Week 10, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

KMHS students in the cross country run

This issue includes links to Stage 5 and Stage 6 Subject Selection videos, along with end of Term notices, a fascinating article on Project Based Learning, plus organisation updates for the start of Term 3…

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Week 8, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

This issue includes information about the process for Stage 5 and Stage 6 Subject Selection, along with updates highlighting recent changes to organisation and daily structure ….

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Week 6, Term 2 – 2020 Newsletter

Students walking in Mt Penang

This issue includes information about National Reconciliation Week, amended timetables for Weeks 7 & 8, an update about the 2021 High Achievers Selective Class, Careers news, Attendance and more…

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Week 2, Term 2 – 2019 Newsletter

KMHS boys posing at cross country carnival

Welcome back to Term 2! This newsletter includes information about NAPLAN, subject selection, school uniform, attendance and student wellbeing and learning. Access fact sheet provided by Scoliosis Australia and a free parenting program for teenage parents.

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Newsletter Term 2 – Week 8

Students planting tree as part of Food Forest project

Attendance at school is crucial for all students’ academic success. Regular attendance allows for continuity in learning and helps develop self-discipline. Also, included with this newsletter is an information sheet for ‘Future Care Mobile Dentist Services’.

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 8

Music on the quad

Read about the importance of attending school in the principal’s address. Find out more about the live music performances from our talented musicians, which can be heard on the quad and beyond, as the sound waves move across the school.

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