Newsletter 2018 – Term 4, Week 6

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Principal’s Report

Ms Anne Vine - Principal

Last week was action packed at our school. We had our last formal P&C meeting for the year and Ms Pallas spoke to the group about some wellbeing programs that we are running in 2019. It was agreed that the P&C would financially support ‘The Top Blokes Program’, designed as a mentor program for boys, and ‘The Aspiring Girls Program’, for lifting the career aspirations of girls who may not yet have considered university options. Thank you to our dedicated P&C members for your support throughout the year.

Did you know that the P&C was formed in 2009? I believe a Trivia Night is being planned to commemorate this 10 year milestone! Thank you, Sharon Partridge, our trivia night maestro for getting this fun event underway.

Year 12 Formal

The Year 12 formal was held on Tuesday 13th at Linton Gardens. Once again, I was privileged to share the occasion with another wonderful group of students, enjoying their last ‘formal’ event associated with school. Congratulations, Year 12, 2018. Everyone looked ‘so grown up’!

KMHS 2018 Year 12 formal photo collage
KMHS 2018 Year 12 formal photo collage

Year 7, 2019 Parent Evening

As we said goodbye to one cohort, we said hello to the next group of students to start at our school (the graduating class of 2024. In putting together the slideshow for the evening, it was a time to reflect on achievements, both at the school/cohort level in NAPLAN and the HSC, but also individual successes at the elite performance and sporting level, demonstrating our school’s assertion that all students matter and we look after the needs of the individual.
A big welcome to our new families and those who are already a part of our KMHS family. A copy of the Information Evening Slideshow has been placed on our website. Please check it out to have a look at the comments from our students about the subjects that they study.

If you have any enrolment enquires, please do not hesitate to contact the school on 4340 0246.

Illuminate 2018

A group of students in Years 9 and 10 attended the Illuminate Challenge, held at the University of Newcastle, Ourimbah campus, with mentor, Mr Blyth. During the week, students worked on a business idea that promotes the values of the Central Coast, culminating in an evening exhibition on Friday 16th November.

Students had to undertake a number of challenges over the week and were up against 21 other schools who had previous involvement. We are very proud of their first attempt at this challenge, which promotes creative and critical thinking in setting up businesses.

Mr Blyth commented about the amazing team work of the BisAd group and then, when the awards were announced, they won in this category. Well done, team!

Ms Loveday dancing in the courtyard at the farewell concert
Farewell concert for Ms Loveday in the courtyard

Farewell and Good Luck to Ms Loveday

It was with sadness that we said farewell to Ms Loveday last Friday as she has left our school to continue her career at a school in the Newcastle region. Her impact in TAS and as Supervisor of Girls has been immense and we are going to miss her greatly. We wish her all the best for the future.

Recognition of School Excellence - Illuminate Challenge Year 10 team award

Ms Anne Vine

KMHS students presenting the Rotary club with a cheque for $500 relief funds
Students presenting the Rotary club with a $500 cheque relief funds raised at KMHS

From our Deputy Principals

Deputy PrincipalYear 11 Reports

Year 11 students have had their reports published this week and are available to view on Sentral. It is recommended that each student examines the contents of each report, identifies areas for improvement, sets realistic goals and then works hard to achieve them. With the HSC courses already underway, it is important that students remain focused for the next year. If parents/caregivers are concerned at any stage about their student’s progress please feel free to contact me to discuss possible measures that can be taken.

Year 10 End of Year Timetable

A large number of students in Year 10 are looking forward to the annual trip to Queensland in Week 9. Students not attending will have a valuable program of work to complete during that time. Students not attending the excursion are not required at school on Friday 14th December. Prior to then, a number of activities have been organised. On Tuesday of Week 8 the ‘Blue Datto’ will be visiting the school as part of the mandatory ‘Life Ready’ course.

On the other days, students will also complete finance modules that are included as part of the course. Five modules of ‘All My Own Work’ need to be completed before students enter Preliminary courses for Year 11 next year and time has been set aside during Week 7 for these to be completed.

House Rewards Day

Criteria for attendance at the House Rewards Day to be held at the end of term have been finalised. Students must be members of the House with the most points, have less than 8 negative Sentral entries, less than 8 non-uniform Sentral entries and attendance of over 80% for the year. Eligible students will be issued with permission notes once details have been finalised.
pbl canteen voucher awards

Positive Behaviour and Learning Awards

Our most recent PBL canteen voucher winners are
Lowri (Year 8) and Lachlan (Year 10).

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal

Deputy Principal KMHS

Looking towards Christmas with eSafety advice for Parents

Children and teenagers are going online and using social media with increasing frequency. While many enjoy their online experiences, there are risks involved. Parents, schools and the broader community need to work together to help keep everyone’s online experiences safe.


