Newsletter Term 4 – Week 6

Important Dates

Wednesday November 23Surf School
Thursday November 24Ourimbah Uni Taster Day – Years 10 & 11
Friday November 25Theatre Sports
Brisbane Water Zone Gala Day
Wednesday November 30Evening of Excellence: 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Friday December 1Auto V8 Supercars – Years 9 & 10

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Student Achievements and Farewell Year 12

From the Principal

The last few weeks have certainly been action packed at Kariong Mountains High School, reminding us that education in the twenty first century incorporates a very broad range of experiences. Below is a snapshot:

Our Leadership Team was the focus school at the Central Coast Student Voice Alliance meeting held in Term 4. This meant that our students had to present to the other schools on the coast about our student leadership journey and discuss our passport program. They were amazing ambassadors for the school and impressed others with their mature and critical presentation. Thank you to Mr Cartner for his work with this team.

Mangrove Mountains Country Fair saw our talented music students perform throughout the day to the many visitors to this event. Once again, their musicality impressed all and shows the strength of our music program, both through class teaching and the ‘Creative Rush’ tutoring program. Thank you to Ms Jeffrey for staying with the students on the day.

Wednesday 2nd November saw Mr Cartner travel to Wollongong University to see Georgia from Year 9 receive an award at the annual STANSW Young Scientists’ Award Evening. This is a very prestigious event and quite an achievement for a student from a non selective high school. Well done, Georgia on your environmental project design.

Saturday 5th November, saw our Kariong ‘robowolves’ in action at Macquarie University in the Lego Challenge.  Not only was their robot design put to test through a series of challenges, but they also had to demonstrate their collaboration, critical problem solving and communication skills to the judges.  Thank you to Mr Quinn for his efforts in getting the team ready and supporting them on the day.

Central Coast Kids Day Out is our premier fund raising event and best estimations have over 9000 people through the gates on Sunday 6th November. Our great team of Yr 12 students, coordinated by their Year Advisor, Mr Crum, worked hard at feeding the ‘hordes’ and showed great teamwork and spirit in what was an extremely busy environment. Thank you to all our staff who came along to help out (Ms Ayres, Ms Cutting, Mr Hughes, Ms Kellner and Mrs Matthew). Additionally, Josie in Year 10 performed on stage and shows great promise as a performer in her future. Mr Burns, stayed for the performance to assist and this is also much appreciated.

The above events demonstrate the breadth of opportunities available to our students, allowing them to perform and show community spirit, but also reinforces that these opportunities only take place because our staff volunteer their time outside of work hours to support students grow in all ways, not just in the classroom.

Finally, last week saw our Year 12 Formal at The Springs and, as usual, seeing our graduating class all dressed up is a happy occasion, as we see the fine young people they have become, but it is also twinged with sadness, as this marks their last ‘formal’ occasion with the school. We wish them all the best in the future and look forward to celebrating their successes in the HSC. Thank you to their year advisors, Ms Miller and Ms Pallas for their guidance over the last six years.

2016 Year 12 Formal at The Springs
2016 Year 12 Formal at The Springs – visit the KMHS facebook page for lots more photos!

And finally, we welcomed our new parents to KMHS for a Year 6 parent information evening on Wednesday. I look forward to working with these families from 2017 and getting to know our new students to the school.

Ms Anne Vine

From the Deputy’s Desk

As mentioned in our last newsletter, I will introduce key aspects of our Student Welfare and Discipline Policy to students via school assemblies and to the school community through newsletters. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

If a student is causing concern in a particular subject, the teacher may place the student on a Teacher Monitoring Sheet. Negotiated behaviour targets will be scored out of five for approximately five lessons. Parents/caregivers will be informed of this. If the student modifies their behaviour the issue will be considered finalised and parents/caregivers will be notified.

Should the student not meet the agreed targets they will be placed on a Head Teacher Monitoring Sheet. Again, parents/caregivers will be informed. The same procedures will apply in terms of scoring. Should the student not meet these targets they will be placed on a behaviour monitoring program with the Deputy Principal.

Our school has a list of core rules developed in conjunction with the policy of the Department of Education’s core values.

