NOTICE: NSW Regional Lockdown - All Students ONLINE Learning
Visit Learning Resources for information and handy links.

Learning Resources

Resources and information in this section were initially published to assist parents and students navigate organisational changes brought about by COVID and has, moving forward, become a handy location to navigate learning resources and updates.

UPDATE on Return to School

Students are to remain learning from home until we receive direction from the Department about when and how return to school will be managed on the Central Coast. 

We now anticipate that this will not be at the start of next term.  Please watch for communications from the school during the second week of the holidays. 

We expect this communication to be on either the 29th or 30th September..

Keep safe and well
Anne Vine

NSW GOV Media Release – Sept 9 2021:

Gladys Berejiklian – Roadmap to Freedom unveiled

John Barilaro – Lockdown in regional NSW

Learning support during remote learning period

f you would like some extra help with your remote learning from Student Services or a SLSO:

  1. Please join our Google Classroom using the code:  q6g6gda
  2. Post a message with the subject or task that you would like help with.

Someone from Student Services will then get in touch to set up a Zoom and help you at the following times:

  1. Stage 4 Wednesday Period 4 – 1:50 – 2:50pm
  2. Stage 5 Week A Tuesday Period 4 / Week B Tuesday Period 3

Study Information

Study Tips

  • Establish a learning environment
  • Aim to follow a daily routine
  • Limit distractions while studying
  • Take regular breaks to move around
  • Eat healthy food and get enough sleep
  • Dedicate time to your interests
  • Connect with your teachers for feedback and support
  • Be kind to yourself!
Year 11 students investigating plant species using a frame

School Essentials

Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support

The wellbeing of our families is important! If you are struggling, please get in touch with the school so we can work together to get you back on track. You can complete a referral form, or, if you prefer, contact the school directly via email or phone 4340 0246.
KMHS Wellbeing Site

Google Classroom QRGs

Using Google Classroom

These Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) are designed to walk you through each stage of accessing and using the Google Classroom environment via your student portal.

Questions… Technical issues?

Always let your teacher know if you are having trouble accessing your assignments or have questions to ask!

Please note: Parents cannot join Google Classroom.