilitated through Google Classroom
  2. Students login using student email address, User ID and password (same as the one used to sign on to devices at school)
  3. Check your email daily for live sessions and updates
  4. Contact the school if your child has any issues accessing Google Classroom
  5. Please note: Parents cannot join Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

Below are Quick Reference Guides to help you navigate the online learning experience:

QRG – Accessing Google Classroom

QRG – Joining Google Classrooms

QRG – Using Google Classroom

QRG – Completing Google Classroom Work

Process of Borrowing a Laptop from the School

If your child is in need of a laptop to complete their online learning, please see the instructions below:

  KMHS Laptop Contract

  1. Download the PDF document above
  2. Read and complete relevant fields in the document to acknowledge that you and your child agree to the responsibilities in the charter
  3. Save the document
  4. Submit the request form on this page, or, email the completed contract to the school email address:
  5. Once the school receives your request and signed contract, a laptop will be organised for your child. The school will contact you with confirmation of date and time when the laptop is ready to be collected.