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Aboriginal Education

Kariong Mountains High School is committed to closing the achievement gap for Aboriginal students, as well as ensuring all students value the rich and vibrant cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Active and Community based Indigenous Education

We work closely with our Indigenous students to help them both value their cultural identity and develop personalised learning plans that will support them to be successful learners. At Kariong Mountains High School, each Aboriginal student nominates a member of staff to become their personal mentor, who then works with both the student and the student’s family to establish effective personalised learning plans. There is an active Aboriginal Education Team in the school who work closely with the local Indigenous community and parents to implement strategies to celebrate Australia’s Aboriginal heritage through community workshops and cultural events such as NAIDOC day celebrations. Indigenous students are also supported in finding pathways into further employment and education through our ties to programs at the University of Newcastle, University of New South Wales and Green Central.

All students in Year 7 study Aboriginal Studies and all Key Learning Areas are committed to integrating the teaching of Aboriginal Culture, Language and values into programs across the school. The school uses the 8 Ways of Learning framework to support and engage all students by integrating traditional Indigenous teaching methods into the classroom.

The school is a member of the ‘Dare to Lead’ coalition, which is a commonwealth funded national project with a focus on improving educational outcomes for all students.