Week 10, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

KMHS students in the cross country run

This issue includes links to Stage 5 and Stage 6 Subject Selection videos, along with end of Term notices, a fascinating article on Project Based Learning, plus organisation updates for the start of Term 3…

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Week 8, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes information about the process for Stage 5 and Stage 6 Subject Selection, along with updates highlighting recent changes to organisation and daily structure ….

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Week 6, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

Students walking in Mt Penang

This issue includes information about National Reconciliation Week, amended timetables for Weeks 7 & 8, an update about the 2021 High Achievers Selective Class, Careers news, Attendance and more…

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Week 4, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes information about the full return to school, starting Monday, May 25 and covers organisation surrounding learning in the classroom during weeks 5-10.

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Week 2, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

Kariong Mountains High School grounds

Welcome back to Term 2! This issue includes information and advice on the current COVID-19 situation and staged return to school during Term 2. Also in this issue, exciting updates from both Careers and and the school library.

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 10

Girls looking through microscope

This final issue for Term 2 covers the importance of school uniform, parent teacher evenings, a successful lockdown drill and teacher vs student dodgeball match results. Science is the faculty in focus this week, with photos and exciting updates on what the students have been learning. We wish you all a happy and safe holiday!

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 8

This issue includes and update with photos from the Year 8 and 10 Subject Selection evening, and praise for KMHS football referees from our relieving principal. Deputy provides advice for keeping sickness at bay. PDHPE is in focus with photos and videos of what students have been doing this term …

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 6

KMHS will be hosting a Subject Selection Information Evening on Wednesday June 13. Our Faculty spotlights in this issue are Mathematics and the Japan Tour. Read about the STARS assembly, CCTV, school uniform, National Reconciliation week and more …

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 4

plane in the sky

This issue includes important information about bus travel, parking restrictions outside schools, learning to drive and an open invitation to volunteer in the school canteeen. We also wish our Principal an inspiring time on her long service leave.

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 2, Week 2

Welcome back to Term 2 to all our families and students. The start of any new term is a great opportunity to apply improved habits for learning through having good study routines, being organised, being positive about potential for success and then being prepared to put in the effort.

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