Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 10

Recognition of School Excellence - KMHS ROSE

As this newsletter goes live, we have just held our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony, farewelling and celebrating our 2018 students. With NAPLAN results in, you can read about the impact of online testing along with a creative update from the CAPA faculty. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 8

KMHS celebrates young leaders, with two Year 11 students recently completing the Max Potential Program. Also in this issue, read about the fundraising ‘bake sale’ success, bringing help to Aussie farmers, along with exciting news and photos from the TAS faculty and the article from the debating team.

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 6

Year 11 students working on visual relationships between characters in 'Bro'

In this issue our principal highlights ACARA’s identification of 7 general capabilities woven throughout the Australian curriculum – and what these findings mean for our school. The English faculty update covers exciting projects our students are working on. A photo collage from the snow excursion and community notices round off this newsletter.

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Newsletter 2018 – Term 3, Week 4

Incoming school captains, Monique and Casey

In this issue we welcome back our Principal, after her extended time away travelling. Our Deputy reflects on positive events and achievements, including the Captains Induction Ceremony. HSIE, the faculty in focus, have put together an exciting update of what students have been working on.

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Newsletter Term 4 – Week 10

This final issue of Term 4 and 2016, includes updates from our faculties with plenty of photos and exciting news. Enjoy and have a happy and safe holiday!

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Newsletter Term 2 – Week 10

Students doing woodwork

Welcome to our end of Term 2 update with all the latest news from the faculties, including excursions, ongoing programs, achievements and plenty of photos.

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Newsletter Term 1 Week 10

Students at KMHS

As Term 1 draws to a close, this newsletter issue is packed with great reading from the faculties. We hope you enjoy this update and wish you all the best for the holidays!

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