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I am Feeling ...

Use the emoji links to find useful information and support, relevant to how you are feeling ...

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I'm Feeling Angry...
Don't let anger take over...

It is natural to feel annoyed, frustrated or even angry. Sometimes we express anger to hide other difficult feelings such as shame, embarrassment, sadness, jealousy, worries or stress. It can be hard to manage these emotions, especially in stressful situations. We all express anger in different ways, so it’s important to understand what works for you.

Warning Signs:

Pounding heart
Tight chest
Snappy or defensive
Feeling argumentative
Raised voice
Flash of bad mood

I'm Feeling Sad ...

It is okay to feel sad or down sometimes as these feelings are a normal part of life. To look after yourself, it’s important to know when to take action.

It might be time to seek HELP if you:

Feel down for most of the day, almost every day
Feel lonely, isolated and withdrawn
Don't enjoy things you normally like doing
Crying for no reason

Feel down for most of the day, almost every day
Feel lonely, isolated and withdrawn
Don't enjoy things you normally take pleasure in doing
Crying for no reason

Have feelings of guilt or worthlessness
Feel like you have no energy
Unable to sleep
Unable to concentrate

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Sad Support Links
Information and Support Links
Feeling Sad?

Below you can access support and information from organisations devoted to helping young people through difficult times. You can also talk to a trusted adult.

boy sitting against wall with arms wrapped around legs
I'm Feeling Worried ...

Life can become overwhelming at times. When we become overwhelmed we can experience nervous or anxious feelings. In some situations, these feelings can help us avoid danger or help us perform at our best. On the other hand, if feeling worried makes everyday life difficult, it may be time to get some support.

Support: Years 7 and 8
Support: Year 9 and above
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Wellbeing: Friend Help

Taking a 'first-aid' approach to support:

I am Worried about my friend ...

Helping friends out can be both rewarding and challenging. When friends are struggling with mental fitness, it is important for us to take a ‘first aid’ approach and remember that we do not have to take on the responsibility to fix problems. Good friends understand that they can listen and then should let a trusted adult know what is happening. We can recommend places to go for support (see below), but should not set ourselves up as experts – This can cause stress for us and prevents our friends from getting the appropriate support that they need.

Where to send our friends for support
At School:
In the Community:
Download this fact sheet from Headspace:
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Wellbeing: Parent Help

Support links and resources for parents and carers.

I am Worried about my child ...

Parenting teenagers can sometimes be hard work, with their demands on your time and energy being very different from when they were younger.

Follow the links below to access useful mental health resources for parents online:

Please let the Wellbeing Team know if you feel your child may need additional support:

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