English is a compulsory subject for every student from Year 7 to Year 12 in NSW. It aims to equip students with the relevant skills needed to be literate and informed citizens by providing them skills in all modes of communication.
At Kariong Mountains High School the English faculty offers an innovative English program designed to both equip students with a love of literature and prepare them for the ever changing language demands of the 21st century. All our programs are tailored with individual learning needs in mind, providing scope for teachers to support all students pending of their specific learning needs. KMHS is proud to be a leader in implementing the new NSW Syllabus and Australian Curriculum into our programs.

Years 7 and 8: Exploring Language

The early years of high school are critically important for teenagers, particularly in the key areas of literacy and numeracy. It is in these years where important key skills learnt in primary school are consolidated and developed, giving students the opportunity to deal with more complex ideas and text types. At Kariong Mountains High School Years 7 and 8 (known as Stage 4) students undertake English programs designed to engage their interest in all text types, from classic novels to multi-media information. There is a focus on ensuring students understand key concepts in English and how to develop sustained responses through writing, drawing and speaking. Students requiring extension or in selective classes are introduced early to more sophisticated, sustained writing styles such as essay writing and creative writing. We ensure that our text choice is current, relevant and engaging for students and ICT is core to the learning environment.

In addition to normal English classes, Year 7 and 8 students are introduced to drama, where they develop skills in performing and speaking confidently, as well as having a lot of fun with their class mates.

Years 9 and 10: Exploring Literature

Our Stage 5 (Years 9 -10) programs build upon the key skills students developed in the junior years of high school. Students are introduced to more increasingly challenging texts and given opportunity to develop the capacity to write in an increasingly wider range of styles and formats.

Our Years 9 and 10 programs focus on key themes that reflect the developing interests and social needs of young adults. This includes exploring the role English has in the workplace, in relationships and the wider world. Our programs are also tailored to steadily prepare Stage 5 students for the skills they will need to be highly successful senior students, particularly by providing them ongoing, supported practice in writing and reading skills required for success at the RoSA and HSC levels.

Senior High School

English is currently the only compulsory subject for students studying for their Higher School Certificate. The English faculty at Kariong Mountains High School are proud to be able to present the whole range of English programs available for students at this level.Typically, students will take one of the three core English programs:

  • English Advanced – is for students who are highly capable in English and/or have a keen interest for the subject. Students undertake a range of modules designed to explore the role of literature and language in various manners, including study of Shakespeare. English Advanced is a 2 unit ATAR course.
  • English Standard – is the most popular English course and reflects the academic rigour required to attain an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking. It shares some common material with English Advanced, with differing modules focusing on the place of language in society more so than literature.
  • English Studies – is designed to meet the specific needs of students who wish to refine their skills and knowledge in English and consolidate their literacy skills. It is a course for students who are seeking an alternative to the English Standard course and who intend to proceed from school directly into employment or vocational training.

English Extension

Only students who undertake English Advanced in senior years meet the prerequisites for English Extension (please see the English Faculty if you are interested in this course).
In the English Extension Year 11 course, students explore the ways in which aspects and concerns of texts from the past have been carried forward, borrowed from and/or appropriated into more recent culture. They consider how and why cultural values are maintained and changed.

In English Extension 1 or 2 (Year 12 courses), students will develop skills to work independently to experiment with language forms, features and structures and to engage with complex levels of conceptualisation.