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Student Homework Diary

The first step in getting organised in high school is for students to use a diary effectively. The Year 7 book pack includes a diary to help give students the very best start here.

Teachers are involved in showing students how to successfully use their diary for every subject to track homework, assessment tasks and key dates, communication and/or reminders.

KMHS student diary week at a glance

What do these diaries mean for you as a parent/caregiver?

Well, the answer is simple. In every period of every day, students will place their diaries on their desk so that they can write down any requirements for specific subjects. This means that at a glance you can look at the diary to see any homework, assessment tasks and communication that are relevant to your child. The diaries are also a great place for you to communicate with your child’s teachers.

How can you support your child in getting organised?

  • Make sure that your child packs their diary each day.
  • Look at their diary with them to discuss and track their day-to-day progress and sign off
    weekly to acknowledge this.
  • If a student has homework for that subject, check that they complete it.
  • If they complete or have no homework for that night, students should then work on their assessment tasks.
  • Use the diary to ask any questions that you have to the teachers of specific subjects.
  • AND most importantly, celebrate your student’s ability to stay organised at high school.

Electronic Diary

During their senior years at Kariong Mountains High School, students are encouraged to use an electronic diary.

These diaries are a key component to student success. They encourage students to stay organised, are a great way for you to know ‘what is going on’ and provide an easy method of communication with your child’s teacher.