At KMHS students are expected to:

  • attend school every day and attend all classes unless legally excused
  • arrive at lessons on time and be prepared to participate in learning
  • strive for the highest standards in learning
  • maintain a neat appearance and comply with the school’s uniform policy
  • resolve conflict respectfully, calmly and fairly
  • behave in a safe, considerate and responsible manner. This includes travel to and from school.
  • be respectful at all times and cooperate with teacher instructions and learning activities
  • treat all members of the school community with dignity and respect
  • take care of their own property, the school’s and others
  • keep the school grounds tidy at all times
  • not be violent or bring weapons, illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco into our school
  • not harass, bully or interfere with the safety of others or engage in any illegal or anti-social behaviour
    of any kind.

Positive recognition is also an important part of our welfare program. We are currently in the process of organising these functions.

At the end of each semester, the House with the most Positive Memos will have an afternoon free from classes, a barbeque lunch provided, and be invited to participate in a recreational activity free of charge.

Students who receive an Achievement Award or higher by the end of the year will be invited to participate in a Rewards Day. This will involve recreational activities and lunch provided at no cost to the students.

Mr Scott White
Deputy Principal


On Friday 11th November, three of our school leaders took part in a Leadership Conference at Northlakes High School. Our captains, Tiarna Breen and Benjamin Abolins, along with Georgia Hughes were fantastic ambassadors for our school. They presented the ‘School Spotlight’, describing the leadership model and PBL incentives at our school.

The conference was an excellent opportunity for networking with other school leaders. Activities throughout the day included team building initiatives and problem solving strategies. All three students enjoyed the day and KMHS will be hosting the next conference.

KMHS students participating in Leadership Conference Northlakes High School
KMHS students participating in Leadership Conference Northlakes High School


Young Scientist Awards 2016

Kariong Mountains High School, as part of the accelerated science program, competes in the annual NSW Science Teachers Association’s Young Scientist Awards.

This year was our second time entering the awards and it is with great pleasure that we announce Year 9 Science student Georgia Hughes was awarded 3rd place in the Models and Innovations category Years 7-9, for her “Recycled Water Solar Powered Water Purification System”. The citation from the Young Scientist Awards Presentation Ceremony reads:

Georgia’s aim was to create an easier, cheaper way for third world countries to access clean water. She found that the biggest killer in developing countries is pollution, this includes polluted water. Her design features a single tank, filter system, tap and boiling system. Rainwater is filtered through the filter and collects in the tank. When ready to be used, the tap is turned and water is released in the boiling system below. The model is then placed in the sun and requires 4 hours in sunshine for sufficient boiling time to purify the water.

KMHS student Georgia receiving award KMHS student Georgia Hughes receiving award

With over 700 projects judged across all the categories, only a small percentage of prizes were awarded to comprehensive high schools. Kariong Mountains High School and Gosford High School were the only schools to receive an award from the Central Coast region. Georgia received a certificate and a cash prize.

Her parents were with her at Wollongong University to see her receive her award and share in this proud moment. Georgia looked quite at home amongst the other 100, or so, prize winners at what was a very prestigious event.

Congratulations to Georgia on being the first Kariong Mountains High School student to win a Young Scientist Award.

Mr Cartner
Head Teacher Science/BioScience

Canteen News

Tuesday Special – Week 7 & 8:

Tandoori Chicken – on a crunchy roll or on a bed of steamed rice: $3.70


Contact Marie Conolly on 4340 0246
Or fill out the slip in the PDF newsletter and bring to the canteen or school office.

Forget the washing, the cleaning, the housework and grocery shopping. The KMHS Canteen is where it’s all at.
Where else can ou meet new people, talk to your kids’ teachers, meet your kids’ friends and maybe even meet our principal.
Volunteering in KMHS Canteen is not a chore, it’s easy!

Your duties for the day will be:
● Making simple healthy lunches for our fabulous students & staff
● Meeting students at recess and lunch
● Stepping out for a long à la carte canteen lunch
● Having a good laugh, lots of fun & a chat
● Make the day even more fun & bring a friend or two – it’s all free.


Next P&C Meeting: December 5, 7pm – Christmas dinner at Gosford RSL

KMHS 2016 Evening of Excellence

Christmas Fair Sunday Dec 4 at Mt Penang