Welfare Team and Wellbeing Initiatives

KMHS Student Wellbeing

Throughout each year, the Student Welfare Team of our school implements a number of programs to assist students to cater for welfare needs.

Meet the Team

The Year Advisors are a central point of communication between the school and home regarding the wellbeing of your child.

If you would like to contact a Year Advisor, please call 4340 0246 or email us at:

Student Welfare Team 2021
Leanne FoubisterSchool Counsellor
Ms Jessica MeyerSupervisor of Girls
Mr James TreeceSupervisor of Boys
Ms Monica PallasHead Teacher Wellbeing
Mr James TreeceStudent Welfare
Ms Stephanie RichmondYear 7 Advisor
Mr Sean KlempertYear 8 Advisor
Ms Jessica MilneYear 9 Advisor
Ms Courtney ThompsonYear 10 Advisor
Ms Megan MillerYear 11 Advisor
Mr Alex BlythYear 12 Advisor

Rock and Water

Most students at some point during their time at Kariong Mountains High School will have the opportunity to participate in the Rock and Water program.

Students will develop, through a self-defence form using exercises and strengthening drills, a growing awareness of themselves on their way to adulthood.

On one hand they are taught to defend themselves from various forms of violence and on the other hand they are taught to grow more awareness of boundaries and the consequences of crossing them.

Managing the Bull

‘Managing the Bull’ is a 6-week course that builds resilience in teens through games, activities and discussions. In a safe, supportive environment, participants will learn to:

  • Recognise bullying
  • Discover inner strengths
  • Build self esteem
  • Communicate effectively
  • Deal with cyber-bullying
  • Build support networks
  • Use personal protection plans

Young Women and Young Men Programs

A program we are introducing this year is called the Young Men’s/Women’s Program. Gosford City Council Youth Services have developed this program that is designed to address issues facing teenage boys and girls.

The program is developed, facilitated and resourced by professional youth development workers based at Kariong Youth Centre. The Young Men’s/Women’s Program will be targeting issues of self esteem, health, teamwork, personal goals, bullying, healthy relationships and anger.

Learning & Support Team

The Learning and Support Team (L&ST) facilitates and coordinates a whole school approach to meeting the needs of students with additional learning needs, including the needs of GAT students. It focuses on addressing the learning needs of students by ensuring that collaborative planning and programming occurs, that effective implementation strategies are in place, that available and appropriate school resources are being utilised and that monitoring, assessment and reporting strategies have been agreed upon. The team also monitors and supports staff professional learning needs in relation to supporting students with additional learning needs.

The L&ST considers the type and level of support that students require to address their curriculum, communication, social skills, personal care, safety and mobility needs. The team identifies and brings together key personnel within the school community who are most suitable to be involved in the delivery of the student’s learning program.

Examples of areas of action by the Learning Support Team include:

  • Evaluating student referrals to the Learning and Support Team
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of learning support plans
  • Co-ordinating the support of internal and external personnel
  • Facilitating communication within the school
  • Evaluating strategies
  • Providing direction for professional learning needs of staff.

The L&ST is comprised of:

  • An executive member of staff
  • L&ST Coordinator
  • Learning and Support Teachers
  • School Counsellor
  • Year Advisors
  • School Learning Support Officers
  • Interested staff members
  • Fluid membership involving individuals who attend to support a referral to the L&ST, who have an interest in a current agenda item or who have a particular role requiring their involvement in developing strategies for individual students.