Newsletter 2017 – Term 3, Week 4

Important Dates

Monday August 7 –
Friday August 18
Year 12 Trial Exams
Wednesday August 9 –
Thursday August 10
Winter Warrior – Year 10 Outdoor Recreation
Wednesday August 16Science Week Expo
Wednesday August 2Year 11 Study Skills Day
Monday August 21 –
Wednesday August 23
Snow Excursion
Tuesday August 22Year 7 & 8 Brainstorm
Monday August 28Valid Week
Wednesday August 30 Year 8 & 9 Subject Selection

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From the Principal

Congratulations, to all performers who demonstrated their amazing skills at last week’s Education Week ‘Day of Excellence’ performance. It is a great opportunity for our Learning Community to come together and showcase their talent. Thank you, to our teaching staff for all the time and effort they put into working with the students and making the show a success.

Project based learning

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Year 8 students about their English project based learning displays last week. They have been working on producing survival kits for a number of different wilderness situations and were able to easily articulate the reasons for choice of items in their kits and how they had considered price and weight in their deliberations. As well as demonstrating written literacy skills in their work, they showed their fluency in being able to explain their work with expertise and eloquence. When we talk about literacy as a core skill, I believe we must not forget fluency because communication of ideas and the written word is just as important if we want our knowledge to really make us an active participant in today’s society.

Honouring KMHS Staff

Each year, we recognise the achievements of our staff at the Central Coast Public Education Awards Ceremony. It is always a difficult choice about who is to be each year’s recipients as we have so many outstanding staff who are making a difference each and every day. This year, the honour goes to Ms Lidia Jeffrey for her leadership in student learning and the development of the library as a 21st century learning and activity space, incorporating Makerspace activities and Mr Jai Lester for his leadership in English and literacy and overall contribution to whole school policy. Congratulations, to these staff and thank you on behalf of the school community for their contribution to the growth of our school as a successful learning institution.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

Deputy Principal

On Wednesday July 26 we held our Captains Induction. Speranza Na’ati and Oliver Rickards have now formally taken on their roles and have already showed that they will be outstanding leaders. It was appreciated that our Federal Member, Mrs Lucy Wicks, attended the ceremony. I had the honour of presenting the Principal’s address on Ms Vine’s behalf and must say it was one of the best speeches I have ever given. Thank you Ms Vine for writing it!


Year 11 Study Skills Day

On Wednesday of last week, our Year 11 students participated in a Study Skills Day. Elevate Education presented the first sessions which students found to be very valuable. In the afternoon, Ms Foubister, Ms Matthew, Ms Miller, Mr McGilvery and Mr Lester ran sessions with students in smaller groups. Topics included relaxation techniques, stress management, exam preparation and memory techniques. A big thanks is extended to the presenters and Ms Jeffrey for organising it. The application from students was great and they will reap the benefits, accordingly.

I had the privilege of being a diner in our school’s café last week. Under the guidance of Ms McKay, our Year 12 Hospitality students cooked and served delicious food and beverages in a very professional manner. Hospitality is a popular subject in our school and our students are frequently praised for the quality of their efforts.

Students in Year 11 have the opportunity to sit a trial Critical Thinking Test. It’s an online test of 60 questions which will take up to 90 minutes. Skills such as interpreting ideas, identifying arguments, detecting inconsistencies in reasoning and solving problems are measured. Students will receive a feedback report that identifies strengths and weaknesses. The optional test must be completed by August 11 and students have been provided with information, including how to access the demonstration test.

School Uniform Policy

Following is our school’s updated uniform policy. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

The DoE School Uniform in New South Wales Government Schools provides guidance on implementing a uniform policy for schools. It includes the benefits of school uniform and legislative requirements. The DoE policy can be found at the link below:

The following outlines our school’s local practices:

Students out of uniform are to report to the Deputy’s office before 8.45am and a uniform pass will be issued. Students without a note from home will have an incident recorded on Sentral.

Teachers of period 1 are to check their class for uniform and send students without a pass to the Deputy’s office. Students will be issued with a pass and an incident will be recorded on Sentral.

Staff are encouraged to ask students for a pass throughout the day (including playground and classes). Students who fail to present a pass are to have it recorded as an incident on Sentral and referred to the Deputy.

  • 1st offence = note in Sentral.
  • 2nd offence = Deputy caution + note in Sentral.
  • 3rd offence = letter home + note in Sentral.
  • 4th and subsequent offences = 15 minute detention supervised by the Deputy + noted in Sentral.

Students who have been placed on detention 3 times in a term will receive a Principal’s caution. Further infractions will lead to the student being ineligible to represent the school in sporting and other school organised activities (other than compulsory curriculum related). Students must be in full school uniform, when required, when attending excursions.

This process starts afresh at the beginning of each term.

Students who attend school wearing inappropriate clothing, such as ‘very short’ shorts, will be referred to the uniform pool. If there are no items available the student will be removed from the playground. WH&S requires that students are to wear fully covered leather shoes in all practical subjects.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Photos from Captains Induction Ceremony

MC Dennis with Oliver, Mr Carther, Speranza and outgoing captain Tiarna
MC Dennis with Oliver, Mr Carther, Speranza and outgoing captain Tiarna
2018 School Captains, Speranza Na'ati and Oliver Rickards
2018 School Captains, Speranza Na’ati and Oliver Rickards
2018 School Captain, Speranza, with outgoing Captain, Tiarna
Speranza giving her speech at the induction ceremony
Oliver giving his speech at the induction ceremony

Year 9 Commerce

Throughout Weeks 4 to 7 of this Term, Year 9 Commerce will be participating in a KMHS version of the $20 Boss competition. Students have already formed small groups and have been working hard during their Commerce lessons to brainstorm ideas and test potential products and services. Each student will be allocated a budget of $20, which they can pool together in a group and establish a real, fully functioning business. This business will run during school time and provide the members of our school community with a range of different products and services.

Following the completion of their business operations, each group will provide a summary of their journey, successes and areas for improvement, through a presentation to their peers, teachers and parents.

Stay tuned for business updates and any exciting announcements throughout the remainder of the term.

Biology Excursion

Priliminary Biology classes had a great time on our excursion at Bateau Bay rock platform. A beautiful day developing biology skills in assessing the local habitat.

KMHS Wolves – Sporting Highlights
KMHS Wolves

U17 Country NSW Rugby

A massive congratulations to Adam in Year 11 and his u17 Country NSW team, who won the City v Country comp at Bathurst this weekend. Following the successes leading up to this match, the winning score, 36 to 32 is a huge accomplishment, we are all so proud of you!!



CHS State Gymnastics

A massive congratulations to Ella and Alara, who both competed at CHS State Gymnastics.

In Level 4/5, Alara came 3rd on beam, (10th overall individual) and her Sydney North team came 1st overall.

In Level 6, Ella came 3rd on floor (8th overall individual) with her Sydney North team also coming 1st overall. We are all so proud of your achievements girls!!


Canteen News

See additions and changes to the canteen menu in the PDF below:

KMHS Canteen Menu – Term 3, 2017

Wednesday Specials – August 16 & 23: