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Wellbeing: Self Help

I’m worried about myself


Feeling Angry

It is natural to feel annoyed, frustrated or even angry. Sometimes we express anger to hide other difficult feelings such as shame, embarrassment, sadness, jealousy, worries or stress. It can be hard to manage these emotions, especially in stressful situations. We all express anger in different ways, so it’s important to understand what works for you.

For more information see: ReachOut – 8 ways to deal with anger


Feeling Sad

It is okay to feel sad or down sometimes as these feelings are a normal part of life. To look after yourself, it’s important to know when to take action. It might be time to seek help if:

  • You’re feeling down for most of the day, almost every day
  • You feel lonely, isolated and withdrawn
  • Stop enjoying things you normally take pleasure in doing
  • Crying for no reason
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Feel like you have no energy
  • Cannot sleep
  • Cannot concentrate

For more information see:

Kids Helpline – Feeling Sad and Depressed
Black Dog Institute – Depression in Adolescents
Lifeline – Loss and Grief
Beyond Blue – Understanding Grief and Loss


Feeling Worried

Life can become overwhelming at times. When we become overwhelmed we can experience nervous or anxious feelings. In some situations, these feelings can help us avoid danger or help us perform at our best. On the other hand, if feeling worried makes everyday life difficult, it may be time to get some support.

For more information see: