Welcome to KMHS in 2016

Important Dates

Thursday 4 FebruarySwimming Carnival
Monday 8 FebruaryDeposit Due for Great Aussie Bush Camp
Thursday 18 FebruarySchool Photos

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From the Principal

Welcome back to all our students and their families and to our new Year 7 cohort as we begin another learning adventure at Kariong Mountains High School in 2016. The start of the school year is always optimistic, with students and staff feeling refreshed and energised to learn. I hope that 2016 is characterised by this positivity and that our values of unity, knowledge and respect continue to drive our shared approach to creating the best learning environment for our students.

There are few staffing changes for this year. We welcome Mr Burns who comes to us with some great ideas for further developing our musical opportunities and welcome back Mrs Meyer, Ms Milne and Mr McGlynn. Mr White is on leave for the first half of the term and Ms Matthew has taken on the role of relieving DP, with Mr Riley stepping into the role of HT Maths.

Congratulations to our Year 12 class of 2015 and to the dux of the year, Zacheriah Simunovic. We have
heard of many students gaining entry into university through the SRS scheme and other students taking up university, TAFE and job offers. We wish them all the best and hope that they keep in contact.

Once again, we have increased the number of laptops for student use, so that they have many opportunities to engage in twenty first century technological learning. We are also a ‘Bring your Own Device’ (BYOD) school and students can bring their own mobile device and use it with the school’s network (provided it meets the network specifications). Increased use of technology not only helps develop essential skills, but helps minimise paper usage. I understand that sometimes it seems easier to just get a paper copy of something (if it gets home to you), but our students are moving into a world which does less and less on paper, particularly, at the tertiary level of study, to which we hope our students aspire. Even the HSC, is moving more in that direction. So as well as thinking about the environment, it is relevant to life outside of school to get students using technology for research and also to manage their organisation of learning. This is the reason why we have moved to using a program called Sentral, which has both a student and parent portal, and have a school app and Facebook page. We are also updating the school website so that information and communication is as paperless, but easy to access and as up to date as possible. We do not want to disadvantage families that may have difficulty with internet access, so please contact the school if you are not able to access information electronically.

Ms Anne Vine

Managing the Bull

Managing the Bull is a program run by Mr Wood at Kariong Mountains High School. The program aims to develop resilience in teenagers to cope with the social pressures associated with adolescence. While Kariong Mountain High School has a strong anti-bullying policy, no school can guarantee that for 6 years your child will never have a disagreement with a peer, relationship break down or change in friendship groups.

This is where Managing the Bull promotes assertive communication, self-esteem and the development of support networks to cope with these pressures. Additionally, there is now a strong focus on cyber-bullying and ways to minimise the risk of being a victim online. The program runs each term for the duration of 6 weeks where students will be involved in a one and a half hour workshop each week. If you would like your child to be involved in this program, please contact the school and request their name to be passed onto Mr Wood.

Mr Leigh Wood
Year 8 Advisor

Autism Workshop

Free autism workshop for families in WYOMING. Like all school-age students, young people on the autism spectrum benefit from strong, positive relationships between the home and school. Positive Partnerships uses evidence based materials and practical resources to help support these relationships by facilitating workshops for parents and carers in your local community.

Details for the upcoming One Day Workshop

  • Dates: Wednesday 24th February 2016
  • Venue: Quality Inn, The Willows. 512 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming NSW 2250
  • Cost: Free – including resources, lunch, morning tea and refreshments
  • Full details and online registration at www.positivepartnerships.com.au

The workshop is funded as part of an Australian Government Department of Education and Training initiative to support school-age children with ASD across Australia.

Ms Kelly Doyle