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Kariong Mountains High School Staff

Our staff is committed to providing a quality learning environment for the students at Kariong Mountains High School. All staff have the relevant qualifications and commitment required to deliver the highest standard of practice.

Ms Anne Vine
Mr Scott WhiteDeputy Principal
Mr Scott White

Head Teachers

Mr Beau Crum - Head Teacher, English
Mr Beau Crum
Mr Derryn Tagg - Head Teacher, HSIE
Mr Derryn Tagg
Ms Teegan Huey - Head Teacher, Mathematics
Ms Teegan Huey
Ms Kerry Smith - Head Teacher, PDHPE
Ms Kerry Smith
Mr Jamie Cartner - Head Teacher, Science
Mr James Cartner
Ms Lidia Jeffrey - Head Teacher, Secondary Studies
Secondary Studies
Ms Lidia Jeffrey
Monica Pallas - Head Teacher, Student Wellbeing
Student Wellbeing
Ms Monica Pallas
Mr Scott Bath - Head Teacher - TAS
Mr Scott Bath
Michael Riley - Head Teacher, Technology
Mr Michael Riley
Kane Burns - Head Teacher, Future Focussed Learning
Future Focussed Learning
Mr Kane Burns
Mrs MatthewMaths / Consultant
Mrs Jacqui Matthew

2021 Year Advisors

Ms Richmond
Year 7
Ms Stephanie Richmond
Mr Sean Klempert
Year 8
Mr Sean Klempert
Ms Jessica Milne - Year 7 Advisor
Year 9
Ms Jessica Milne
Ms Courtney Thompson Year 8 Advisor
Year 10
Ms Courtney Thompson
Ms Megan Miller - Year 9 Advisor
Year 11
Ms Megan Miller
Mr Alex Blyth Year 10 Advisor
Year 12
Mr Alex Blyth

Office Staff Contacts

Mrs Jackie Ayres - Business Manager
Business Manager
Mrs Jackie Ayres

Office Manager
Mrs Michelle Bennett

Other Key Contacts

Leanne Foubister - School Counsellor
Ms Leanne Foubister
Ms Jess Meyer
Supervisor for Girls

Ms Jessica Meyer
Mr Treece
Supervisor for Boys
Mr James Treece