The Commonwealth Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has developed a resource for parents, iPARENT, which helps parents deal with the connected devices in their children’s lives.

iPARENT, found at, provides facts and statistics about Australian children online, managing technology in the home and strategies that can be used by parents to keep children safe online.

If you are thinking of buying smart toys, smart phones, tablets, drones, e-gift cards or membership in an e-gaming site, you may like to check out the e-Safety Commissioner’s eSafety Christmas Gift Guide at:, so you can be savvy and secure when you pick out tech gifts this Christmas.

The Department of Education also has a cyber safety resource for parents on its website, Raising Good Digital Citizens which is accessible at:

Q & A – discussion questionnaire – NSW Education Anti-bullying

Check them out when you get the chance.

Mrs Jacqui Matthew
Deputy Principal

Quotes from Kariong Mountains High School Staff:

Reflecting on what it means to be an upstander and how upstanders enrich out lives.

  1. Who is an upstander you admire? Why do you admire that person?
  2. Tell me about a time when you stood up for or supported someone else? What influenced your decision to stand up for that person?
  3. Tell me about a time when someone stood up for you. How did it impact you?

I am an upstander for students at my school each and every day, as it is an integral part of the job. Modelling to kids what upstanding looks like and helping them to accept differences is a challenge I accept.

On Friday afternoon at the Illuminate Challenge at Ourimbah Uni, a member of the public started to criticise the KMHS Year 10 team’s product. Every member of the team, myself included, froze with the onslaught. Then Harley and Cooper both very calmly and respectfully engaged with this lady. She eventually backed down and moved away, feeling heard. I was so impressed. These mature young men are the best example of ‘upstanding’ I have seen in a while.

I was walking down the main street one day and saw a man in a wheelchair attack his carer, physically and verbally. I stepped in and took the man away to calm him down and regather his composure. The carer was very appreciative of my upstanding work.

Recently, a student told a teacher about an Instagram account that was disrespectful and mean. This student decided to move from bystander to upstander as they didn’t want to see anyone else hurt. #respect

One of my colleagues was very patient with me when I was applying for a school product to help my students. Her upstanding nature was very supportive.

One day I was driving at night when a person with a disability was in the middle of the road crying. No other cars had stopped to help, so I pulled over and went and spoke to him. I got him off the road and called an ambulance to get him to safety. Still to this day I am puzzled why no other person stopped to help.

I have an amazing friend who I work with. She has been supporting our family through a difficult time and making sure that there is time to laugh!

I admire the way our two school deputies go more than the extra mile to help and guide students. It warms my heart to see them handle difficult situations, where nothing is ever ‘too hard’ and how their approachable, down to earth manner conveys genuine care and resonates so well with the students.

A student recently referred a friend to the school counsellor. Because of their intervention and concern, the friend was able to be heard and empowered.

My sister-in-law has terminal cancer. Despite her own pain and discomfort, she always takes the time to educate others about her condition, and she advocates for the voice of all cancer patients to be heard.

I was in a group chat with my girlfriends and some of the comments were getting nasty so I left the group. I found out later that the chat shut down with the main person apologising for having a bad day. It wasn’t much, but I feel I was upstanding that day.

P&C Christmas Dinner

When: 10th December at 7:00 pm Where: Gosford RSL

Illuminate Challenge

Nextgen: Illuminate Challenge

During week 5 of Term 4, Kariong Mountains High School had two teams competing in the 2018 Nextgen: Illuminate Challenge, hosted by the University of Newcastle.

Both teams demonstrated the school’s values of Unity, Knowledge and Respect as they competed against 20 other teams from across the Central Coast.

Year 9 team display
Year 9 team display at Illuminate Challenge

The Challenge

Our Years 9 and 10 teams were faced with the pressures of meeting deadlines, public speaking and collaborative learning while developing a business model, which aims to promote the future values of the Central Coast.

Year 10 team display
Year 10 team display at Illuminate Challenge

The presentation night was a huge success with both teams producing outstanding trade displays and receiving positive feedback from members of the public. The school would like to congratulate all the students on a fantastic achievement!!

Student Choice Award

Special congratulations goes to our Year 10 team who took out the Students Choice Award for Best Team!!

Year 10 students from KMHS receiving award at Illuminate Challenge
Year 10 students from BisAd with their Student Choice award for 'Best 'Team'
Year 10 students from BisAd with their Student Choice award for ‘Best ‘Team’

Well done, Kariong Mountains High School team members: Mykalah, Cooper, Mitchell, Huon, CJ, Harley, Josh, Kara, Hayden, Alana, Ryan and Mitchell.

Mr Alex Blyth


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